[Trans] 101030 WGM Goguma ep30

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Trans Chinese to English by armedbattle @ soompi <3
Y: Seo Hyun-ah go change into your costume quickly. See you later

Caption: Hyun Wife who has to get ready for SNSD’s performance
Sister-in-laws giving a warm welcome

SNSD: You’re all so swave

Caption: Finally able to catch their breathe in the waiting room

Y: My ear piece dropped and I couldn’t hear a thing

Caption: SNSD’s performance finally starts. Hyun Wife’s performance
Watching the performance, Yong and CNBlue
CNBlue Brothers-in-law who took the time to watch SNSD for Yong

JS: Let’s greet them
CNBlue: Its SNSD!
CNBlue: Its SNSD!

Caption: Finally, Hyun arrives! 

Y: Ah. Seo Hyun really. Really amazing!!
Y: Its SNSD!

Caption: Its 9.40pm now. They have finally concluded their day’s schedules
After the performance, its just the two of them now

MC: It has been a long day for them
JW: It’s been tiring
Y: Ah. Finally ended
S: It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, right?
Y: Yea

MC: Why?
S: I feel as if we have grown closer after today
Y: Me?
S: With brother-in-laws
Y: Aish. With others
S: I wasn’t that close with them before
Y: I know

Caption: Yong is unable to figure out what Hyun is thinking lately

S: Isit funny? Why are you smiling?
Y: It’s not. What is funny about it?

Caption: Later... Back in their home
The idol-singer couple who has finally returned home form work together

MC: The feeling of coming home from work together must be good
JW: Of course
MC: Better than coming home alone
Y: Wa.. Home
S: We are home. Tired, right?
Y: I have no energy left. My eyes are red. 
Y: Isn’t it red?
S: Its not that red. They are pink.

Caption: What are they thinking?

S: After today’s performance, we wouldn’t have much activities in Korea already
MC Jake: Ah. Their Japan activities

Caption: SNSD & CNBLUE embark on their Asia tour. An idol couple who are unable to meet for a month.
Y: I will be overseas every week too
S: Yes…
Y: SeoHyun-ah
Y: In our room, if you search carefully, there’s a pair of white socks
S: Socks?
Y: I’m too tired to move
S: What?

Caption: He wants her to help him change his socks?

Y: It’s a new pair
S: You want me to help you bring your socks here? Where is it?
Y: In the closet
S: Aish. Wait.
Y: (Busan accent) SeoHyun-ah. I’m so tired. Help me get a new pair of socks
S: Aiya. Really. Closet? We don’t have a closet!
Y: Not the closet
Y: Where is it? Bookshelf. Bookshelf. Search carefully. Its in the bookshelf
S: Bookshelf
S: I can’t find it.
Y: Look carefully. It’s definitely there
MC Jake: What has he prepared?
MC: He did it on purpose! Asking her to go in
S: Are you sure you put the socks on the bookshelf?
Y: Of course. Find it quick.
S: Got it.
Y: Can you find it?
S: How do I open it? I can’t find it. Come look for it with me.
S: Ah. What’s this?! Why isit there?
Y: Its your high school uniform isn’t it?
S: That’s right
Y: Didn’t you say you want to wear it?

Caption: Concerned with the uniform

Y: Your school uniform
S: Yes
Y: So I prepared this for you
NY: It looks like she has mentioned about wearing her school uniform before
S: Do I wear this?
Y: Me too. I brought my high school uniform.
NY: Are the thinking of the movie “(Sorry I don’t know what is it)?
MC: That’s right. I wear my uniform once in a while for fun too
S: Wa. I can’t believe this. But why are you doing this?
Y: I’m hungry. Do you want to wear your uniform?
S: I really want to
Y: Then where do we change?
S: I will change in our room
Y: Okay. That’s mean I have to change in the bathroom

Caption: They change into their uniform
BUT! At this moment

SO: What is she up to?

Caption: Brings her bag in

MC Jake: She must have prepared something too

Caption: What did she put into her bag?

MC: What did SeoHyun prepare?

Caption: A while later…
Busan High School Yong appears (Sorry, I’m unsure of the school’s name)

MC: They’re coming out.
NY: I’m so curious
MC: Wa~ He’s so good looking. He still fits into his school uniform
Y: Hyun~

Caption: This attitude… Busan High School student leader Yong

S: Yes
Y: Are you coming out?
S: I’m not done yet
Y: I’m waiting for you
S: Okay. Please wait a while

Caption: His uniform looks a bit tight

MC: Ah~ She’s so pretty

Caption: Tidying his uniform, Yong Studen

MC: It looks as if his uniform is tight

Caption: Finally!

S: ZZANG! I’m a high school student!
MC Jake: She’s still studying, isn’t she?

Caption: The first time the couple see one another in their uniform
S: This is amazing. This is the first time I’m seeing you dressed like this
Y: My uniform got smaller
S: It fits you
Y: You look like a model student
S: I don’t look weird, do I?
Y: No, it fits you

Caption: XX High School Beauty, Hyun

S: I feel so fortunate
MC: Didn’t schools always have model students like her?
JW: That’s right


QUESTION: What did you think of Yong in uniform?
S: He looked mischievous, someone who is close with his friends. A lively character who will work hard when he needs to. He will play hard during play time too.

Caption: In Hyun’s eyes, Yong is someone who plays and studies at the appropriate times. Model Student Yong who does things seriously
On the other hand, Yong’s opinion on SeoHyun

Y: She looks like a girl from the neighbouring school. I will pretend as if I didn’t see her and then my friends will say “Wa. Its SeoHyun” and I will act non-chalant and look at her for a moment. She’s pretty.

Caption: Yong who becomes shy after saying that

S: Why are we wearing our school uniforms?
Y: We are going out
S: Ah?
Y: Of course we are going to school
S: You are lying
Y: Didn’t you mentioned that you wanted to wear your school uniform and have red bean ice?
SO: Wa. They’re really going
NY: When did she say that?

Caption: Approximately three months ago, on the way to the driving school

MC Jake: It happened so long ago

Caption: Looking at students in uniform pass by

Y: I haven't worn my uniform in a long time
S: Me too. Let’s try that next time
Y: What?
S: Let’s wear our school uniform
Y: Why are you always making me do things with you?
S: Of course we have to do it together.

MC: Ah. He still remembers that

S: Do you like Red Bean Ice?
Y: Yes I do.
S: I really like Red Bean Ice

Caption: Uniform date. Yong who has prepared a 200th day anniversary present

S: Yes. I think I said that
Y: You said you wanted to eat Red Bean Ice. It’s a special day today
S: That’s right
Y: You know what day it is?
S: Let’s go. Hurry.
Y: What kind of Red Bean Ice do you like?
S: Just Red Bean Ice
Y: Normal?
S: Yes.
Y: The normal kind?
S: Yes.
Y: Do you know where we are going?
S: Of course I don’t
Y: We’re going to – (couldn’t figure out, sorry)
S: You are lying
Y: We are here

Caption: This is the place?

S: Ah. I’m tired
Y: Me too
S: So this is --?

Caption: 500m from YongSeo’s home

S: --? Then where’s my school?
Y: Just walk down here

Caption: 200th day anniversary late night date.

Y: Wa. It looks delicious

Caption: In replacement of --, they have come to a small bakery

S: This is amazing
MC: I used to go to these cafes for dates
Y: We’re still students
MC: Students always meet in the cafes
SO: Which generation was that?
MC Jake: We also went to –

Caption: MCs who are deviating away from the main subject

S: Hello. Red Bean Ice please
Y: Red Bean Ice
S: Let me pay
Y: No
S: Thank you
Y: What are you thanking me for?
Y: Ah. I’m so tired from the classes today
S: That’s right
Y: The exams are coming. Let’s work hard together!
S: Fighting!
Y: Are you a Science student or Arts student?
S: I’m a Science Student
Y: Science Student? Then your maths must be good!
S: Of course!
Y: Then help me in Maths
S: Just ask me whatever you do not know
Y: Let’s study together
Y: Wa. It looks delicious. Thank you
S: Wa. Thank you! Let’s eat!
Y: Its delicious!
Y: We have to eat it even if it drips
S: I have dripped abit too
Y: Eat it!
S: Eating out so late, reminds me of our first meeting
MC: Was their first date at night?
Y: When was that? That was such a long time ago
S: It has been more than 6months. It’s been so long
Y: That’s right. I’ve prepared this date for us. What have you prepared?
S: Me?
Y: It’s a special day and you haven’t prepared anything?
S: We only sang a duet, do we need to exchange presents?
Y: I will spit it at you

Caption: Yong’s childish act begins again

Y: Hurry
S: What?
Y: Hurry 
S: What present? I have nothing
Y: You really do not know?
S: Don’t know what? It’s just a duet
Y: You really don’t know?
Y: You really don’t? Sigh…

Caption: Why did he pass the 200th badge to her?

MC Jake: Wasn’t that on his guitar strap during the performance?
Y: Don’t act as if you don’t know. Give me my present.
S: 200? 200dollars?
Y: What’s 200dollars?
S: What? Wa. YSYS
MC Jake: She’s still doing the push-pull game. How long is she going to drag him?
S: Why is there 200 on it?
Y: How can you not know? You are SeoHyun. You really don’t know?
S: 200?
Y: I will spit it(bean in his mouth) at you.
S: What is it?
S: Don’t spit it at me.

Y: I don’t think I would really spit it out at her. SeoHyun wouldn’t not remember. But I really did not know. 
Y: Our first meeting. From that day, it’s our 200th day.
S: Ah~~~
Y: You really didn’t know?
MC: She’s really good at acting
Y: I assume you have a present in your bag
Y: I will spit it. Quickly admit it.
S: Thank you.
Y: You really didn’t know?
S: I have been so busy latel
S: I’m sorry. Really sorry.
Y: What sorry? I thought you will know. Anyway, you’re going to Japan, it will be exhausting
S: Probably. And the language barrier
Y: Lifestyle changes too
S: Really?
Y: So I’ve one more present for you 
S: What is it?
Y: I didn’t plan to give it to you but I don’t have a choice
S: What is it?
Y: I can’t believe I’ve made this
S: What is it?
Y: Ah. I can’t look at it

Caption: What is in the diary?

S: Can I look at it?
S: Then, I’m going to look at it
Y: Wait. SeoHyun. Look at it later
S: Later? What is it?
Y: Nothing special
S: I’m going to look at it.
Y: Please don’t
S: I’m going to
Y: No
MC Jake: Just one page
NY: Just the first page. First page
Y: Look at it later
S: I want to look at it now
Y: Then just look at the first page. Just the first two pages
S: First two pages!

SeoHyun's Japan Survival Guide

S: Wa. It’s cute
Y: Look at this
S: You drew this when we went to donate blood
JW: CNBlue has experienced life in Japan before
MC: Yes. They’re seniors
NY: So he wrote tips for her
S: I’m going to read it
S: This is so cute
Y: I’m cute?
S: Wa. When was this
S: Can I read it out?
Y: Read it in your heart
S: Japan Tour
Y: Ah~~~~~~~~~ You really can’t. The boss of the shop is around
Y: Japan Airport. Do you know their procedures?
S: I don’t.
Y: Read it out then.
S: First, give the air ticket to the attendant. Follow the instructions
Y: It’s good, isn’t it?
S: I will make use of this.
Y: Look at this. I drew the number 11 for you. But I couldn’t remember the number so I had to search for it on the internet.
S: This is good. The best.
Y: I must be crazy
S: This is the best
Y: At the back is Japan dorm life
S: The books I read don’t have this
S: When you travel alone at night, remember to bring your ID?
Y: If you travel alone without it, you will get arrested
S: Really?
S: It is written in such details
Y: If you travel alone, you can get arrested
S: Where did you get these information? It is really good
MC: He’s really thoughtful
Y: Treat the book with care. The pages will tear
S: I know. 

Caption: Yong’s guide even includes food

Y: You must try that. Set A
S: Set A? Got it. I will definitely try it
MC Jake: He has been to Japan so many times so he understands it bette
MC: He really made this himself
Y: This was a fanmeeting
S: Wa~
Y: When you miss me, look at the notebook
SeoHyun compares the photo with the real person
MC Jake: She is checking if it’s the same person
S: Ah~ 
Y: SeoHyun (refers to the SH necklace he drew on himself)
S: Fan? (Hug) I’m fine with it. Because she’s just a fan. I can do that too.
Y: I know that.
S: Is it okay with you?
Y: Just don’t overdo it. Once in a while
S: Okay.

To: Sister-in-law
SeoHyun! Hello! This is your friend, JungShin! First of all, congratulations on your 200th anniversary! 200days! 300days! 1000days! Please last for a long time~ Please live happily and lovingly with our Yong-Hyung

Y: Those kids. Hahaha

To: Sister-in-law
Hello! SeoHyun-ah~~~ Hahaha~ I am JongHyun-ah~~ I am extremely thankful to you! After marrying you, our Hyung has been becoming more and more cheerful, he smiles a lot too! We’ll be counting on you in future!

Y: Does that mean I have been gloomy all along?

In future, there will be more YongSeo anniversaries. You’ve to live happily with him for a long long time. Yong-Hyung who is making me write this at such a late hour looks really romantic. When you receive this, you will be so touched and you would tear. And we hope your loving marriage life will continue~ Congratualations on your 200th anniversary! SeoHyun, fighting! SNSD, conquer Japan, fighting! YongSeo anniversary, fighting!
CNBLUE Drummer, MinHyuk

S: Wa~
Y: Why aren’t you reading the last page?
S: I was going to. The last.

To Hyun
Finally, it’s my turn. I hope this journal is of use to you. Although it doesn’t look much, I put a lot of effort into making it. Please feel my sincerity. Do you feel any regret now? Honestly, I felt that there were too many invisible walls between us. I wanted to tear them down, that’s why I did that. Please understand me, okay? From the start, although so many things have happened to us, these are all unforgettable memories to me whenever I think of them. Your activities in Japan are going to be tiring, complete them successfully. I’m always grateful to you Hyun.
From The Author, Jung Yong Hwa

Y: I’m really grateful to you.
S: Wa~ This is my first time receiving such a present
Y: This is also my first time writing such a journal
S: Really really thank you
Y: Please take it with you everywhere you go
S: I will bring it everywhere with me. 
Y: When you’re done with it, let me read it again too.
S: Do you want to photocopy it?
Y: No. It will lose its meaning then

S: I was really touched. Compared to every other present I’ve received, this is the best. I was surprised that’s why I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say.

S: I must keep in quickly. Wa~ Thank you. I’m really touched
MC: After the long push-pull situation, she can finally pull him back.
S: This is amazing. There’re too many things in my bag. It is so heavy.
Y: Why?
Y: What’s that?
S: I don’t know too

NOTE: The translations are a direct translations from Baidu. Again, I am not 100% accurate and would have misinterpreted some things.




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