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"Sorry, I won’t be able to translate the Yongseo episode today (and next week) for I’ll be away for a while. T^T...."
Trans Chinese to English by armedbattle @ soompi <3
Y: Aish. Its today.
H: Hurry. There’s no time. Hurry.
H: But without you at rehearsal, can the three of them handle it without their hyung?
Y: That’s right. I will rush down straight after my schedule

MC NY: How can they perform without a rehearsal?

H: I was really worried. Our schedule was really packed and we never had any rehearsal before
Y: We practiced individually for the past few days. That day was our first time practicing together.

Y: How should we do it? Jung Shin and Jong Hyun will be here. Minhyuk will be at the back
H: Yes
Y: You will come in from there
H: From here
*Starts singing RDR*
Y: Do I come in here?
H: Didn’t we change the sequence?
Y: Ah… Its like this. I got mixed up.
H: There’s no action here. What do we do?
Y: You will feel uncomfortable?
H: Yes.
Y: Aish. We will know what to do when we are there.
H: No. We can’t perform without any preparation.
Y: Then I will do freestyle.
H: What do I do?
Y: Don’t worry. I will lead you.
H: No. I am worried
Y: *singing RDR* We will meet here.
H: At this part when I sing I’ve been cheated by you, I will tilt my head this way.
Y: Okay! Okay! That's what we will do.
H: Hurry.
Y: You’re the best! You’re a genius.
H: Hurry! Hurry!

*singing RDR until the part about kicking you away*
Y: Kick! Kick!
H: I will really kick.
Y: Ah. Really?
H: You want me to kick?
Y: Of course you kick.
H: To the left or the right.
Y: Are you a left hander or right hander?
H: Right hander.
Y: Okay but don’t kick my butt.
Y: Okay. Good.

*You better run run run*
Y: I will look at you here ok. And you will glare at me.
H: Ah. I will laugh. I can’t.

MC Jake: Its difficult to face each other and sing.
MC: Its awkward!
Y: We are husband and wife! Husband and wife! We need to look like one!
H: Okay.
*Singing Love Light: It feels as if Love has come to us*

MC: They look really close
MC Jake: Has Seohyun forgiven him?
MC NY: That’s right.
MC: No. She hasn’t forgiven him.
MC Jake: Really?

Y: And… You are my love……… light. THANK YOU!
H: Should we hold hands on this side instead?

*You are my love light*

MC Jake: Just like this
MC: Yes. Hold hands
Y: Good. Good.
H: Its funny but alright. 
Y: Run devil run is fine too?
H: Yes. And… You know about it? KyuHyun Oppa and I
Y: Yes. I heard about it
H: Oh. You heard about it?
Y: Yea.
H: Held hands…

*News: SeoHyun didn’t hold hands with Jung Yong Hwa. She held some other guy’s hands*

H: Holding hands with him and this is different. Anyway, its nothing.
Y: What? What? Its nothing holding another guy’s hand?
H: No.
Y: When I was in Singapore, I saw your text and got a shock.
H: Why?
Y: Your text was hilarious “I held hands with Kyuhyun oppa at a concert. You should know about it.”
H: No. I meant “I just wanted to let you know”
Y: “You should know about it”
H: I wanted to say “I just wanted to let you know”
Y: No “You should know about it”
H: aish. I will check later.
Y: I knew about it before. I read on the internet. Fans said “They held hands. What about YongHwa?”. But I am cool about it.
H: I texted you but you didn’t reply
Y: I choose to reply you carefully. The day you were flying off, didn’t I call you?
H: That… I don’t know
Y: You never text me first. It’s always me texting you first.
H: I….
Y: melong. *sticks out tongue*
H: I do text you first. Liar. Seriously.

MC Jake: Shouldn’t they be practicing instead of having another push and pull battle?

Y: Your tone was hilarious! “I held hands with Kyuhyun oppa at a concert. You should know about it”. I texted you and you never replied!
H: I didn’t receive it. My phone wasn't with me. I did tell you. Liar.
Y Sings: Its raining. Singing this song, I think of you
H: Aish. Seriously. Come here and sit down.
Y: Got it. I will treat you well, Seohyun-ah
H: Forget it.
Y: Sorry.
H: I feel as if we don’t understand one another
Y: What understand?

MC: Looks like they have reached this situation

Y: No. Why are you like this? Its just interesting
H: Its not interesting

Y: I have nothing to hide about my feelings. So up til now,  I’m surprised she still doesn’t get what I mean? Its exhausting lately.
H: Truthfully, during this period of time, regarding our mutual concern for one another. I am not clear when it was sincere. That’s why from the recent events, it allowed everyone to understand better.

Question: Is the push and pull situation going to help?
H: Yes. What  goes around will come around

JW: Ah. Its raining heavily

Y: Let’s make Kimchi stew
H: Really?
Y: Ah. Kimchi stew needs to have (?). Make it as a herbal medicine for me
H: Okay. Please wait.
Y: Because today’s schedule is really exhausting

MC Jake: Even his hands are not coordinated

Y: Buin! I am going to work!
H: Come back soon
Y: Bye
H: Bye
Y: Practice well at home. I’m off.
H: Bye bye
Y: Bye bye

MC NY: Its raining heavily
MC: Ah. Jung Shin chingoo

Y: Hello. I am Yong Hwa… Sulli… JoKwon.

*Jong Hyun and Seo Hyun highfive*

MC NY: Ah… Jong Hyun is so shy
JW: Its still raining. The concert is not even indoors. Its outdoors!
MC: Seo Hyun can’t coordinate well with others

Y: How long does it take to get there?


Min Hyuk: You have a call
H: Hello
Y: SeoHyun-ah. Have you practiced with the kids?
H: Yes. I practiced with Jong Hyun oppa
Y: How was it?

MC: She’s happy

H: It was different without you
Y: Got it. I will rush there now.
H: Come quickly. Be careful on the road.
Y: Okay

*Jung Shin sings awkwardly*
Min Hyuk (to Seo Hyun): Not bad

MC: What’s that?
JW: Is that a present?
MC NY: Is he preparing something?

Y: Because it was a special day so I would definitely do something that Seo Hyun likes. I prepared something for during the performance and after the performance. Things she would like to do. And I have a present for Seo Hyun. Three things. 

Y: Where’s SNSD waiting room?
Min Hyuk: The room in front. She came just now. They did that (referring to what Jong Hyun was holding)
Y: Really? Okay.

*8Unnies together*
Y: Its weird.

JW: Its going to be awkward

SNSD: Yong Brother in law!
Y: Hello
SNSD: Come in
Y: Seohyun-ah
SNSD: They look good together
Y: Let’s go to our waiting room. There’s nobody there
H: Really?
SNSD: But there’s only the few of us here. 
SNSD: Why must you go somewhere where there’s nobody
Y: Let’s go. Let’s go.
H: I will be back.
SNSD: Fighting!
H: Fighting

MC Jake: Isit the Japanese(?)

H: There’s no problem with Love Light so let’s start from Run Devil Run
Y: Do I stand here, Seo Hyun?
H: Here.
Y: Loudly!
H: When I sing “You have to hold onto me”, you rest your hand on my shoulder.
H: Okay?
Y: Ah. Its not bad. Not bad

H: Why are you nervous suddenly?
Y: I was nervous all along.
H: Fighting!
Tiffany and Yuri: Hello
Yuri: Ah. Seo Hyun. Let unnies see your cute side. 
Y: See you later
Y&H: Fighting!

*Camera focuses on Yong Hwa's guitar strap with badge*
*Caption: 200th Day Anniversary. Wife doesn't know about the badge on his guitar strap*

MC: Ah. He's so energetic!

In preparation to move about, Yong Husband
While BEG is performing, CNBLUE is setting up
Swave Brothers-In-Law and with-worry-written-all-over-his-face Yong Husband
Without Hyun Wife, can we do it?
BEG's performance ends. Next up is CNBLUE's stage
Full of energy, Yong Husband and Wife's who's watching backstage
200th Day Anniversary
Husband performing while Wife gives her support
Slowly, it inches towards Husband and Wife's duet

Y: Love! Love! Love!
H(backstage): Clap! Clap! Clap!

Caption: Hyun prepares to go on stage
Caption: Yong slowly shows signs of nervousness
Caption: The door opens
Caption: Standing on the same stage, YongSeo Couple!

MC NY: Its starting! Its starting! Its starting!

Caption: Yong Husband prepares to go out
Caption: YongSeo Couple's first duet on stage

H Sings: Behave well, you bad boy!

On CNBLUE's stage, a very charismatic Hyun Wife
Ah! Is he nervous or is there something wrong with the earpiece?
The earpiece is malfunctioning
Immersed in the performance, Hyun Wife
Yong continues to fiddle with the earpiece
Yong tries his best to focus on the performance
After Run Devil Run, its Love Light which bears deep meaning for them
A different atmosphere from Run Devil Run

MC: They look like there's only the two of them present
MC: Focus on the meaning of the song!

Caption: Unknowingly, the song ends

Question: How was your first duet?
H: We did it. I was really relying on him, I didn't know it too. In such a nerve-wrecking situation, we could only rely on one another.
Y: The earpiece malfunctioned. Even though such a situation happened on our 200thday anniversary performance, it was very meaningful despite it being a heavy responsibility. It was very meaningful.

Question: What were your unnies reactions upon watching you and Yong Husband hold hands?
H: They went "wa!" Haha. All of them had the same reaction. I don't regret any bit of it (holding hands)
Y: We have already had our 200th day anniversary so they might be more accepting of us holding hands.

Caption: The weather was terrible and they did not have sufficient practice. Despite all the difficulties, they safely put on their first performance together.


1. Pardon any inaccurate translations
2. AND I might have mixed up the MCs
Trans by *lyrynne* @ soompi

Seohyun: Kyunghyun Oppa and I...
Yonghwa: Ah, I heard.
Seohyun: We held hands. It's the same.
-Yonghwa and his ??? FACE-
Seohyun: Anyway..
Yonghwa: What is?
Caption: Why mention that all of the sudden?
Yonghwa: Are you trying to say something else seohyun-ah?
Seohyun: No.
Yonghwa: (I can read something else from his face) Okay.
Caption: Are you just saying that?
Yonghwa: When I was in Singapore. you know I was surprised when I read your text message.
Seohyun: Why?
Yonghwa: The way you texted was something "Kyuhyun Oppa held my hand at the concert. Just letting you know".
Seohyun: No, I was just letting you know.
Yonghwa: You're just letting me know. But I already know about that before because the fans uploaded it on the internet and they said "What about yonghwa?" But I'm cool about it.
Seohyun: But you didn't reply to my text.
Yonghwa: I text you regularly and I call you when I'm overseas. (OMG THEY DO THAT REGULARLY?? *GIGGLES*)
Seohyun: That..I don't know.
Yonghwa: You're the one who doesn't text first and I should be the first one to do so?
Seohyun: No..I..
Yonghwa: Melong~
MC: They should be practicing but they're on a tug-of-war.
Yonghwa: I texted you and I didn't receive any reply.
Seohyun: The text didn't came and I didn't have my cellphone then. (I'm not sure about this since she was talking fast) Liar.
Yonghwa: *sings* While it's raining I listen to music and I think of you..
Seohyun: Ah, really now~ Hurry and sit down.
Yonghwa: Okay. I'm sorry.
Seohyun: It's the "push away" situation now.
Yonghwa: What pushing away?
Seohyun: Tug-of-war (push and pull battle)
Yonghwa: What's the matter? I was just kidding.
Seohyun: It's not funny.
-seriously i can hear someone else laughing from the background...the staff?-

Yonghwa: I didn't mean anything bad. I think she still doesn't understand what I feel. Sometimes it's hard.

Seohyun: Actually when it's like this referring to our mutual concern for each other there are a lot of times that I'm not sure if it was sincere that's why I think this time we get to understand each other better.
Staff: Was there a good thing about the push and pull battle?
Seohyun: I think so. It's too late to find out about the good thing (about the push and pull battle)