[Trans] 101016 WGM Goguma ep28

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Trans by j2dlee @ soompi <3
Kanghwado…Double birthday…and one month later….

A day in Aug 9:00am, a salon in Kangnam
Hyun’s getting her make-up early in the morning

MC Kim: Even though it’s early she’s gorgeous.
MC Park: She’s young.

Goes to get her hair washed…
A staff: Is it your first time in here?
Hyun: Yes.
A staff: Is the temperature of water okay?
H: Yes.

At this time!

(backroom interview)
PD: You and Hyun go to the same salon…?
Yong: I know, she moved to here because she missed me.^^
H: I wanted to a new style, and as we (SNSD) launch an album in Japan, I changed the salon. And accidently it turned out to be where Yong oppa is frequent.

The married couple, whose schedules coincide with each other for the first time
NaYoung: Oh, it’s really embarrassing when someone see you when you’re washing your hair!
Seeing each other in a month while washing her hair!
Y: (…it’s Hyun!)
MC Park: It looks a bit weird…
NY: I don’t like it.
NY: Change with a staff without her noticing it! Secretly, secretly!
MC Park: Wash her hair!
NY: Yes, do it!
NY: That’s right.

Playful Yong hubby becomes Yong staff
MC Park: He’s going to drool.
MC Park: How surprised she’ll be when she removes the towel?
(Yong whispers something to the staff)
A staff: What did you eat?
H: I had soy-bean stew and a vegetable mixed rice.
Y: Ah, really?!
H: Uh? Ah!
H: Hello, what’re you doing?!
Y (to the staff): Please help me.
H: I noticed that she’s being very careful suddenly.
H: it’s a bit embarrassing.
Y: (we go to) the same salon.
H: Salon (miyongsil) friend (chingu).
Y: Michin (=crazy)!
H: Haha, what’s that?

So the couple meets in a month
H: How have you been doing recently?
Y: Me?
H: Yes.
Y: After the concert, been sleeping all day.
H: Really?
A wife asks after her hubby…
Y: Yes, sleeping all day, and writing new songs without a stop.
H: Hmm…
A staff: Are you ready for washing?
Y: Yes.
MC Kim: There seems to be a story behind this.
MC Park: Yes.

(backroom interview)
PD: It’s been a while…and an awkward atmosphere?
H: Something happened.

MC Park: What? 

H: For the….uh…..for the whole month, he didn’t get in touch with me. Not even once.

MCs: Why? Why?

H: And…he didn’t even wear the ring…that I prepared so hard on a birthday… He didn’t wear it.

MC Park: (Is he like) ‘It doesn’t matter since I already held her hands’?!! Huh!
Seulong: He’s really a bad boy.
JinWoon: It can’t be.
Yong hubby, are you that kind of a guy??
NY: He’s so mean. This is the reason why people say men are all alike.
Kim Jung Min still keeps his calm 
MC Kim: It may not necessarily be that case, let’s wait and see. There’ll be a reason.

(backroom interview)
Today…meet again in a month…
H: How he’s been doing, and why he acted like that, I wanted to ask him everything.

A staff: What do you want today?
H: Just natural wave, please.
Y: Hi.
Y: Oh, next to each other. “Omo, SNSD!”
H: Haha-
Y: “So nice to see you~”
MC Kim: She’s not responding to his joke.
MC Park: But, (he acts) as if nothing happened…
Y: Did you go back home safely after the fishing?
H: Ah, yes. 
Y: Jashik~
H: And you (back home safely)?
Y: Of course.
H: Did you?
Asking after each other after the day in a fishing pot…
MC Park: Are they asking after each other after a month?

H: I’ve been really mad at you.
Hyun buin speaks out her mind first!!
MC Park: Oh, she can talk without reserve!
H: You know why, don’t you?
Y: Why?
H: You know already.
H: Is there anything you want to say to me?
Wants to listen from her hubby first…

While everyone’s listening…

Y: Say to you?
H: Yes.
Y: Um…?
MC Kim: There’s something, I can sense it. 
Something fishy...

(backroom interview)
Y: Her response…I intended that response.

MC Kim: Intended?!

Y: I think the relationship should develop as time goes by. I thought we need a turning point. I was really moved on our birthday, really moved. Then I thought, ‘This is the moment, if I stop calling her from now on she’ll be more worried and more think about me.’ So that’s the reason why I haven’t been in touch with her for a month.

MC Kim: So it was pull and push (playing hard to get)!
NY: But a whole month was too long.
JW: Originally it should be 3 days.
MC Kim: Yes, exactly. Shouldn’t be longer than 3 days.

(in a room)
H: I found it as soon as I got here.
Y: Where?
H: Somewhere around here.
Y: Ah, it’s here.
H: Yummy!

H: Quickly!
Y: What?
H: I told you that I’ve been sad.
Y: Why?
H: You know why.
MC Park: He planned this, but the way it looks…
Y: I was… that’s…. I mean… 
Y: I thought, ‘If I stop calling her, she’ll think about me more…’
H: ?
Someone: Hahahaha!!!
H: (can’t understand)
MC Kim: He’s too simple!
MC Park: Why are men so simple-minded?!
H: Ah, what? Really?
Y: Yes.
So simple

H: Oh my god… Really?
MC Park: She looks like going to cry!
Y: Didn’t you miss me?
MC Kim: How can he say something like that in this situation?!
MC Park: I mean, really…!
Y: You missed me, didn’t you? Tell me honestly, you missed me~
Y: I was just acting cold.
H: Ah- (slamming down the cup)
Y: You missed me~ Jashik, you must have missed me.
Y: To tell you the truth, I was going to text you.
H: Yes?
Y: But I stopped myself, I suppressed myself.
MC Park: ‘Suppressed myself’!
H: Really?
Y: Yes.
H: Ah, is that it?
Y: I restrained myself, and while I was restraining myself you missed me!
H: I was really worried about you.
H: Ah, this is not even funny! Ah, what should I do?!!
Y: Why?
SO: Look how annoyed she is.
H: I never imagined that. I really thought something happened to you!
MC Kim: She was really worried about him.
MC Park: Of course.

(backroom interview)
H: He was too much (sigh). I was really worried about him, ‘did something happen to him?’
I really can’t understand why he does such a thing (playing hard to get), honestly.
NY: How anxious she would’ve been for a month…
H: The trust I had in him kept going down, I ate all the Goguma, there’s none left.

MC Park: What’s she talking about?
JW: Goguma is a point, more the better.
Hyun’s trust/affection = numbers of Goguma
NY: It’s like acorn (a point system in Korean blog thingy, more the popular)
MC Park: Ah, I see.

MC Park: She can’t understand such a thing (pull and push).

H: Anyway…!
Y: Don’t you think we’re closer than before?
H: Don’t you try to rationalise it.
Y: I’m not trying to rationalise it!
Y: Jashik~
H: I mean, really…
Y: You’re embarrassed, aren’t you?
H: No.
Y: You always do that (crossing arms) when you’re embarrassed.
H: No, I’m still mad. No matter how hard I think…
Y: You asked me why I did it, so I told you.
H: Yes.

It's getting beyong his control…what should he do?
MC Park: He just pushed her over the cliff. There should be a pulling as well, he just kept pushing her, for a whole month!

Y: Soon there’ll be…
A mission card arrives!
Y & H: Hello~
H: What’s this? Dugeun, dugeun!
Y: 'To Yonghwa'
H: 'and Seo Hyun'

Mission Card: In “2010 Incheon Korean Wave Festival”, where CNBlue and SNSD are going to be in as well, there is a special stage prepared for Jung Yong Hwa & Seo Hyun’s duet performance…

A special duet performance…?
H: What?!
Y: Woah~
H: What should we do? 

Misson Card continues: Please fill the first official duet performance of the Yongseo bubu (a married couple) with your special charm.

H: Which song should we sing?
Y: Uh?!
H: 29th Aug, Sunday.
Y: It’s 29th.
Y: 29th.
H: …?
Y: 29th!!
H: 29th?
Y: 29th of Aug.
H: 29th of Aug. Uh? It’s 29th.
Y: Yes, it’s 29th.
Whether she knows or not…
MC Park: Uh? Is 29th a special day?
NY: It seems like it.

(backroom interview)
Y: (It’s our) 200th day~!
MC Park: Ah~
Y: It’s been 200 days already.
NY: He's been counting~

Y: It’s a ‘special’ duet stage.
H: Yes, with our ‘special’ charm.
Y: Yes. So on a ‘special’ day, do the ‘special’ performance, with the ‘special’ charm…
H: Why you keep saying ‘special’?
Y: I-I always wanted to perform (in IKWF), so it’s special to me.
H: Is that so?
MC Park: Oh, the look of his eyes!
H: What is it?
Y: What?
H: Why~
The married couple’s 200th anniversary performance…when will Hyun buin know about this?

A week later…
A day in Aug, in MBC

Y: Woah~
Their duet songs are completed
JW: Did they come to practice?
H: Woah~
H: Our (duet songs)…do you want listen to them?
H: Yes, please.
What kind of songs they’ll be….
Y: Kkung kkung ddau~ Kkung kkung ddau~
The first song: SNSD’s ‘Run devil run’ 
RDR rock-version!

MC Kim: He remixed the song so that CNBlue can play together.

And one more…!
Y: Then, ‘When I see you’ comes in…
H: Hmm~
‘Love light’, especially meaningful for them
MC Park: They sing ‘Love light’, too!

Y: How should we divide the part?
H: I will start by looking at you.
Y: Okay.
H: ‘Straighten up~!’ 
H: Then you do ‘I’m really a bad boy’ part. 
H: ‘Straighten up!’
Y: ‘I’m really a bad boy!’
MC Park: It really suits to them!
H: I like it! I like it!
MC Kim: Yong looks a little bit intimidated.
H: Then when I sing ‘over love’, you go ‘just curiosity’.
Y: Why do I have to say ‘just curiosity’?
MC Kim: Yes, he realises that he has disadvantages.
Yong keeps getting uncomfortable lines 
H: No, we take turns.
Y: But it’s not my story. I’m not ‘just curious’.
H: Yes, you are ‘just curious.’
H: And I’ll do this part.
Y: ‘I’ve been deceived by you…’?!
H: That’s right. 
MC Park: Oh, it just explains her feelings exactly!
‘RDR’ falls on their situation

H: Shaw~ ‘Straighten up~’
Y: Oh, you’re cool! ‘~Bad boy.’
H: ‘over love’
Y:’Just curiosity…’
H: ‘I’ve been deceived by you~’
MC Park: She’s saying she was deceived by him in a fishing spot!
SO & JW: ‘You’re no fun, have no manners~’
MC Kim: There’s a connection between the lyric and their situation.
Y: ‘I didn’t do that on purpose, really didn’t. Please accept my apology~’
NY: What? He said ‘please accept my apology.’
H & Y: Run~run~run~run
H: ‘I can’t stand you anymore, I’m going to kick you.’
MCs: Woah~!!!
H: ‘Even if you try to hold on to me I’ll turn off my attention.’
H: Ah, this is perfect!
MC Park: Perfect!
Y: What’s perfect?!
H: This’ll be fun.
Y: Then I’ll do ‘You’re caught, you made me angry~’
H: There’s no such a part. 
Y: Is this ‘Seo Hyun’s song’? (*I’m not sure about this part…)
H: What?
Y: Is this ‘Seo Hyun’s song’?
SO: Seo Hyun’s cute when she’s angry.
MC Park: Yes, she is.

Y & H (singing ‘Love light’): ‘the more I look at you~’
Y: Then we end the song looking at each other.
Y & H: ‘you’re my love light~’
MC Park: Aww~
H: At least it’s got a happy ending.
Y: ....! Why…
H: And again-
MC Park: Yong hwa said about ‘pull and push’ but he’s just being dragged…

Discuss about the stage performance
Y: You do it in front of the audience!
H: Do what?
Y: Saying ‘together!’ and something like that.
Yong hubby tries to lead her…and Hyun tries…
H: Then ‘run…run…run…’ 
Y: Really, do it! Rather than just standing there like a tree. It’ll look cool, really!
H: Haha! Holding a mike like this?!
NY & MC Kim: Hahahaha!
Y: It doesn’t work if you feel awkward.

Y: And move around...!
H: ~!
Here comes Rocker Hyun! 
Y: Really, that’s how you do it!

(practicing ‘Love light’)
MC Kim: When they sing this song, it feels….
MC Park: Yes, the memory of a fishing spot…
Y & H: ‘You’re a darling~ You’re my own love light~ You’re my…’
Y: And at this moment,
Y & H: (looking at each other) B~it (light).
Y: This is what we’ll do, got it?
After one practice,
H: Yes. And the next stage is~!
MC Park: I used to play like that with an oppa in a church choir. It was really a good time…
Having a break…
H: Ah, I nearly forgot!
Y: Hm?
H: I have a picture to show you.
H: Unfortunately, I already wore a wedding dress.
MCs: What?!!
H: I did a photo shoot with Trax for their new album cover.
Y: Yes.
H: And the song is about…
Y: I don’t need to hear that, just show me the picture.
MC Kim: He’s uncomfortable.
NY: Oh, ottoke~
MC Park: He should’ve been the first one to see it (her wedding dress).
H: Jjan!
Y: Oh~ show me again.
H: Jjan!
Y: Again.
H: Jjan!
Y: Just show me, why aren’t you showing it to me?
MC Park: Is he Midal’s father? (*Park Young kyu, whose tone of voice is similar to Yong’s)

Eventually shows it to him…
H: A wedding dress.
Hyun bride and….Jung Mo
JW: She’s with another man.
MC Park: With Jung Mo?!
H: We took a picture together.
Y:….You seem cheerful.
Y: When you watch dramas, wedding dresses look so beautiful….
H: Fans told us that we look good together.
NY & MC Park: Arrrrrgh!!!!! What should he do?!
Y: Jashik…..how was it, was it heavy?
H: Yes. 
Y: I guess it’d feel strange wearing a wedding dress.
H: Yes, I felt really strange.
Y: Did you?
H: Yes.
Y: So, did you enjoy it?
MC Kim: (shocked) Woah!!
H: What?
Y: Did you enjoy it? Did you like it?
H: Wearing a wedding dress was good. 
Y: You didn’t tell me.
H: I couldn’t!
Y: Why?
H: It was during that period!
Y: What period?
H: When I couldn’t get in touch with you! Ah, really!
Y: It’s all my fault.
Y: It’s okay, we’re closer now.
H: No, we’re not.
Y: Yes, we’re.
H: No!
Y: Yes!
H: You’re delusional!
Y: Jashik.

Y: Seo Hyun~
H: Yes?
Y: I really look forward to performing together on a ‘special’ day!
H: 29th.
Y: Hmm.
MC Park: He keeps hinting her that it’s a special day.
JW: I don’t think she knows.
H: It’s special, isn’t it?
Y: Do you know what day it is?
H: It’s the day we sing together.
Y: Stop pretending you don’t know, just say it.
H: Say what?
Y: The day we sing together.
H: Yes, the day we sing together.
Y: It’s my birthday!
H: What birthday?
MC Park: Uh? It’s passed already.
Y: According to the lunar calendar.
H: How should I know that?
Y: So you didn’t know?
H: You didn’t even send me a text on my birthday. You were too mean. What do you think?
Y: You’re right. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry…
H: …^^

(backroom interview)
H: I didn’t forget, never. 
MC Park: Of course.
MC Kim: She knows already.
H: It’s Yongseo couple’s 200th day.
NY: So she knows.

PD: Why did you pretend as if you don’t know?
H: Because there’s no Goguma left in me.
H: The reason I became like this… it’s purely because of the damage done by Yong oppa’s ‘playing hard to get.’

NY: She’s not an ordinary woman.
MC Park: She’s firm.
NY: Yes, she is.

H:I’m pushing him away.
MC Park: She’s pushing him!

H: I don’t have a plan to pull him yet. I will wait a little longer till I can trust him again.
MC Kim: She’s a cut above Yong hwa.

H: In Thailand, a fan said as soon as saw me...
Y: ‘Hy~un’?
H: ‘I’m a loner~’
H: It was amazing. All the fans in Thailand.
Y: If you’ve been to Thailand, no gift for me?
H: Uhh….a gift….
Y: You’re hiding it again.
H: No.
Y: Then?
H: I wanted to buy (your gift) last in the airport…
Y: Yes.
H: While wandering around….
Y: The flight time…
H: They said I should leave now.
Y: Okay.
H: I’m sorry, really.
Y: Why didn’t you buy mine first…
H: Because it’s important, I wanted to buy it last… I’m sorry.
Y: No, it’s okay. Do you think I’ll be upset just because of a gift?
H: Really? Are you okay?
Y: Yes, I’m fine.

(backroom interview)
H: Of course, I bought a gift for him.
MC Park: Of course~

H: Hmm…what goes around comes around.
MC Park: Oh~!
MC Kim: She’s really upset today!
SO: Seo Hyun’s so grown up~

H: Just to let him have a taste of what it feels like being ‘pulled and pushed’. I think he’ll be really sorry. 

Hyun is better than Yong in playing hard to get, does Yong know about this?