[Trans] 101002 WGM Goguma ep26

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From a girl to a lady

In a bad mood on the bus going to Daemyunghang…
JinWoon: Because of the texts…
Yong: What did you do during the vacation?
Hyun: I went to school.
Y: You didn’t go anywhere particular?
H: No, unfortunately.
H: Isn’t it (unfortunate)? Why didn’t I…
Y: This is combo, combo!
H: Combo…?
Y: Folding your arms, then turn your head.
H: Why?
Yong already catches on to his wife’s habit
Y: I just thought you speak with your arms folded, but,
Y: Like this (folding his arms, and turning his head), ‘unfortunately’!
H: Hahaha!
Y: I’m right, I’m right, I’m right, I’m right, ain’t I?
H: I don’t know.
Y: Arms should be diagonal.
MC Park: He’s trying to liven up the mood, to make her laugh.
H: Ah, really!
H: It’s not funny!
MC Park: But men think it’s okay once girls/women laugh.
Female MCs: Just because she laughs that doesn’t mean that she has forgotten about the troubles.
Seulong: Really?
JW: Has she not?
MC Park: Unless the fundamental part of the problem is solved, women don’t forget. 
NaYoung: That’s true.

Yong, whether knowing women’s psyche or not…
Y: You have to do it this way…
H: So I’m like that…. (unintentionally folds her arms)
MC Park: Her arms!
Y: Told you, told you!
H: What’s this~!
Y: I’m the first person to tell you about this habit, right?
H: Yes.
Y: That’s the reason I’m special.
H: Hmm…
Y: That’s the reason why I’m different from other men, you know?
H: …
Y: I can catch on to even such a small thing.
Y: I’m the only one who tells you about this kind of thing, ain’t I?
H: Y-Yes…
Yong hubby tries to brainwash his wife…
Y: (I’m) different, different, different, different.
H: Is it a good thing?
Y: Of course it’s good, of course, why, why not?!
H: Is that so~?
MC Park: Is that so~?
Anyway, this is why Yong’s important.

H: Not long ago, there was a Music bank (?) performance….
Y: Yes.
H: It was fun, seeing you at the music programme after a while.
Y: Yes.
H: Come to think of it, that was the same programme where we did the ring performance after we got married.
Y: That’s right.
H: So it was-
Y: By the way, my ring…
H: The ring is totally…
Y: Do you want to know what happened to the ring?
H: What happened?
Where has the ring gone?
Y: I really wanted to tell you this.
H: (jokingly) Is it melted now?
Y: That’s right!
H: Really?!
Y: It’s melted! 
H: That’s not possible!
Y: It started burning up slowly…
H: So, it’s gone, forever?!
Y: Yes, forever.
The ring is gone!
H: Huh~!
H: Then this becomes just my ring, then…
H: Ah……
Y: No, we have to replace them.
Y: By the way, I’m sorry.
H: What for?
Y: For not texting you yesterday.
H: It’s okay!
Y: No, I’m going to fill it up to 100.
H: Fine.
Now 98 left… and the bus is going to the countryside…

H: I just remembered something!
Y: What?
H: Haha!
Something so funny that makes her laugh just thinking about it?
H: Yonghwa oppa~!
Y: Huh?
H: Don't you know what this is?
H: Gag Concert!
Y: Ah! Did you see it?
JW: What’s that?
This shocking image!!
A Comedian: Yonghwa oppa~
A Comedian: Because you didn’t buy me a pink guitar, I bought it with my money!
A Comedian: You’re really stingy!
A Comedian: Give me a back hug~
And a provocative skinship!!
H: Really! You looked really scared.
Y: Did I look really scared?
H: Yes!
Y: I was really scared.
H: Hahaha!
H: Someone made gifs out of that clip. The title was ‘Provocative Seo Hyun’. And when I saw it, I was so surprised!
Seo Hyun senorita, very assertive in skinship.
Y: Hahaha!
Y: What if, Seo Hyun, you act like that?
Seo Hyun, what if you act like that?
H: Eurgh…. If I act like that…(imagining)...Eurgh!
MC Park: We’ll be happy if she’s like that!
Y: Seo Hyun, really…(imagining)
JW: Don’t imagine it!
MC Park: They’ve become awkward after imagining it.
H: That Seohyun (in the clip), and people around me keep talking about the skinship. Asking me why I’m so slow…
Y: Is that so?
H: Yes.
MC Park: They’re talking about the skinship!
H: (talking to herself) Should I do….
Y: Shall we hold hands, then?
H: Eh~
Y: Why ‘Eh~’?
Y: I shared the same waiting room with 2AM before the (Music Bank?) stage.
H: Really?
Y: Lim Seulong sunbanim (=senior) told me that ‘It’s…. irritatingly slow.’
H: Haha! Really?
NY & MC Park: Well done, well spoken!
H: Why is that?
Y: ‘irritatingly slow…’
H: Haha!
Anyway, with the help (?) of Ong, they start talking about the skinship.
What’s in their minds?
MC Park: Oh, the atmosphere…
SO: They wouldn’t restrain themselves even further because of me, would they?

(backroom interview)
H: In the beginning, there were many people telling me ‘You shouldn’t hold hands, never!’ But after a few episodes, they started ‘When are you going to hold hands?!’ I was like ‘What are you talking about?’
Then they told me ‘You should initiate holding hands!’ I really….really don’t know what to do…

Y: By the way, besides the birthday text…
H: Yes?
Y: No gift for me?
H: No gift for you?
Y: I prepared something already for you in Daemyunghang.
Yong anticipates a gift from his wife
H: It’s been a week, already.
Y: What about a week before, then?
H: You didn’t even reply to my text. If you had done, I might have prepared something.
H: No way.
Y: Is that so?
Y: Okay.
Y: I’m hoping for the future.
H: What future?
Y: You’re hiding it from me on purpose, right?
H: I wish I was.
Y: (timid skinships) Unfold your arms, this one, and that one.
JW & SO: Oh~
Y: I have a high hope~
Will Yong’s wish come true?

The bus keeps going…
Y: I can see the sea!
H: It’s a beach.
Y: Now can you feel that we’re going to the sea?
H: Yes!
Y: Can you see the crab field?
H: Oh~
H: Can we catch crabs as well?
Y: Do you want me to?
H: Yes, I like crabs!
Y: Okay, no problem.

But against Hyun’s anticipation, the bus is passing the beach and going to the little village…?
Y: We’re getting off here~
H: Are we?
Y: Yes.
Finally, to the place as Yong has planned…?
H: Oh~
Y: How do you feel?
H: I feel good.
Crowds: Kkyaoh~~
(girls: It’s Jung Yong Hwa! Men: It’s Seo Hyun!)
MC Park: Oh, they are popular!
Y: We have to take a taxi from here.
Y: Just 2mins, 2mins!

Yong parts with his wife…
MC Park: He must have prepared something!
MC Park: He told her that they’re going fishing.
Y (handing a piece of paper to the taxi driver): I can’t say that we’re going to this place in front of her… I’ll bring her now.
Y: You first.
H: Thank you.

This way Yong hubby’s secret tour starts…
Y: We’re going to the beach.
H: How long does it take?
Y: (to the driver) how long does it take to get to the beach?
The driver: About 10mins.
H: Only 10mins?
MC Park: The driver is cooperating well.

But….this place….?
MC Park: There’re heading to some place…
MC Kim: But it’s definitely not a sea.
H: How come there’s a sea in this place?
Y: There’ll be…

Is this Daemyunghang….?
H: No way that there’s a sea…

As they keep going….
Going to the mountain…?

Y: We’re there.
H: You’re lying, aren’t you?
Y: What lying? Let’s go!
Y &H (to the driver): Thank you~

Where are we…?
JW: I think he totally deceived Seo Hyun.
MC Kim: She’s abducted.
H: I can’t see a sea, it’s not possible!
Y: Why can’t you see?
H: How is there a sea in the middle of…
Y: You can see once we take a short cut.
H: Eh~
Y: Turn left, turn left!
H: But, but,
Y: I’m bringing you somewhere nice~
H: Hmm….
Y: Let’s walk slowly.
MC Park: He’s more nervous even though he knows what’s going to happen.

Y: Feeling good, right?
H: Yes.
Y: You have to close your eyes from here.
H: Why?
Y: Keep them closed!
H: Yes. 
Y: Not even a peek!
H: Okay.
Y: Ddu Ddu Ddun~
He even sings the BGM by himself
Wants everything to be perfect, R-Romantic guy Yong.

H: How far?
Y: Just a few steps more.
Y: You’re not peeking, are you?
H: No.
Y: Dadadadan~
And finally…!
H: What’s it?
Y: Be careful, be careful.
Now, Yong’s secret gift is revealed!
Y: One, two, three, Ta-da!
H: W-what?
NY: Hahahaha!

Look over here, look over there… no matter how hard you look….
MC Park: What are we supposed to see?
H: …the field!
MC Park: Did he buy her some land?
Land owned by Seo Hyun?
NY: Huh!
JW: If it’s true, he’s daebak!
SO: Daebak!
Y: What kind of a field do you think?
H: Hmm…
Y: This is my gift for you.
H: What?!
Y: Sweet potato field!
MC Park: He bought the sweet potato field for her?! 
JW & SO: Wow~
MC Park: How much did he pay for a square meter?
H: Huh~! Really?!!

He bought a field for Hyun since she likes sweet potatoes?!
The sign: Yong (heart) Hyun’s sweet potato field
Y: I have a letter as well.
NY: He’s really cool…
MC Park: I guess CNBlue is selling well these days.
MC Kim: They must be!
Y: I’m a man with f-f-f-field. 
MC Park: Omo~
H: Really?
Y: I’m a land owner.
H: Wow~
Y: Am I a man of ability or not?
H: Yes, you are.
H: Woah~
H: Then we can eat all the sweet potatoes from this field?
Y: Huh?
Y: Actually, we have to plant it first, before harvesting.
H: That’s true.
The season is not yet…
Y: But d-d-d-don’t assume that the whole field is mine.
Don’t assume that it’s my land!
H: Then what?
Y: Only two rows are mine.
Only two rows are mine!
NY: Only two rows?
MC Park: Ah, it’s a weekend farm!
Yong’s gift is a weekend farm?
H: Two rows? Where?
Y: Over there…
H: There…?
H: Haha! That’s fine.
Y: Isn’t it?
H: Then we have to plant it first, don’t we?
Y: Yes, we do.
H: (our) two-row-field!
Y: Haha.
H: Hihihi!

(backroom interview)
PD: What’s the story behind the lease of the two-row-field?
Y: I was worried in the beginning. Since it’s a birthday should we celebrate with fireworks, baking a cake together, and so on….?

Yong was thinking of every possible event…

Y: Since Seo Hyun likes sweet potatoes, I thought nothing would be better than giving her a sweet potato field as a present. 

PD: What do you think of his gift?
H: Really, there are many people who give me sweet potatoes, but no one has given me the field itself where I can actually grow sweet potatoes. It was a special gift that no one has thought of before.

MC Park: It’s good that she likes it.

H: Will there be other people who will give me a field as a present? I don’t think so…

H: Oh~
Now she opens a birthday card…
H: Joo Hyun!
(Yong is suddenly embarrassed…)
H: (reading the card) Happy birthday to you! Sorry for the belated birthday message. Keuk keuk. During the short period of being with you, I’ve come to learn many things from you.
MC Park: Aigoo~
H: And our thoughtful Hy~un, 
NY: Uhhooh~
H: I always feel sorry that I could give you only so much, but thank you for always taking care of me. From the bottom of my heart, happy birthday to you. From Yo~ng.
Y: Kkk…..
H: Oh… thank you.

Y: Be careful. 
H: Yes.
MC Park: Wait, they’re holding hands!
MC Kim: Just a little bit further~
JW: Eh~
Impatient viewers…

Y: We have to put this ‘Yong, Hyun’s Sweet Potato Field’ sign. 
H: Where?
H: Here?
Y: Yes, these two rows.
H: Oh~
MC Park: It’s really good fun when you dig them out later.
She is also an owner of three-row-field?
MC Park: When you dig one out there are so many underneath to follow. 
Y: Like this?
H: Eee~
MC Park: Kanghwa sweet potatoes are the most delicious of all.

H: Haha, it’s cute.
Y: Good~
H: Yay~
Yong & Hyun’s sweet potato patch!
Y: We have to change our clothes, too.
H: Then we have to work, too?
Y: Huh? Yes.
H: Field labour!
H: My birthday gift is field labour?
Her birthday gift is field labour?!
Y: Don’t you want to do it? Then just sit over there and watch.
H: No, I’m okay.
Y: I’m going to do it on my own and eat them all on my own.
H: Hahaha!
Anyway we are a newbie weekend farm couple.
Y: Hahaha!
H: Woah~
Y & H: Guma~ Guma~
Making an instant sweet potato song… 
Y&H: Hello~
Kind looking landowners greet them…
The boss (?): It’s a long journey, isn’t it?
Y: No~
H: I like it here very much.

Changing clothes for the field work…
First… (Yong comes out)
MC Park: That pants!
NY: Omo!
Y: It feels cool.
But he runs to the field alone… (with a white bag in his hands)?
NY: He’s prepared another event for her!
MC Park: He’s holding something in his hands!
In the middle of the two-row-field…?
NY: He buried something in the field.
Y: Hahaha!
MC Park: If she can’t find it, they have to dig the whole field later!
NY: I know~
Yong hubby returns after the mission (?) accomplished
H: I look like a country girl.
Y: I like it.
(red pants and a scarf around her neck to finish off her look)
H: I’m done!

Now heading to the field to plant some sweet potatoes!
Going to the field with the boss 

MC Kim: Do you know how tricky it is actually to manoeuvre that kind of cart?
NY: Yes.
H: Shall we do it together?
Y: Can you do it?
H: Yes.
H: Wait, wait.
Y: I’ll do it.
Hard labours are for the husband
Y: (panting)
An aftereffect of a secret running…
Y: (panting)
H: Are you okay?
Not so smooth start for the two-row-field owners.
Now to get sweet potato shoots

The boss: You cut these shoots and plant them in your patch. 
MC Park: Look, sweet potatoes!
Y: And there will grow sweet potatoes from these shoots?
H: Aha~
The boss: Yes, these roots will become sweet potatoes.
H: Hmm~
A real countryside drama, the Yongseo Diary
Y: A sweet potato field!
H: Sweet potato!
Y: We’re there!
H: We’re there!
Yong is exhausted as soon as they get to the field.
H: What are you doing?!
NY: He’s already tired!
Y: Let’s rest for 3mins.
H: Aigoo…
The sun is blazing
MC Park: I guess it’s really hot over there.
The boss: You’re done with resting?
H: Yes!
Y: Y-Yes…
The boss: Now you have to learn how to plant, don’t you?
H: Yes!
A bunch of sweet potato shoots for each one
The boss: Now hold this…
The boss: Seo Hyun’s is so popular-
H: No, I’m not~
Y:….(an uncle fan)?!
H: Hahaha!
In a happy (?) atmosphere, they start planting the shoots.
The boss: Seo Hyun, look closely.
MC Park: He only pays attention to Seo Hyun.
The boss: You push this stick to the ground, then…
It’s a lot easier than they thought!
H: Woah~ it’s really easy!
Y: Yes, it is.
H: Hold it down, and push~
Y: How far should they apart?
H & the boss: about a palm-width?

Y: Uh! Then, Seo Hyun, you do the next row.
The row where Yong’s gift is hidden
H: Yes!
Y: And I’ll do this one.
How will Hyun react to the surprise gift?
H: This’ll be fun.
Yong starts planting shoots first
Y: What…?
The boss: I don’t think it went all the way down.
Y: Oh, I’ve cut it.
Y: Why doesn’t it go down?
Y: Ah, really!
The boss: It costs 100won for each shoot.
Y:…! (deep sigh)
Meanwhile, Hyun buin….
MC Park: Hyun’s good at everything.
The boss: Oh, Seo Hyun’s so good~
H: Really?
The boss: Yes.
H: Thank you~
The boss: You have to push it diagonally. 
Hyun: Yes, diagonally.
NY: Yes, he did it.
Y: Okay, done!
MC Kim: There must be a skill involved in this.
The boss: You’re doing well.
Y: I’ve got the skill now, it’s nothing.
H: Are you confident now?
Y: Yes, I am good now.
H: Are you?
The boss: You shouldn’t sit on other shoots!
Y: Really?
Y: The boss likes SNSD…
H: Haha!
The boss: Continue planting shoots as you’re doing now, and please come down later for snacks.
H: Ah~ thank you!
Even hearing about food makes their mouths water
The boss: We’ll boil some potatoes and…
MC Park: It’ll be so delicious.

Till the moment that they can have some snacks…
H: There are so much works put into sweet potatoes that I eat every day. 
Y: If you carefully dig up sweet potatoes here…
H: Yes?
Y: You’ll find potatoes.
H: What?!
What is he talking about?
Y: There’ll be potatoes…
H: While digging up sweet potatoes?
Y: There are potato seeds left in this field…
Gives her a kind of warning (?) before the surprise event
H: Hmm…?
Y: Look carefully…
H: You’re tired now, aren’t you?
Y: Huh?
H: I think you’re tired. 
Y: I’m always tired.
H: I know…
Planting shoots & a secret mission: such a hardship
H: I never imagined that I’ll get a sweet potato field for my birthday.
Y: It’s beyond your imagination, isn’t it?
H: Yes. 
JW: Who would ever think of it?
MC Park: True.
H: People jokingly tell me that I should get married to the owner of a sweet potato farm/field.
Y (the owner of a two-row-sweet-potato-field): Haha…
H: Really.
Y: Really?
H: Yes.
Y: And now you’ve become an owner of a sweet potato field.
H: I know, even better!
Y (smiling)….

Y: This is no easy work!
Y: If you have to do it alone, it’ll be really hard. 
H: I know.
MC Park: Yes, it’s a hard work.
H: You did well just buying two rows!!
It’s lucky that it’s only two rows…
H: I’m grateful.
Y: Are you?
H: Do you want some water? 
H: Hehehe~
Y: I’m grateful to myself!
H: Hahaha! What would it be like if you had bought like, 9 rows?!
Y: I’m proud of myself.
During the short break…an outdoor concert in a sweet potato field!
To the sky, ha! Get’em ha!
Even while drinking…
Y: (lalalala!)
H: (sweet potatoes, listen to the song~)
This is the Yongseo couple’s way to grow sweet potatoes!
H: Hahaha!
Under the blazing sun…
NY: But they did a lot!
It’s been an hour…
H: Woah~ good~
Now the secret spot is near!
JW: That stone.
MC Park: Yes, there!
Y: I’m done.
H: I’m not done yet.
Y: You only need to do 5 more.
Y: I can see it now.
MC Park: Hahaha!
H: It’s fun, isn’t it?
Y: Yes.
MC Park: He’s like…
SO: He should be more patient.
H: Then help me here.
Yong rejects her SOS…
Y: No, you have to do it. 
H: Do I?
Y: You have to do it on your own.
Y: I’m not going to help you.
H: I’ll do it by myself, then!
Y: (sorry, Hyun, I can’t help you)
MC Park: He can’t help her even if he wants to.
Hyun buin keeps working oblivious to the situation
MC Kim: She’s nearly there.
And it’s just next to her!
MC Park: That stone, isn’t it…?
NY: Yes. 
H: About 3 more….?
Y: Yes, till the end. 
MC Park: She should be able to find it!
H: Now only 2 left. 
NY: Uh? Uh? She removed the stone.

But…nothing….is… happening….?

MC Kim: She missed it!
MC Park: She didn’t see it!
She missed the spot by an inch
MC Park: And now she’s done!
H: I’m done!
MCs: Hahahaha!!!
Oh my god
MC Park: I knew this would happen.
NY: What should he do now…?
MC Kim: Hahaha!!!
H: I’m done, finally~!
Y: Where are you going? They’re apart too far.
H: No, I did it correctly.
Y: No, let’s do it again.
H: Why?
Y: Let’s put just one more in between.
H: No, they have to be apart.
Y: No, just one more.
MC Park: Woah, this is crazy.
He can’t tell her the truth since it's a secret...
H: Woah~ I’m so proud!
H: Let’s go! Snacks!
Y: Where’re you going?
MC Kim: He should call her to come!
MC Park: She shouldn’t leave…
H: What are you doing over there, come!
Yong’s gift buried in the ground forever…?!

After the tournament, now it’s time for dinner
Jung Shin: It’s dinner time, so bring out your packed meal.

They open their boxes…
Jo Kwon: Start with Khuntoria…
Nich Khun: Tada~
JK: Woah! They look delicious~

Boiled rice, side dishes and desserts, Vic mom’s 3-set packed dinner.

Hyun: Tada!
Rice balls looking as smart as Hyun buin
Yong: Have a look at this, look at this!
Gain: They’re seriously good. 
JK: It looks so tasty~

Then, what about the oldest Adam couple?
Shop-bought sandwiches…!
Gain: Just eat these!
JK: I want to eat rice, too….
Gain buin didn’t have a time for packing a dinner due to her busy schedule…

In between lovey-dovey newbie couples….
H: This one is tuna and…
The oldest couple’s feeling left out…
Gain: Should I at least taste whether they are actually good or not?
Gain: Ya, give me some.
Y: There’s always this kind of person in school, who takes others’ food by force!
Eventually decided to take other couples’ food…
NY: So that’s how they substitute other couples’ food for their dinner.