[Trans] 101218 WGM Goguma ep36 (tempss)

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Translation by tempss @ soompi

some parts 
Yongseo’s White House 

(YongSeo Couple’s sharing – Full of Sweet Potatoes on the floor)
Y: How should we split it?

H: These are really what we grow right? This is all of it~


(Satisfied with the amount of sweet potatoes, they have to choose how to distribute it)
Y: Seohyun ah~~ you have been top for 2 consecutive weeks ~~~

H: Ah~~~~

(Yong began to learn the charm of the dance) 

Y: Where are you looking at~~ 
(Twist his hip)

H: Haha, I shall teach you how to dance instead, stand up please (Using her aeuyo tone to Yong >.<) 

But, Yong is not willing to get up 

Y: I’m not getting up~ not getting up! 

(Lying on the floor flat)

(Yong Choding – This is nothing to do with the subs… my own words haha)

H: Ah ~ aiyo~

(To handle with children who lie flat, got to be decisive and pull him up)

Hyun: Faster!

NY (Sigh): Our children have changed!

(Hyun shows the demonstration of the dance, Yong is not being serious to learn, but after some correction, the hand and body must be 90 degree)

H: First step, 1: You have to stick out your hand 90 degree

(Your hand have to be 90 degrees!)

H: 1, 2… 

(Singing trouble, trouble, trouble)

H & Y: 1, 2…

H: Not bad~~ 

(Yong starts to make some noises like a kid)

H: You dance well~~

H: Ah, I receive CD~

Y: Who’s CD?

H: 2 AM’s CD

Y: I also have it, still have our cd~

(Korean Kpop music legend, writing down some messages in it, will have good sales results)
(Message below is from 2AM members to Seohyun)

Jokwon: You and Yonghwa are really a good match, kekekeke~ Fighting!
Seulong: Hoot Daebak! Please BOBO with Yonghwa!  (BOBO is in Korean language which means kiss in english)

H: Seriously what is this? Ah!
Y: Haha, Seulong seems to like this a lot

H: He is weird~

In PD Room: (Seulong: I’m innocent , I’m not weird!)
Jinwoon: Seohyun ah~ you’re becoming prettier now~ keke~ All the best to you~

Message below is for Yonghwa:

SL: Yonghwa ah, you’re awesome, I love you~

 (Everyone is laughing at Seulong’s message especially seohyun, Seulong - I love you, making himself really weird– Haha!) 

(Looking at the SNSD’s CD)

H: It’s really quite nice~

Y: Look at me, do I look like you on the mirror on it~

(They do have a husband-wife look (couple face))

Y: 1, 2, 3~

(Omo~ Seohyun really looks so attractive with that face – sorry personal view haha!)

At 03:38

Y: How should we divide them, and who shall we give for the biggest one?

H: Our parents~

Y: Shall give this to Seohyun’s father and mother~ (Good son-in-law, Yong chose the biggest sweet potatoes for them)

(Yong took a small sweet potato and say let’s give this to Seulong)

H: Ah, cute!

Y: How many should we give to SNSD’s members?

H: oh, 8~

Y: SNSD’s distribution should be the same level (it means should distribute the same or similar size) 

H: So sorry, we have too many members already~

H: Ah, still have the people in the PD room~

(After packing the sweet potatoes into the plastic bag)

H: How much do we left?

Y: This is what we left~ (Look at it, it’s lesser than 5) 

H: Haha!

Y: I’m so tired ah~~~  (This sounds like a leap from child to old man -.-)

(Understand how a farmer feels now)

H: But looking at it, it’s a good experience~~ (Satisfied of the amount of the sweet potatoes)

H: What are you doing?

H: I know what you’re doing already! You’re drawing on the paper to show the contents after flipping it fast (The principle of the animation)

(Yong starts to show the drawing on the paper – like an animation)

H:  It’s so grossed~ 

H: Ah, What is this~

H: The last drawing is not counted~

(The last page of the drawing: Seohyun is a fool (No idea how to sound it better but it’s something like a fool or blockhead)

At 5:00 


H: Shall we take a picture now?

Y: What picture?

H: Do you remember the photos we took at Ganhwado?

Y: Ganhwado?

H: Ya~

Y: Show it to me first

H: No, No~

Y: You must be hiding something from me again! 

(Yong sit up straight and seems like he’s going to snatch from her~)

H: Cannot, this is not how we should see it~


(The following is from the camera that functions like a projector)

After switching off the light, you will see the screen like a slideshow from the projector(the camera)
Y: Wow~

H: Isn’t that amazing?

H: Wow~

H: Look at this~ Oh~ hmmm~ Haha!

Kim pointed out: Oh they are so close together~ look at their head, the shoulder~


(After seeing the pictures from the Ganhwado’s trip, there’s other pictures behind~)

H: Oh~

H: Cannot!

H: Oh~ (screams from seohyun)

Y: Why?

H: Hyoyeon unnie took it for me when I’m wearing the pyjamas in the room~ 

H: No, AH~ Cannot~

Y: Are you saying the person in the photo is you?

H: I feel so embarrassed, please return it to me~


Y: Is it because you have too many of such pictures behind my back so you don’t allow me to look at it~

H: Yes, that’right!

Y: This is how you dress in your pretty pyjamas when you’re in your dorm? So you do wear cute pyjamas?

H: Yes~


JW: Actually Yong is trying to say seohyun is cute in it~


At 6:24 

(Started to record using the camera – to explain how they should divide and whom they give to)

Y: Hi everyone, I am the manager of the sweet potatoes’ homeland~ (The sweet potatoes homeland’s manager~) this is our species (sweet potatoes) within these 3 months of hard work to grow them. 

Y: This is for my parents (the first packet)

H: Yes~ 

Y: this one is for Seohyun’s parents (2nd packet)

H: Yes~

Y: this is for the studio family~ (3rd packet)

MC: Thank you~

H: You have to speak faster, it’s running out of time ~

Y: Why? Is this live show?

H: Ya, it is live now~

Y: This is for Adam couple, but giving them these, I think they will feel bad about it…

Y: This is for khuntoria couple, I believe nickhun will be polite and accept it~ 

(Yonghwa starts to imitate Victoria saying: What is this?  What is this? Is this Sweet potato?)


Y: So this is what we left~ I hope everyone will like the sweet potatoes~ Bye! 
(So in the end, it seems like a CF for sweet potatoes~)


(In the PD room – the sweet potatoes are delivered to them)

(Everyone in the PD Room is so happy about it and started eating the sweet potatoes)

MCs: Oh~ ah~ the sweet potato is so good~ 

(While they are chatting, a door bell rings~ The mission arrived)

The content of the letter:


Yonghwa Love Seohyun


Remember when you first moved in together~ do you remember the list you want to accomplish together (as a couple) so this mission wants you to complete the couple song together. At Ganhwado, Yonghwa sang the banmal song~ (that is what they are referring)


At 8:42

(The flashback of the trip – Yonghwa sang the banmal song)

H: What Song? A song to be completed?


(There is also a yellow envelope saying- You are only allowed to read it at 9PM)
(It’s really so irritating as Yonghwa hate this waiting period~)


H: Look at the list~


(They went forward to look at the list that they wrote)

(So it’s actually the 3rd one in their list)


At 9:37


(Yong starts to sing again)

H: Let’s start~

(Yong is singing the banmal song softly~)

At 9:56


YH: You shall write the lyrics?

SH: Hmm?

YH: You read a lot of books, so I am sure you are able to write a good one~

H: Hmm~

The Song Lyrics:
I hope our relationship will progress where we are comfortable saying banmal to each other 

Although it is not natural now~ Do not always thank me
Just talk to me in banmal will do~

(Yonghwa starts to sing nanana to blur out that part, however…)

H: So what is the lyrics of this part?

Y: I don’t remember already~

H: How can you always forget it? 

Y: I really don’t remember~

H: oh~ You got to think of it now~

(Hyun is making him to think of the lyrics)

H: Let’s start~

(So he suddenly remember it now)


The next part of the lyrics:

Hope we are able to speak banmal with each other
Slowly walking towards each other
Now we can look into each other eyes
Can you say to me?
" I love you"


MCs: So is that a hint or telling her that~

SL: Yonghwa wants Seohyun to tell him that she love him in banmal~


At 11:34

(Inside the blackroom, when Seohyun gets to know the meaning of that part, she frozed on the spot and speechless)

(But you can see Seohyun is smiling after that. Looks like she’s really happy =D)


H: In fact, did it many times already~

(Starts to touch her hair)

(OhOhohoh~ oppa saranghae~ The lyrics that she have sang a lot of times) 

(But does the meaning seems the same?)

(PD Room MCs JW fan and MS: Panic x2, whenever she’s panic, she will start to touch her hair)

Y: Anyway we should do it together, at my side~

H: At your side?

(Emphasis the word : at my side…)

(The MCs are saying and joking about at my side~)


H: Yes, we shall work hard and complete it! 

Y:  Either way, let’s go home to complete it~

H: Home?


NY: Aigo this type of reason also can make her go back with him~ (Refers to Yonghwa’s dorm)
MS:  Think of the past, I’m also like this~ It’s because of GAG who always give me this reason that brought me back to his house)

At 12:11

Y: Yes, my dorm~

H: Really?

Y: Yes, together…

H: Will the CNBlUE’s members be at home too?

Y: I have no idea, let’s give them a call~

H: Ok, let’s call them~


JH: Hello~

Y: JongHyun ah~

JH: Who is this?

Y: Yonghwa ah~


(Oppa’s voice also can’t recognize?)

H: Haha… Who is this and what situation is this now~

JH: ohhhh~~ where are you?

Y: I’m at We got married’s house… What are you doing now?

JH: I’m wearing my boxer shorts and lying on the bed now~

H: Ah~ Why is he like this… Really~ (Blushed…)

Y: I forgot to tell you this… You’re on the speaker now and Seohyun is just right beside me… she got scared by you…

JH: Is that true?

H: Ah~ this is really funny now~

(Can’t even lift up her head now… Hitting on the sofa)

JH: Oh, so you are coming over~


At 0:34

Y: Where is Jungshin and MinHyuk?

JH: Jungshin and Minhyuk… They’re also lying on the bed in their boxer shorts~

H: (Another shock and shy face…)
Y: Shall I let Seohyun to talk to you now? 

H: Please do not change~~ 

Y: Let’s change to our Korean Chingu Jungshin (Chingu – Friend)

JH: Let’s change someone else to talk now~

H: Ah Really!

JS: I am the Korean Chingu Jungshin~

Y: Shall I let Seohyun to talk to you now? 

JS: (Imitating the famous artist on the phone)

JS: Don’t come~ (Imitating of the famous artist)

JS: Ais ais ais~~

YH: Why are you rejecting me? 

JS: We got to tidy up now~

YH: I Shall pass the phone to her now~

H: Hello, Jungshin Chingu~

JS: Yes, I am Korean Chingu Jungshin ~

H: How are you? What are you doing now? 

JS: We are.. ahh~ just staying at home ~

H: So can I come over now?
YH: Jungshin, Seohyun and me are going to the dorm now~

JS: Are you really coming over?

H: Yes, we do have the intention to come over~

JS: Ok, then do come over~

YH: Jungshin, please tidy the dorm… my room~

JS: Rest assured, we will tidy up and make sure it’s clean and shiny~

Y: And also, I’m hungry ~

JS: Hungry? Then please go and have something first… (Everyone laugh…)

After the phone call, they prepared to leave~

(On the way to the CN BLUE Dorm)

(They seems so natural now- hooking hands and leave – So sweet – hahaha this line is not translated from there- it’s my reaction)

Since there's a translation on top of me and faster, i shall stop here.. So sorry that i didn't complete it as i've some other stuffs to do.. Hope you guys can continue to support him/her ^^. thanks! 

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