[Trans] 100911 WGM Goguma ep23

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Trans by j2dlee @ soompi 

An evening in September…
Hyun: Where’re you going?
Hyun: Ah, really!
Yong: A karaoke room! A karaoke room!
H: The weather reminds me of our first meeting.
Y (sheepishly): No~
H: What? I just said it reminds me of our first meeting.
Y: I’m wearing clothes similar to what I wore that day.
H: I know.
H: By the way, where’re we going?
Y: Keep going straight.
H: Hmm….
Where is the husband taking her to?
Y: Your favourite colour, pink! Over there, look at the sign.
H: A sushi restaurant?!
MC Park: It’s expensive…
H: Cool!
Y: Why are you holding the umbrella that way?
Realised that his wife was holding an umbrella 
H: Then how do you hold it?
Y: Like this.
Now the umbrella is in Yong’s hand
Y: It’s OK, a man should carry this.
Y: My father taught me that it’s the man who should carry an umbrella.
H: Thank you.
H: Here?
Y: Wow~
H: Wow~

(Entering the restaurant)
Chef: Irrashaimase (welcome)~
Y: Irrashaimase~
Y: Oh, yes! Sushi rolls~
MC Kim: That makes my mouth water.
Y: What should I eat first?
H: What do you like?
Y: Anything that looks appetising.
Y: I don’t know much (about sushi).
H: Me neither.
Chef: Everything is delicious.
Y: Really?
H: I don’t know what to choose.
(Yong picks his dish)
H: Hmm…salmon for me.

(showing Ueno Juri) A quiet sous-chef…?
H: I like salmon.
Y: You’re lying. Isn’t it because of your dark circles?
H: (Where?)
Y: There are no dark circles.
MC Park: Who is she?
MC Kim: Because of those glasses…
MC Park: Wait a minute.
Seulong: (I know who she is~)
Y & H: Itadakimasu (thank you for the food)~

Who is this pretty yet suspicious sous-chef?
MCs: OH~!!!!!
Ueno Juri: Hi, I’m Ueno Juri from Nodame Cantabile.
Yong’s ideal girl is here?
UJ: Having heard that CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s Seo Hyun like Nodame Cantabile, I came here to surprise them.
Yong, Hyun, will they recognise her?
SO: She’s really pretty.
JW: Changmin really likes her.
MC Park: Is she employed in Korea now?
The middle aged Misun auntie has no idea who this foreign actress is. 
MC Kim: ….in WGM?
MC Park: Ah, a special guest!
Y: Hm~ 
H: Is it good?
Y: It melts in your mouth.
H: Hm~
Y: This is our second time (to eat out) since pasta. A soybean stew~
NaYoung: She (UJ) is also a pop star in Japan.
MC Park: If you’re going to make a comparison, she’s as famous as…who (in Korea)? 
NY: Like me…?
MC Park: Is she REALLY famous?
MC Kim: Maybe like Moon Geun Young in Korea…?

Y (continuing the conversation): What did you in school? Which guys did you talk to?
H: What?
Y: So you had a good day?
H: Yes.
Y: And you gave them your autograph?
H: Ah, you really!
Y: No, no, I’m just curious.
UJ: (When will they recognise me?)
The couple are still engrossed in their conversation
Y: Should I go (to school) instead of you?
H: Do you want to?
Y: Your substitute!
H: Haha!
Y: (calling the register) Seo Hyun? Yes (Ne)~
H: I’m not like that.
Y: Then show me, Seo Hyun?
H: Yes (Ne)!
Y: Ne!
H: You really…
MC Park: They (Y &H) don’t seem to take notice of other people when they are together.
NY: They look like it!
MC Park: There is Ueno Juri in front of them! Ueno!
UJ: (Should I start approaching them…?)
Y: I went to this sushi roll restaurant in Japan, and it was so big and the dishes were coming from miles away~
No matter how many times UJ polishes the table, they (Y&H) keeps talking to themselves and don’t take any notice of her.
NY: How come they are so oblivious?
H: Hm~ delicious!
Y: Why did you hit me?
H: I didn’t.
Y: Eat a lot.
H: Yes~

UJ returns to her original post
H: Wait, I just saw…!
Saw what?!
H: The price of the dishes.
H: We already had 3 dishes that cost 3,300won each!
Y: We have a refined taste.
H: Maybe you’re right.
Y: Seo Hyun, from now on only eat dishes worth 1,000 won.
MC Park: The price board gets more attention than the actress!
Chef: (that’s not important right now)
Y: Try this.

UJ the next stage: reveals her bare face!
H: …?!
Y: What?
H: This dish alone costs 5,000 won.
Y: Do you think I can’t afford to buy you a 5,000 won sushi roll?
H: I didn’t mean…
Y: You don’t think so, right?
H: Of course not. 
Y: Then eat. It’s good for you, too.
H: Okay.
Y: Eat as you used to do at home.
H: How do I eat at home?
Y: You eat like….
H: No, I don’t.
Y: I know. I installed a hidden camera in your house.

UJ (in Japanese): Here’s a cup of warm tea.
Y: Ah, she is Japanese.
UJ sits behind them, but Y&H still have no idea who she is
Invisible Nodame-chan!
H:….but you eat lots of delicious things in Korea, too.
H: Sushi?
Y: I didn’t get around to eating many delicacies in Japan. 

UJ tries a bold approach
UJ (In Japanese): Are you a married couple?
Y (putting his hand on Hyun’s shoulder): (dryly) Wife.
MC Park: They wouldn’t even think of meeting Ueno Juri in a restaurant!
H: There is something (about her?)…..
UJ: Is there anything you need?
Y (still dryly): Everything is good, thank you.
H (in Japanese): Are you Japanese?
UJ: Yes.
H: What’s your name?
UJ: My name…. it’s changed…so it’s a secret.
H: Ah~
H (in Korean): She is pretty.
Y (trying to feed Hyun): You really don’t like it that much?
Yong showing his affection in front of his ideal type?
H: But I’m full…
UJ seems stuck…returns to her original post

(Hyun keeps following her with her eyes)
MC Park: You can’t help but notice her now.
H: Is she…..
Y (still oblivious): Hmm?
H: She looks similar to Ueno Juri.
Y: I thought so, too.
MC Park: They’re aware that she looks similar (to UJ)…
JW: It’s just that you wouldn’t have guessed that you’d meet her in that place.
Y&H: Surely not……?

Chef: Miss Juri, please come here.
Y&H: ?!!!!!
JW: What if Jung Juri (a female Korean comedian) comes out?
UJ (comes out, as if nothing’s happened)
(Y&H can’t take their eyes off her)
MC Kim: Now they’ve started paying attention to her.
MC Park: Yes.
NY: She’s keeping her poker face on purpose.
MC Park: Yes, she is acting.
Y: No~
H: You’re Ueno Juri, right?
UJ (in Korean): People used to say that to me.
H: Hmm?
UJ: That I look like her.
Y: Hm?
H: Hm?
UJ, a natural actor
Y: Chiaki!
H: Nodame-chan?!
H: I think she is Ueno Juri.
UJ: Ah… Nodame?
H (in Japanese): You’re an actress, right?
MC Park: Yong is so stunned that he spills his water.
H: I’m sure she is Ueno Juri unnie.
UJ (in Japanese): Thank you for telling me that I look like an actress.
H: Hmm!!
Y: I think she is Ueno Juri.
H: I know, right?
Y: How come I came across her in front of my wife?
H: I like her more, don’t worry.
Y: …!
UJ comes to them with a mission card.
Y: She’s smiling, smiling.
What’s in the card?
H: Kkyah!!
Y: She is, she is!
(Mission card: Today’s mission is from Ueno Juri)
UJ: Wait…
UJ: Nice to meet you, I’m Ueno Juri.
H: I’m so glad to meet you!
UJ: You are Seo Hyun, right?
H: Yes, I am.

(Backroom interview)
PD: Meeting with Ueno Juri?

H: My heart fluttered so much. I always liked her and have been a big fan of her for a long time. I had no idea that she’d be here…. When she turned up out of nowhere, I was really surprised!

Y: Even after I realised that she was Ueno Juri, I couldn’t b-b-b-believe my eyes. ‘Surely not, this person in front of me is Ueno Juri?’

MC Park: Yonghwa is so stunned.
UJ: You’re CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa.
Y: Haa…….y-y-yes.
Y: Nice to meet you.
Y (looking over the mission card): (What is she doing here?)
Y (reading the card): Hi, I’m Ueno Juri. I came to Korea to promote my new m-m-m-movie…. I’m going crazy, you read this (handing it to Hyun)!
H (reading the card): I’m going to meet Korean fans tomorrow at a premiere. Please teach me how to approach them in a friendly way. 
Y: We need a whole night to teach her.
H: I can’t believe this!
(Y hands UJ a plate of food and UJ declines it)
Y: I’m sorry…
H: We should tell her to have a seat.
(Y is so nervous he can’t speak)
H: Please have a seat.
UJ: Can I visit your place?
To a Sangdo-dong newly married pad? The couple are going to have their first foreign guest over.
UJ (to Yong): Why are you laughing? 
UJ: I wish you’d recognised me a bit earlier.
H: I know, sorry.
UJ: It took such a long time.
Y: What should we do, Seo Hyun.
Yong is nervous, with his ideal type standing in front of him?
MC Kim: He can’t even bring himself to look at her.
Y: How great would it be if she were really working here?
H: It’s not possible.
H: I wish Chiaki were here, too.
H: Tamaki Hiroshi…..

Y: Today we have Ueno Juri only~
Y: Shall we go?
UJ: Let’s go.
UJ (handing over Hyun’s bag)
Y: ARE YOU OKAY? (???)
H (reaches for her bag)
Y: Okay, you carry your bag, Seo Hyun.
NY: He’s mean!
Y: I’m joking~

(Backroom interview)
PD: (What do you think of) Yong hubby at that moment…?

H: He was over the moon! Yong once said on the radio that Juri unnie is his ideal type. I think everyone has someone (as an ideal type), but… I didn’t feel so good about it.

MC Park: Oh, she said that she didn’t feel good.
JW: Oh~
MC Park: That’s only natural.

(Heading to their house)
Y: Wow~
H: Wow~
SO: Who would’ve guessed that Ueno Juri was walking in the street in Seoul with her umbrella?
H (in Japanese): I’m a bit nervous, now.
UJ: Really? I’m perfectly fine.
(Yong, who is most nervous)
Y: It always rains whenever we meet.
H (in Japanese): I’m learning Japanese now, but it’s not easy.
MC Park: She’s good.
UJ: Yes, with Kanji and Hiragana…
H: Yes, there’re too many Kanji characters to learn.
H: This is us.
UJ: Oh, it’s cute.
H: Really? Thank you.
Y: What if she thinks both floors belong to us?
Y (in a such a good mood): (whistling)
MC Park: He’s whistling on a rainy night!
MC Park & Kim (simultaneously): A snake might come out!
Y: It’s (the house) so humble…
H: I should switch on the lights first.
H: It smells funny, too!
H: Welcome to our house!
UJ: Excuse me~
H: Please have a seat.
UJ: Elephant dolls….cute.
H: Elephant dolls…?
Y: Seo Hyun, sit next to her. I will sit here (bringing out a plastic chair).
H: Me too, me too.
Y: No, it’s okay.
UJ: Why are you sitting there?
Y: It’s good.

H (walks to the window): The air seems….stale.
UJ: Shall we open (the window)?
H: Yes!
MC Park: She (UJ) seems very down-to-earth and unpretentious.
H: Is there anything to eat…?
H: We have orange juice and milk.
UJ: Then, orange juice~
H: Okay.
Y: Orange juice~

MC Park: He keeps following her (Hyun).
NY: He can’t sit down!
MC Kim: Just sit next to her!
JW: He’s following Hyun all the time.
(Y manages to sit down, but instantly turns toward Hyun)
Y: It’s embarrassing to sit here alone.
H: Go and talk to her! Hurry!
UJ: You’ve got a cute house here.
H: Go already and talk to her!
Y kicked out from his shelter(=Hyun)
Y: Ah, really…
UJ: Is there anything I can help you with?
H: No, I’m fine.
Y: Avatar! Do you know the movie ‘Avatar’?
UJ: Yes.
Y (showing her the balcony): This is our Avatar world!
H: Here’s your juice.
NY: He finally managed to talk to her!
Y: Th-th-this is A-a-a-avatar w…orld.
UJ: Are you saying this is Avatar?
Y: ….
MC Kim: I’ve never seen him so nervous.

They’re showing her around the house
H: It’s a bit small….
UJ: Oh, a married couple’s bedroom!
UJ: It’s cute.
Y: This is my guitar.
UJ: Please play it for me.
UJ (singing): I’m a loner~
H: Oh, that’s right!
Y: Oh!
UJ: Woetoriya~ Woetoriya~
Y: This ‘Woetoriya’ is really… (continuing the song) Bwa bwa! 
Y: Do you know (the song)?
UJ: Yes, I do.
Y (glancing at his wife, then): Why suddenly sing a song…

(from below they talk in Japanese most of time)
Y (shows the Seo Hyun mask): It’s Seo Hyun.
UJ: And what’s that (pointing to another mask)?
Y: That’s her friend.
Y: And this is her guitar.
UJ: That’s cute.
Y & H: Nodame Cantabile!
UJ: Really?
H: It’s a Korean version.
Y: Chiaki, wait~! Meeting, meeting!
UJ: (his) voice is not that thick…!

(Back in the living room)
H: We should make her something. Korean food, don’t you think?
MC Park: What’s good to serve?
H: Have you tasted Kimchi?
UJ: (nods)
MC Kim: Surely not….
H: It’s a bit spicy…
UJ: Can you make Kimchi?
Y: Wait, I’ll go and have a look what we’ve got in the refrigerator.
H: We can do Kimchi Jijimi (a pan-fried Kimchi, similar to fritters/pancakes).
UJ: Wow~
Y (takes the Kimchi out of the refrigerator)
SO: Are you saying that you’re going to make Buchimgae (=jijimi) with that Kimchi?
MC Park: That one might be from her mom. 
H: Please wait.
H: Let’s make Kimchi Buchimgae.
Y: Do you know how to make it?
H: We can try!
Y: Do we have flour?
H: M-m-maybe…?
Y: You sure you can cook (jijimi)?
H: Why not?
Y: Isn’t it your first time?
H: Yes.
Y: The first time…! What should we do?
H: Isn’t it easy?

Kimchijun made by our couple….what will be the fate of Ueno Juri? 



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