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Translation by my.yonghwa.baby @ soompi
part 1
MS/Kim: Wow, it’s been a while (upon seeing YongSeo’s SangDoDong house)

Y: How do we divide these?
S: We really harvested all of this, right? This is it, right?
Y: I think we’re going to have to pick out some from these too. 

NY: Why do all the gogumas look like that?

Y: Hey, Seohyun.
H: Yes?
Y: I saw that you’re #1 two weeks in a row.  “어딜 쳐다봐~”/ “Where are you looking at?” (Seohyun’s part; tries “Cold City Girl” dance)
H: (laughs) Let me teach you!
Y: Isn’t this it?
H: It looks dislocated (as in Yong looks like he dislocated his shoulder LOL) 
      Get up, please.
Y: Ughh
H: Get up, pleeeeaaaase.
Y: I won’t get up. (lies on the floor) I’m not getting up!
H: Ah, get up!
Y: Ughh, really
H: Ah, hurry/come on!

NY: My Child Has Changed (she’s referring to a TV program where misbehaving children are evaluated and helped in order to behave better. Yong choding :P)

H: So, you put your hands like this, and one, then after you shoot it, you grab your hand, and two.

(subs: Not very motivated Yong)
S: You need to hold your arm like this. (fixes Yong’s position) It needs to be a right angle.  Like this, 90 degrees.

(Yong’s disinterested/unhappy face)

H: 90 degrees! (grabs Yong’s arm) 
Y: Ugh, okay~
H: For your legs, you stand like this, then one, two. 

JW: (imitating Hyun’s voice) One, two, one, two. 

H: One, two.  (Yong tries) Again, again.
Y: (tries again)  Is this it?
H: Yes yes, you right!
Y: AHAHAHAHA (triumphant laughter)
H: Hahaha.

H: One, two/ Y: “Trouble, trouble, trouble~”
H: Oh, you’re doing it well. Good, good.
Y: I’m doing it well?
H: Yeah.
Y: “Na na na na”
H: You’re doing it well.

H: Oh, yeah. I received CDs.
Y: What CD?
H: 2AM’s.
Y: I received one, too.
H: Oh, really? Let’s show each other.
Y: I also brought the CD you gave me.
H: Ohhh~

Messages to Hyun:
JoKwon: “You look good with YongHwa kekeke~ “Hoot” is deabak! Fighting!”
Seulong: “Kiss YongHwa~ Kiss Yonghwa~!”

H: What is this? Ahh~
Y: Seulong Hyung seems to really like things like this.
H: I think he’s weird.

SO: Why??

Y: Ah, it’s Jiwoon.

JW: Seohyun, you’re getting so much prettier these  days~  keke WGM is fun

MC Misun: How sore his stomach must have been (Korean expression describing a mixed feeling of jealousy/sadness/bittersweetness)
JW: (laughs)
SO: You’re expression there looks pitiful.
JW: (puts on dramatic sad face)

JW: Always fighting! 

Y: It’s Seulong hyung.

SO: “Yonghwa, you’re the best! I love you~”

H: Mmmm, he said he loves you~

MS: “I love you”??

Y: Seulong hyung is very crafty/insidious/deep. (Note: Quite a  simple Korean word with a complicated English meaning. ^^)

H: That’s right.
Y: It’s because you’re SNSD. (Note: I don’t think this has anything to do with Yong’s comment about Seulong. Video was cut awkwardly -_-)

Y: Omo. Where did an expression like this come from?
H: I don’t know either.
Y: Try it right now. Try it. 
H: I can’t.
Y: Try it. Come on/right now~
H: Ahhhhh
Y: (imitated Hyun’s expression)
H: Ahaha. You’re doing it well.
Y: It look’s like you’re looking at a mirror, right?
H: Ah, your eyes look like they’re going to pop out/JW: They look similar!

(sub: Should I do it?)

MS: What’s so hard about that? You just need to do this. (imitates Hyun’s expression)

Y: Do it. One, two, three~
H: (Hyun tries)
Y: Ahhohhhhhhh~

NY: (tries expression; apparently not the same effect as Hyun ^^)
SO: Cheekbones that call for a fist~ (in Korean slang, when something calls for a fist, it means that, well, it’s not the most pleasant (:)

Y: Do you need to close your eyes like that and then open them?
H: I don’t knowww~ I just did it because I was told to.

Y: How should we divide the gogumas? Who should we give the big ones to?
H: Mmmm, our parents! 
Y: Seohyun’s parents (grabs biggest goguma)

NY: Oh, I hope her parents like it.
MS: That one looks like the root of a tree. Oh, look at that.
JW: It looks like an arrowroot. (Looks like a longer and thinner version of a normal goguma. Kind of like YongSeo’s gogumas ^^)

Y: (lightbulb) Should we give this one to Seulong hyung?
H: Ahaha, do you want to?

Y: For the landlady.

Y: How many does SNSD need?
H: Eight.
Y: SNSD’s consumption (of the gogumas) is quite a bit.
H: I’m sorry.  We have a lot of mouths~

H: The people at the (WGM) studio!

NY: Yeah!
MS: It’s for us.

H: I think this will be enough.

(labels bags of gogumas, cleaning/arranging)

H: Which one’s our food?
Y: Our food? (camera zooms in on five small gogumas)
H: Ah, really? Ahahah.

Y: Ah, I’m exhausted.
H: But it still feels good(/I feel proud) to see these.
Y: There seems to be more of them now that they’re put like this.
H: I know. When they were scattered on the floor, they seemed a bit-

Y: (starts writing something on blue notepad)
H:  What is it? 
Y: (concentrates on drawing something)
H: I think I know what it is!
Y: What is it?
H: You’re trying to make it look like it’s moving, right?

Jake: Ah, we used to do that a lot to our school books.
JW: On textbooks.

H: Let me see.

(flips through pages; last page: 서현바보: “Stupid Seohyun” Note: Not meant to be offensive at all. In Korea, friends do this to each other all the time. Light-hearted joking ^^)

H: It’s look disgusting. Ah, what is this?
Jake: Ah, he is Yong Choding for sure. 
H: The last page isn’t true. 
MS: He really is Yong Choding.

H: Do you want to look at photos?
Y: What photos?
H: The ones we took at Gang Hwa Do! (goguma farm)
Y: The tractor?
H: Yes.
Y: I want to see them first.
H: No, no, no/You can’t, you can’t you can’t. 
Y: Why? You’re hiding something again, jahshik~
H: I don’t hide anything.

H: You don’t just look at these photos regularly/like normal. You turn off the lights-
Y: What is this?
H: One moment~
Y: Woah~
H: It’s cool, right?

NY: Wow!

H: Move the screen over a bit.
Y: It’s the tractor!
(YongSeo looking through photos with Hyun’s sound effects: “Mmmm” “oohhh”)

Jake: Oh, they’re stuck together/they’re right next to each other/the’re bodies are touching (Something in the middle of those three versions of the translation is probably the most apt) While they were looking at photos, -

H: (when Yong zooms in) Ahhhh, it’s too big. No more, no more. 
(Yong looks through more photos)
H: Uhhhohhhh. 
Y: What is this?
H: Hyoyeon unnie took those of me before. You can’t/Stop~
(shows picture of Hyun in her room wearing her pretty pajamas ^^)
H: AHHH, &^%#$^@#
Y: What? “This person?” (Note: “this person” is something Koreans would say to another person when starting a fight, disagreement, argument, or trying to insult someone) Did you just say “this person”?
H: I said, “This is embarrassing.”
Y: You said, “This person.”
H: I said, “This is embarrassing~!”
Y: Really?
H: Yes. No more. The end~
Y: So it’s because of this that you didn’t let me see all the photos.
H: You’re right/Exacly. 
Y: Oh, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about it/Why are you so embarrassed about something like that?
(as Yong lies down on the other end of the courch)

Jake: Stay next to each other!

Y: You wear pretty pajamas in your dorm.  You’re wearing lovely/loveable pajamas. 
H: Yes. It’s pretty, right?
Y: AHhh, why do you wear such love pajamas?

JW: He just wanted to tell her that she’s lovely.

H: (gives Yong bags of goguma) Ahhooh. Okay. Hold them well~
Y: These are our children?
H: (laughs)

Interview mode:
H: What are those?
Y: Hello, I am Jung YongHwa, the Goguma President/CEO of Goguma World. These are the gogumas that we strenuously (Note: direct translation would be “we made them while perspiring sweat like blood.” Basically means worked very hard.) made. 
H: Yes.
Y: First off, my parents. So that they could have a taste~

NY: But why is he sitting so crooked/slouched?

Y: And, Seohyun’s parents.

JW/SO: (imitates Yong’s DJ-like voice)

Y: So, now, should we get started?
H: Yes.
Y: These are for the studio family~

MS: Thank youu!!

H: I think you’re going to have to say your comments faster.
Y: Why, is there not a lot of live air time left?
H: Yes. There isn’t much left.
Y: Okay, next, Adam couple. I’m positive that when we give this, there won’t be a great response. This is for the Khuntoria couple. Well-mannered Nickhun will probably say thank you, but Victoria will be like “What is this?” (imitates Victoria) “Gogumaa~” And this is our precious portion of food~
H: That’s it, right?
Y: (imitates infomercials) This is our doraji(bellflower) goguma. Please enjoy them!
H: The end!

(at studio, staff brings out YongSeo’s gogumas)

Entire studio cast: Ohhhhh, AHhhh, Wooowww
MS: They must have not even had enough for themselves~
NY: These are so good!

Y: Ahhh, on this drowsy/tiring day. If I were in school, it would be about second period.
H: You’re right!

(bell rings)

H: Huh? Who??
Y: Be careful~ Be careful~
H: Ah! Mission!

(receives mission envelope)
H: Thank you~

H: Ah, wait. Not yet!
Y : (opens envelope) Let’s read the one on top first.
H: Okay. Let’s read it together. Ready, start~

Y: Do you remember the list you created in the beginning of all the things you two wanted to do as a married couple? 
H: With the same motif as the “Banmal song” that Yong sang at Gang Hwa Do, please write a Couple song~

(flashback to previous episode)

H: Couple song? They want us to write a couple song..
Y: What’s the one in the back?
H: At 9PM tonight, open this memo and find out your next mission.

SO: Oh, they must want to open it. 

Y: Ah, I don’t like these things~

H: Should we go check our lists?
Y: Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at this list. 
H: We didn’t do this either!
Y&H: “Compose a song together”!

H: When you start composing a song, what do you do first? With the motif of the banmal song. Let me hear it again. Start!

(Yong sings)

Y: You write the lyrics. You read a lot, so I think you’d write good lyrics.
(sings chorus of song; flashback to last episode where Yong fumbles over some of the lyrics on purpose; Yong doesn’t say the lyrics again)
H: What are the lyrics there?
Y: Hm? I forgot.
H: Why do you keep forgetting?
Y: I forgot~
H: Try to remember. Again~
Y: “Come closer to me step by step. Now look into my eyes and say, ‘I love you~’”

Kim: He wants her to tell him that she loves him.
MS: He wasn’t saying that he loved her, he wants to hear “I love you” from her.
SO: In banmal! (Note: Saranghae is banmal. Saranghaeyo would be formal)

Backroom interview:
H: (frozen in shock) I already said it a lot(??) (referring to the chorus of SNSD’s “Oh!”)
(fixes her; sure sign of nervousness ^^)

Y: Since I wrote the chorus, you write the beginning. 
H: Okay. Let’s try this. 
Y: Then let’s go to my house, and -
H: Your house?

NY: Men do things like that all the time to bring women into their homes~
MS: Yeah, he told me that he’d help me think of comedy acts and told me to come over (Note: MC Misun is a comedian, as is her husband. She’s referring to when she and her husband were dating/getting to know each other)

Y: Let’s go and use proper equipment.
H: For real?
Y: Yes. Though I guess it is kind sudden… But there’s no choice.
H: Are the brothers-in-law all home?
Y: I don’t know. I’m going to have to call.
part 2 

Y: I have to call
H: Yes, call them.

(phone ringing. Note: Does anybody know which song it is? It sounds like Lee HongKi from FTI, but I don’t know their songs enough ^^; )

JongHyun: Hello?
Y: Jong Hyuie~ (same busan accent used to call Hyun Seohyuie~ )
JH: Who is it?
Y: It’s YongHwa.
H: Ahahaha, he doesn’t know who it is.
JH: Oh, oh, hey! Where are you?
Y: I’m at Sang Do Dong. What are you doing?
JH: Me? I’m wearing just my underwear and laying in bed.
H: Ahhhhhhhhh, whyy
Y: Hahaha. Seohyun is shocked/freaking out.
JH: She can hear it?!?
Y: Yeah, it’s on speaker.
H: Ahh, so funny.
JH: (garbled panicky explanation?)
Y: What about JungShin and MinHyuk?
JH: JS and MH are also laying with just their underwears.
H: Ahhhhhh
Y: I’m going to bring over Seohyun. 
H: I don't want to go~

JH: Let me get JungShin on the phone.
Y: Yeah, let speak to the nation’s friend, Jungshin Friend (Gookmin chingoo, jungshin chingoo)
JS: Yes, this is the Nation’s Chingoo, Jungshin Chingoo.
Y: Jungshin, Seohyun and I are thinking about going to our dorm.
JS: Youre coming to the dorm??
Y: Yeah
JS: Don’t come ooishhh~ ( LOL JungShin is mimicking MC Park Myung Soo)
Y/H: hahahahahaa

MS: Ahh, they were comfortable with just guys~

JS: Aishhhh, oooishhh, don’t come aishhhh
Y: Ahahahaha Why don’t you like it?
JS: Because then I have to clean.
Y: Because you need to clean?
JS: Yeah.
Y: (whispers) Just shove it in. 
JS: Hahaha
Y: Just put it all away somewhere.

H: Jungshin Chingoo!
JS: Ah, this is the nation’s chingoo, JungShin chingoo.
H: What are you doing?
JS: We’re at home resting, and we’ll be getting ready soon. (for other schedules, I presume?)
H: Then would it be okay if I came over?
JS: You’re really going to come?
H: Yeah, there’s legitimate reason for me to go.
JS: Okay. Come soon~
Y: Jungshin~
JS: Yeah
Y: Don’t forget..my room (as in, clean his room, too ^^)
JS: Hahaha I’ll make it spotless.
Y: Jungshin~
JS: Yeah?
Y: I’m hungry..
JS: You’re hungry?
Y: Yeah.
JS: Come after you eat ooisshhh~ 
H/JW/SO/Y: (laughs)
Y: Haha, okay, I’ll see you in a bit.

Y: Let’s get ready to leave.
H: Okay. Wait a moment~

Y: What’s it like going to my dorm after a while?

Jake: Now they link arms so naturally.

H: It’s a bit…
Y: “A bit” again! There’s always something for you~
H: What?
Y: You always have a small “bit,” always something.
H: It’s a bit…familiar.
Y: It’s familiar?
H: Yes.

(signs with Minhyuk’s name dangling on outer vent. By fans?)
H: Ooh, doogeun doogeun~
Y: Let’s go. Come in, Seohyun~
H:Oohhh wahhh~
Y: Why is it so…clean?
(JungShin starts iPod and starts playing “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys)
H: What is this? (squeals)

MS: He’s acting as though nothing happened.

Y: (starts singing along)
JS: Enjoy it~Enjoy it!
Y: Jungshin! Aren’t those mine?
JS: These two are.
H: Ahaha thank you. It’s so cute~
Y: (Starts singing along chorus~ “In New Yooork~~” and dances ^^)
JH: (tries to, but then knocks something over --)

Y: Jungshin. Turn it off, it’s loud.
JS: (immediate response; turns it off)
Y: Jungshin, this is what you prepared? ….ohhh
H: It’s cute~
JH: I told him that we shouldn’t do this, but he wanted to. (sub: it’s not me, it’s not me)
H: Why? I liked it~
JS: While I was doing this, I thought I was a genius, hyung.
Y: It’s great that you’re doing this, but…(sub: why are you using my things?)
JS: (oblivious) I thought I was a genius. You stay here (to Hyun), I’m going to go clean a bit.
Y: (to JS) You’re not done? I think it’s clean enough~ (to Hyun) We have a bed for our manager now! 
H: Oooh, I see. 
Y: Brand new~

H: Oh, these came outside, the hats. (they were in MH&JS’s room before) Wow, that’s A LOT of shoes. Oppa, they’re all yours, right?
Y: Yeah. (hums)
H: Why did it become so neat/clean?
Y: What do you mean? I’ve always been neat! (mutters) I don’t think it was that messy before either (meaning before JS cleaned his room)
JS: Hyung, you hang your clothes??
Y: …..J-J-Jungshin.

Y: Oh yeah! Goguma!
H: Yes, our gogumas!
Y: We harvested our gogumas.
JS: Oh, but the shape’s a bit weird~
H: What you mean it’s weird?

MS: They look weird but they taste good.

JS: They’re a bit skinny.
(JS and JH prepare fruit for the guest)

H: Oooh, it’s so cold when the window’s open. Oooh, it’s so cool, so cool. It looks like a recording studio. Mmm~ what’s this?
Y: This? Want me to give you taste of what it is? I have to connect some cords. This is something I’m working on/studying these days.
H: (enthusiastic and interested) Mmmmmmm~
Y: Let me show you something cool~

(part of “I don’t know why” on repeat; Yong messes with a few dials and buttons)

MS: Wow, he does that all by himself? That must be fun~
H: Oh, that’s so cool~
Y: It’s cool, right?
H: Yeah~ Is this kind of like what DJ’s do?
Y: A little bit.

(Yong shows off to his wife for a bit)

H: That’s so much fun~

Jake: (to Yong) I should be recording music, too, but I’m here eating goguma (Note: Kim Jung Min was a singer in the 90s, and he used to be a HUGE hit)
(laughter from studio)

H: So can you do this in any way you want to?
Y: I’m just doing it as it comes/however the way I feel.

Y: I do a lot of recording here.
H: Is this the guide? (template of song created with no lyrics but general melody and rhythm)
Y: Yeah, when I record demos.

Y: When I’m in here, I don’t say a word. Then I don’t notice that hours have gone by.
(plays guitar motif to record and be repeated later) Ah, I messed up.

Jake: When men focus like that, isn’t it attractive/cool/charismatic?
MS: It is.

(Yong focusing; Hyun staring)

Jake: Look at her staring/gaze.

Y: Now watch~ This is when I do “Microphone check, 1,2”~
H: Oooh
Y: (tests sound on mic) It’s cool, right?
H: Yeah, it’s cool.

(The guitar part that Yonghwa recorded  before starts playing on repeat. In the background JW explains to non-musician studio staff  the inner workings of making a song)

Y: Yongseo!
H: Ahh, it’s funny!
Y: (singing)  “I’m feeling you like me(?)” ….(or something like that ^^)

Y: Listen to what I recorded. (plays)
H: Wow~

(music keeps playing, Yong sings along)

Y: “Kiss me to-…Ah, I love you, girl~”

MS: He said it subconsciously/without even realizing it.
NY: He’s been affected by Seulong/ aka Seulong has rubbed off on him.
SO: (proud) He’s doing very well~

Y: “Love you, girl” or something like that.
H: Mmm..

(Yong’s “thank you” and Hyun’s laughter was recorded in the demo by accident)

Y: It’s sounds pretty good (Hyun’s laughter) I’m going to keep/save it.
H: Save what~
Y: I can edit this.
H: Ah, why are you like that?
Y: Listen~

(plays demo again; Hyun’s laughter on repeat; studio family laughing)

H: What is this? It’s sounds like a seagull~
(plays again; Hyun laughing on repeat. Sub: CTRL +V (paste))
Y: What? It sounds good in the introduction.
H: (Whining) What is that??
Y: It’s totally awesome.
H: It’s ruining the song.

Y: I have found your charm: that smile of yours~
H: Ah, you must like spending the night like this.
Y: I’ll just do this one thing. This is going to go into the introduction.

MS: Ah, he must want to show his wife what he’s capable of doing.

H: I don’t think it’s going to be good. I’m worried~

(laughing Hyun and guitar play; when it seems about over, Hyuns scream)

H: Ahhh, when was this recorded?
Y: I can change/fix/make everything with my hands.

sub: when are they going to start working on their couple song?




many boice were shock when they heard the part that Jonghyun said that he was only in underwere! it'll kept us thinking about Jonghyun x Minhyuk x Jungshin, alot! 5555 thanks for the trans.

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