[Trans] 101204 WGM Goguma ep34 (j2dlee)

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Trans by j2dlee @ soompi <3 
Yongseo’s sweet potato harvest day, Hyun turns up with a truck
H: Hi!
Y: Hahaha!
Y: When did you pass the test?
H: Well~~~~~~~ it’s cool, isn’t it?
H: Even I can’t believe it.
(an amazed wife in the driver’s seat) (an amazed hubby in the passenger seat)
H: I’m going to show you my licence!
Y: How could you do that without telling me?!
H: Tada~ Kyyah!
Y: You’ve finally done it! I envy you~
H: You’ve been busy.
Y: I should do it soon. 
H: Yes!
Y: Hang on, are we going in this truck?
H: Of course, to Kanghwado!
Y: You must be joking!
H: I’m not!
Y: It’s dangerous!
H: I’ll drive slowly~
H: Shall we go?
Y: Start!
H: Hold it tight, I’m nervous.
MC Kim: Look at him holding the safety handle!
Y: I’m already nervous even without your warning.
H: Look at you!
MC Park: It’s always the passenger who gets more nervous.
H: I-I-I’ll start then.
H: Start!
NY: Hahahaha! he’s cute~
Hyun’s maiden truck voyage~!!

MC Kim: It’s a proper truck.
Y: Hahaha!!!
H: Yea~
MC Park: She’s doing well.
Y: Now you’re a woman trucker.
A good start…a woman trucker
H: Cool, isn’t it?
MC Kim: Soon there’s going to be a topic of ‘a pretty woman trucker in Kanghwado’ on the internet.
JW: To Kanghwado at that speed?

Slowly turning around the bend….
MC Park: At this rate, it’s going to be dark when they get to Kanghwado.
(unavoidable fidgeting)
MC Kim: Look at him fidgeting!
H: You’re nervous, aren’t you?
Y: Hello~
MC Park: Their car is as fast as the granny walking next to them.
NY: Hahaha!!!
Y: At this rate, we’ll…..
H: We will what?

After getting out of a side street with dignity (?)…now on the main road…
MC Kim: Now the main road.
NY: Yes, the main road.
H: I… even more than men…
Y: Where did you take your test drives? In Kangnam?
H: Yes, Kangnam, but my… what is it?
Honk, honk!

H: What? Why?
Traffic jam
Y: You should’ve gone already.
The way to becoming a trucker is long and difficult
NY: I can’t watch!
Y: Just a learner, a learner.
H: I’m sorry!
SO: Who did Hyun say sorry to?

The timid trucker decided to get off the main road for a while…
Y: OK,OK, keep going.
Took 10 mins just to get near to their house…
Y: Stop, stop,stop, stop….
This is not going to work…what should we do…
Y: Hahahaha!
H: I think we’re being too ambitious. Don’t you think?
Affirmative silence?!
H: I should send an SOS.
Hyun’s solution: I should send an SOS…
Y: To whom?
H: Uh…an oppa you like.
Oppa Yong likes…?
MC Kim: Ah!
MC Kim & NY: Jung Mo oppa!
Trax’s Jung Mo?
Y: An oppa I like?
(Who is it…?)
The oppa: Hello~
H: Oppa!
(Y: Who’s it?)
The oppa: Yes, how’s it going?
H: I have to go (to Kanghwado) in this truck…
The oppa: Ah, it’s still a bit dangerous.
H: Yes, oppa, then…
The oppa: Hahahaha… To there, to Kanghwado?
H: Yes…
Hyun already told oppa (?) about the plan just in case
H: If you keep coming up the road…
The oppa: Got it, see you soon.

The oppa: Seo Hyun!
H: Ah~ oppa!
Y: Hello~
(Yong hubby knows him as well?!)
Hyun’s road manager’s been waiting near the house
MO (Manager Oppa): How did you manage to come this far?
H: Not so bad, huh?
MC Park: Ah, he’s Hyun’s road manager.
NY: Yong looks so relieved.
H: You sit there.
Sit on the passenger seat together…
Y: Yea~
H: Ye~ oppa, thank you so much.
(two men say hello to each other)

(backroom interview)
Hyun’s road manager Sung Min oppa
H: He knows more about me than anyone…and talks to Yong hwa oppa quite often. He seems to adore Yong hwa oppa very much, even more so than me!

Finally…to the sweet potato harvest…GoGo~!
Y & H: Start!
H: This is just like lyrics of ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.
Y: What?
H: ‘Ride in my dream car~’
H: ‘You’re seating next to me~’
(you’re seating next to me~)
NY: The blue truck dream car…
You…are seating next to me (happy happy)
Y: I’ve been watching our episodes from the beginning.
H: Yes.
Y: I noticed your trade mark, ‘Ueung~~~~’.
Y: I can’t even make that sound.
H: Do I do that?
MO: Yes, you do. ‘Ueung~~~~~~’
Y & TO: Ueung~~~~~~
H: Do I really do that?! Stop it already!
Y: I’m not joking, see them (the episodes) for yourself.
MO: When I first heard that Seo Hyun’s going to do WGM…
The Manager Oppa tells the couple what he’s been thinking
MO: Not only is she young, but also hasn’t seen anyone before. She hadn’t got a clue about men, so naturally I was so worried. ‘What kind of men is she going to meet?’, then when I heard that it’s Yong hwa, I was relieved…
I was (because it’s Yong wha) relieved…
Y: Oh, really? That’s good.
H: Hehe.
MO: Because, Seo Hyun is not the type who can chat easily unless there’s someone to lead her.
H: That’s true.
MO: So, Yonghwa managed to do that just right, but not without humour…
MC Park: He really sounds like her real brother.
MC Kim: Yes, he thinks of Hyun so dearly.
The kind Manager Oppa just like a real brother
NY: He seems very nice.
MC Park: My road manager is not so bad.
MC Kim: My manager even does wardrobe.
MO: So it was really good.
(suddenly became solemn after the praise)
Y: Thank you.
H (to Yong) Thank YOU.
Y: For what?
(you like it…)
H: Nothing.
MO: I know you two heard about this before… ‘why are they so slow?’ ‘hold hands already!’
Y: I was told why I don’t hold her hand already.
SO: Who?!
MC Park: Oh?
Y: Now we’re holding hands.
H: Yes, we’re.
MC Kim: Ye~a!!!
SO: It’s me who told him!
NY: They did it, did it!
They became a lot closer after the trip in Japan
Y: Here we are, Yongseo, now holding hands!
H: Yes. W-what’re you doing?
Y: Hahaha~
H: Ouch! What’s that for?!
Y: Knuckle cracking! Knuckle cracking!
H: Ah, really!
That’s unexpected
MCs: What is he doing?! He’s so childish! 
NY: Choding, choding!
He’s our Yong Cho Ding
Y: Only I can make this sound.
(MO: Yong wha, you’re almost perfect except…)
H: It’s strange.
(The hubby keeps doing…)
Y: Hahaha!
H: Woah~
Y: It doesn’t hurt, does it?
(The buin seems to enjoy it…)

Meanwhile…already in Kanghwado…
Y: Oh, it’s Kanghwado. By the way, who should we give our sweet potatoes to?
Y: Our members,
H: members,
Y: Our parents,
H: parents, and manager oppa.
MC Kim: I don’t think they’ll remember us.
JW: No, I don’t think so.
H: And the WGM Studio panels!
MCs: Yea~!!!
MC Kim: Seo Hyun! Seo Hyun!

Y: You’re going to dig sweet potatoes with us, don