[Trans] 100925 WGM Goguma ep25

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Trans by j2dlee @ soompi <3

Yong: Have we got any flour?
Hyun: I think we have….
Y: Can you make it (Kimchi Jun)? *jun=fritters, pancakes 
H: Uh, why, why not?
Y: Isn’t it your first time?
H: Yes…
Y: What should we do (if it’s the first time)?
H: We’ll be okay, haven’t you made it before?
Y: No, I haven’t…
H: Really?
Y (to Ueno Juri): Do you know CNBlue?
JinWoon: I want to ask her whether she know us (2AM), too.
UJ: (nods)
UJ: I did some research before coming here.
Y: I’m your fan.
UJ: Thank you.

H: Pancake powder!
Y: Pancake powder? Don’t you need flour as well?
Y: No, Seo Hyun. I’ll do it.
Y: I’m embarrassed…
H: What’s there to be embarrassed? It’s great! I’m so happy!
MC Kim: His wife is behind him and his ideal girl is in front of him…He’ll be both feeling awkward and happy.
Yong: Where’s Chiaki..?
(Hyun turns instantly toward them)
UJ: Chiaki will come tomorrow.
H: Really?!
UJ: I came a day early to meet you.
Y: Hyun likes Chiaki.
H: Yes, I like him.
UJ: Thank you.
Y: No, she means Chiaki…
H: No, I like you very much, too.
UJ: I’ve been watching you.
H: Really?
UJ: Gee, gee, gee, gee…
H: That’s right!
UJ: You’re amazing.
H: Thank you.
Y: If I were Ueno Juri, I would make you dance.
H: …..
H: Please wait for a bit.
Y: Aren’t you tired?
UJ: No, I’m okay.
H: Let’s make it here together.
H: Actually, this is my first time (to make Kimch Jun).
H: Kimchi Buchimgae(=jun).
UJ: Let’s do our best!
UJ: Aren’t there any instructions on the package?
H: There’s no instructions about Kimchi Jun.
UJ: Huh….. It’s okay, it’s okay.
Y: You sure?

MC Park: Is she going to use milk in Kimchi Jun..? This is not a pancake.
JW: Surely not~
Y: Why did you bring milk?
H: To make a batter.
Y: Isn’t it for making bread?
H: …?
Y: It’ll become bread!
H: You’re right.
UJ: Bbang (bread)?
H: Help me.
Y: OK.
H: How much should I put in it? What if I put too much in, again…!
MC Park: Wait, isn’t it too much?
UJ: How much do we need?
H: I don’t know…
UJ: Just eyeball it.

Y: Is your Korean alright?
UJ: Annyunghasimnikka (hello)?
Y: Annyunghasimnikka, Ueno Juri imnida (Hello, I’m Uneo Juri).
UJ: Annyunghasimnikka, Ueno Juri imnida.
Y: Hankuk neomu joayo (I like Korea very much)!
UJ: How?
Y: Neomu joayo (I like [it] very much)!
UJ: Neomu joayo!
MC Park: Her fans will be very happy to hear that.
Y: Oppa (an older brother, or a male who’s older)!
UJ: Oppa!
MCs: Oh~ no way!
Y: Practice (calling me Oppa).
Y: (glancing at Hyun) No, nothing.
Y: What else…
Y: Daebak (jackpot, great, awesome….)! Daebak!
UJ: Daebak…?
Y: Great, great!
UJ: What does it mean?
H: It means… awesome…?
UJ: Daebak, daebak…

Yong’s looking for something and UJ comes in

UJ: There, a ladle.
NaYong: Ueno Juri looks like a landlady!
UJ: Should we start?
H: Yes!
UJ: Okay! Let’s make it big!
MC Park: Oh~ She’s something.
Y: Great!
UJ: Shall we make it even bigger?
H: Yes, bigger!

Yong tries to stop the girls

MC Park: It’s like a cooking competition between Korea and Japan.
MC Park: Kimchi Jun should be thin…
Y: It’s a bit thick…

(Backroom interview)
PD: How did you feel at that time?

H: I was glad that she cooks! Ah, even Ueno Juri cooks…She is 25 years old now. And it gives me hope that I’ll be as good as her when I become her age.

Y: It became a pancake!
Y: It looks tasty.
H: It should be.
UJ: Hmm~
H: Is it alright?
UJ: (thumbs up)
UJ: Joahae (I like it)!
Y: Mashissu (It’s tasty).
UJ: Mashi, mashissu-yo (It’s tasty).
UJ: It’s delicious~
H: Thank you~
Y: Daebak!
UJ: Daebak!
H: Hahaha!

UJ: I’ve brought gifts for you.
H & Y: Really?
UJ: But I’m not very good at…
UJ: This one, you (Yong) give it to Hyun, and Hyun gives this one to Yong.
MC Park: She made them herself?
Y &H: Wow~
UJ: I wrote your nicknames in the mugs.

Yeobo & Dangshin (honey & darling)

NY: She writes Korean so well.
Y & H drink water from the mugs made by UJ
Y: Daebak!
H: Daebak!
H: Thank you so much.
H: Is that okay if I call you ‘Juri Unnie (sis)’?
UJ: Yes, since I’m older than you.

The premiere rehearsal

Y: Hello, I’m Ueno Juri.
UJ: But this is…
Y : (holding a sweet potato)This is a mike.
UJ: Annyunghaseyo (hello).
Y & H: Oh~ It’s Ueno Juri~!
UJ: Ueno Juri imnida (I’m Ueno Juri).
UJ: And…um….Daebak!
Y: Hankuk (Korea) daebak!
UJ: Hankuk deabak!
UJ: Thank you.

H: And… (taking out a camera)Tada!
MC Park: Oh, pancake powder! We should send some to her.
Y: Miss Juri…. (bringing out his phone)
H: Do you want me to take a picture of you?
MC Kim: ‘Do you want me to take a picture of you?’!!
MC Park: Look at her eyes!
Y: To boast to my band members~
MC Kim: She didn’t sound so pleased.
H: One, two, three!
H: It didn’t come out very good. Hehe…
MC Kim: The picture is blurry.
MC Park: Did she do it on purpose?

UJ: Thank you.
H : Thank you.
UJ: Until we meet again next time…
UJ: If you come to Japan, please let me know.
H & Y: Okay. Bye~
UJ: Bye~
MCs: Bye~

(backroom interview)
Y: When I first saw her I was like, ‘Oh, my ideal whom I’ve wanted to meet is in front me!’ I was nervous in the beginning, but as we spend time together it feels like we’ve become friends. 

PD: Who do you like more, Hyun or UJ?
Y: Of course, Seo Hyun.

PD: What does an ideal mean to you?
Y: It means just a type I like. 

PD: And Buin(a wife) to you?
Y: A wife is someone I go on a journey with. Together... I know more about Seo Hyun, and I’m pretty confident that I know more about her than anybody else. So, needless to say, it’s Seo Hyun. 

Now only two in the house

Y: I can’t believe what’s just happened.
Y: Did you like it?
H: I liked it very much!
H: Hmm~ I liked it so much.
H: Ueno Juri is your ideal, right?
Y: What’s it like to actually see her?
MC Park: It’s a sensitive issue.
Y: Yes, she’s my ideal.
H: So? What was it like?
NY: You should be careful, there.
Y: I think it’s just the same.
MC Park: What’s the same?
Y: …as the image I’ve been imagining.
H: Hmm….You’re right.
Y: Hey~
H: Why?
Y: You’re not jealous, are you?
H: No~
H: No, I’m not like someone~
JW: That kind of remark, ‘I’m not like SOMEONE~’
MC Park: But everybody feels the same.
Y: Seo Hyun must be sorry, not being able to see Chiaki.
H: I know.
Y: Go to Japan and meet Chiaki.
H: I want to!
Y: You’ll be able to (meet Chiaki).
H: Really? Good~
MC Kim: They’re playing pull and push (milddang).
Y: An Ideal type is just a type.
H: Yes.
Y: You should bring Jonny Depp here and cook a steak together. 
H: Haha! Ah, really!

The next day…

MC Park: Oh, it’s Ueno Juri.
UJ: Hello, I’m Ueno Juri. I love you. Daebak!!!
MCs: Hahahaha!!!
NY: And that one is Chiaki.
UJ: Deabak! Hahaha!
MC Park: She keeps on (saying) Daebak. 



(backroom interview)
PD: How was your birthday?
H: I didn’t do anything special on my birthday. I had a schedule in the morning and did a birthday party with my fans and SNSD members in the afternoon….
H: He (Yong) was so mean……!

For the Yongseo couple born in June, nothing happened on their first birthdays together?!

MC Park: It’s their first meeting after spending their birthdays separately. Does that mean that they didn’t do anything special for their birthdays?
SO: Oh, they must feel sorry…
Y (ringing to someone): Hello, boss. I’m Jung Yong Hwa. Will be there soon. I’m in Shinchon now, will set off shortly…to the field.
MC Park: To the field? To harvest?
Y: Hahaha…. Is the weather over there cloudy, too?
Y: It’ll be okay even if it’s cloudy, won’t it?
Y: Got it. See you later.
Y (it’s about time she turns up…)
MC Kim: She is Pippi Langstrumpf today.
MC Park: Yes, she’s like Pippi.
H: Kkyah!
H: Hello~
Y: Oh!
H: Where are we going today?
Y: Today?
H: Yes.
Y: I don’t know, either.
H: What?!
Y: We only need to get on this bus.
H: Where are we going?
Y: Where do you think we’re going?
H: Hmm…. Chungsong Village?
Y: We’re going to Daemyunghang.
H: Daemyunghang?
H: What do you do in Daemyunghang?
Y: Fishing.
H: Fishing?
MC Park: Didn’t he say they're going to the field?
SO: Yes…to the field.
H: Really? Fishing?
Y: Yes, let’s go fishing!
H: Oh~

Yong hubby seems to have prepared something….

Y: Hahaha!
H: Let’s go!
Y: You’re wearing a picnic outfit today.
H: I know~
Y & H: (to the driver) Hello.

(In a bus)
Y: Am I sitting in a window seat?
H: Yes.
H: If we had a driver’s license…
Y: I know…
H: We’d be driving our car.
H: Ah…..
Y: I’d forgotten all about it...
Y: I’ve been happy because I haven’t thought about it…
H: Ah…..
Y: I think today’s going to be a really sad day.
JW: Star~~t!
Y: Star~~t!

Hyun’s fidgeting with her mobile phone
Y: I saw you at the autograph event.
H: The autograph event?
Y: I saw it in the news…
Y: I’m always monitoring you.
H: Oh~ is that so?
Y: Always.

MC Park: Why can’t they meet each other’s eyes?
H: By the way, yesterday was MinHyuk’s birthday, right?
Y: Yes (keeps looking outside).
Y: We had a schedule. 
H: Is that so?
Y: So we bought the cake late in the night to congratulate him.
H: MinHyuk and I have the same birth year, month, and date. You know that already, don’t you?
Y: Yes. It’s 18th of June.
Y: …Why?!
H: You are really….mean!
MC Park: She said he’s mean!
Y: Why?
H: You didn’t even send me a text wishing me happy birthday.
JW: Really?
NY: She must feel let down…
H: I’m really disappointed in you!
SO: Didn’t he really…?
Y: I’ve got my reasons.
NY: He’s got reasons!
H: Hmm…. I’ll give you a chance to explain yourself.
Y: Hahaha…
Y: To be honest…
H: Yes.
Y: No, nothing.
H: Hmm…..
Y: I’m sorry.
Y: I was going to send you a text at midnight on the dot.
H: Were you?
Y: I was waiting for the moment, but after the schedule it was past midnight. 
H: Hmm….
H: But, so many people have tried the same thing.
H: They say ‘I was going to text you on 12 o’clock, but am 1min late, sorry!’
Yong Hubby didn’t even do that…
Y: I wasn’t just 1 min late.
H: Really…?
Y: It was so late, I wasn’t sure whether to text you so that you could see it when you woke up.
H: Hmm….I see…
MC Park: He didn’t do anything on her birthday, she must have been disappointed.
H: It’s oka….oka… No, it’s not okay.
Y: …!
JW: She’s not okay!
MC Park: She’s pretty clear about how she feels.
Y: I’m sorry….
H: No.
Y: I’m ashamed…
H: No, it’s okay.
Y: No, I’m ashamed…
H: Hmm… (not saying that he shouldn’t be, though)
Y (shouting through the window): I’m sorry! I’m feeling so guilty!!!
H: Haha, it’s alright!
Y: I’m really sorry….
H: No…

MC Park: They look awkward.
MC Kim: It’s because he forgot about her birthday!
Yong: This is a week later, after my birthday.
H: Yes.
Y: You didn’t send me a text either, did you?
H: I did! You didn’t even reply to my text!
MC Park: Really?!
SO: Oh…..
MC Park: He even ignored her text?!
Y: Really?
H: You’re just too much! I’m not going to text you from now on.
Y: No, I haven’t received any.
H: I really sent you a text.
Y: No, you didn’t.
H: Yes, I did.
H: You’re lying!
Y: No, really!
H: You’re a liar.
Y: I swear that you didn’t text me.
H: I swear that I sent you a text.
H: In the morning…
Y: Yes?
H: You texted me saying ‘It’s my birthday’.
Y: I did.
H: I was texting you when I had got that message.
Y: No, it didn’t come! After I sent you a text….
H: I did text you!
Y: Really?
H: Yes.
Y: You’re saying that I ignored your text?
H: Yes.
Y: No, it’s not possible.
H: Humph!
Y: I was holding my phone in my hand all day.
H: It doesn’t make sense. 
H: I sent you a text.
Y: No, after I texted you saying ‘it’s my birthday’…
H: That’s the moment when I was sending you a text. So I said in the text ‘I’m about to text you…’
Y: Really? Why didn’t I see that one?
H: Where’s the text gone?
Y: So I was sad (not receiving a text from her).
H: You must be joking, I was sad because you didn’t reply to me.
MC Park: Today our couple is fun to watch!
H: So, where did the text go?
H: What’s happened to the text…

They’re going out to celebrate the wife’s birthday, but….
Where are we going…?



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