[Trans] 101218 WGM Goguma ep36 (txrk)

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Translation by txrk @ soompi 
MC: It has been a while since we saw the white house.

They are displaying out the harvest of their sweet potato
YH: How should we distribute the sweet potato?
SH: Seriously all these sweet potatoes are grown by us?
YH: So you have topped the chart for consecutively 2 weeks
SH: ya...
YH started dancing hoot

SH: Come I will teach you to dance hoot. Please get up

YH seems not interested to learn but teacher Seohyun insist in teaching him.
SH: Please put your hands straight out 90 degree however YH slacks a bit

At last YH manage to learn the steps and Seohyun praise him.

SH: I received 2am CD
YH: I have received their CD and yours as well

Inside 2am CD and message to Seohyun

Jo Kwon: Both of you real match each other..kekeke
Seulong: Hoot Daebak! Also please kiss Yonghwa

SH: What is this!!!
YH: It seems Seulong hyun likes skinship a lot
SH: He is a bit strange

(Seulong displayed a look that he is being framed)

Back to 2am message to Seohyun

Jinwoon: Seohyun ah~ Recently you look very beautiful~ fighting

2am message to Yonghwa

Seulong: You are the best. I LOVE YOU

When Seohyun looks at SNSD Hoot album, he minick Seohyun's action

SH: You have done a good jon
YH: You see my actions are exactly like yours

Then Seohyun has to do the same action as the album photo and later he is shy when he saw Seohyun's ageyo.

YH: How should we distribute? So who will get the big sweet potato?
SH: To our parnts
YH: These are for your parents (Seohyun) Please note the sweet potatoes which he has choosen were the big ones

Yonghwa picking up a tiny sweet potato and he says let give this to Seulong

YH: How many sweet potatoes should we distribute to SNSD?
SH: 8
YH: This category is for SNSD
SH: Sorry that we have too many members

SH: Also we need to distribute to the people in the studio
Subsequently they have completed the distribution and named the package

SH: So how many did we have for ourselves?
YH: That all we have. ( The screen shows that they left with 5 tiny sweet potatoes for themselves)

YH: I am so tired
SH: I am so satisfied seeing the harvest of what we got

Yonghwa is drawing on the post stick

SH:I know what you are doing. You are doing the motion animation 
Yonghwa started showing Seohyun of his artwork
SH: That is gross!
The last message have written that Seohyun is stupid
SH/: Of course that is not true

Jake was commenting that Yong is really a choding

SH: Want to take a look at the photographs that we have taken?
YH: What photographs?
SH: The one where we harvest our sweet potato (sorry I do not know what is the name of the place)
YH: Let me take a look first
SH: No,no
YH: So you are going to hide some of the photographs away?
SH: This is not the right way to view the photo

Seohyun went to switch off the lights so she could project the image on the ceiling. 
All the image that were shown were taken during the sweet potato harvest

Then later an image of Seohyun in her pyjamas in the dorm and this photo was taken by Hyoyeon

YH: So this person is you?
SH: Please return me the camera coz I feel embarrassed

Then the tug of war comes...

YH: It is because there are too many personal photos therefore you do not allow to see the remainder photos
SH: yes.

YH:You wear beautiful pyjamas inside your dorm? You also wear cute pyjamas?

Jinwoon pointed out that actually Yonghwa wanted to say that Seohyun is so cute in the photo

So they started filming on their sweet potato project;

YH:Hello everybody. I am the CEO of gochun. This harvest comes from our 3 month of hardwork.This bag is for my parents. This is for Seohyun's parents.This bag is for Studio Family.

SH: Please round up as we do not have left much time
YH: This is live?
SH: Yup, this is live 
YH: This is for the Adam couple. 
YH: This is for Nic & Vic couple. Nick is very polite to accept these potato
YH minick Nick actions by saying that these are for me? why?

Lastly these are for ourselves. Towards the end it became a home shopping channel where you can see some numbers on the screen.

Back to the studio. where every MC says that the sweet potatoes are delicious.

While they are chatting, the mission arrives. 

Inside the red envelope, it states did you remember the list that you want to accomplish together so this mission wants you to finish the banmal song.

Inside the red envelope, there is another yellow envelope where it states that you are allowed to open at 9pm tonight. 

YH: You write the lyrics
SH: what~
YH: You read a lot so I am sure you will be able to write good lyrics

Yonghwa singing out the banmal song;

I hope our relationship will progress where we are comfortable saying banmal to each other
Although it is not natural now
Do not always thank me
Just talk to me in banmal will do

Then Yonghwa just sing nananana to those which are out filled out with lyrics

Hope we are able to speak banmal with each other
Slowly walking towards each other
Now we can look into each other eyes
Can you say to me?
" I love you"

Seulong says that Yonghwa wants Seohyun to tell me that SHE LIKES HIM in banmal.
Inside the blackroom when Seohyun knows the meaning of the song, she froze.

SH: Actually I have said it a lot of times
Sub: you are sang in your part of oh! ohohoh oppa saranghae
YH: Let do it
SH: Yup. Let complete it
YH: Let complete it at home
SH: home?
YH: my home

NY: This is the always reason guyg used to ask female to come to their home
Misun: That is what my husband did as well
YH: I have machines to help us to complete the song at home
SH: really?
YH: yup.let go
SH: Where are the brother in law?
YH: I am not sure and I shall give them a call
SH: Please give them a call

Yong calling CN blue
JH: Who are you?
YH: Yonghwa here
sub: you cannot recognise hyung voice
SH: haha...
YH: We are in the WGM home...what are you doing?
JH: I am wearing my boxer shorts lying on the bed
SH: what? ...really..embarrassed
YH:Seohyun is besides me and you are on the speaker and she is shocked
JH: you are coming?
SH: This is really funny

YH: where is Jungshin and Minhyuk?
JH: They are also lying on their bed in their boxer shorts

SH is embarrassed after hearing the conversation
YH: I will ask Seohyun to talk to you
SH: Please do not change to me...I am not going 
JH: Let change to another person
YH: Let change to " Korea chingu Jungshin"
JS: yes, I am " Korea chingu Jungshin"
YH: Jungshin, me and Seohyun are going to CN Blue dorm
JS: You are coming to the dorm?
YH: Yup
JS: (imitating another famous person) don't come
YH: Why are you rejecting?
JS: We need to tidy the dorm
SH: Jungshin chinggu
JS: yes, I am " Korea chingu Jungshin"
SH: How are you? What are you doing?
JS: We are...aarh...just lazying around at home
SH: Then can I come over?
JS: Are you really coming over?
SH: Yup, we have the intention to come over.
JS: ok..then come over
YH: Please tidy the house. my room.
JS: Relax. I will make sure that it is clean and tidy
YH: also...hungry
JS: hungry? Then please go and have something first

Afer putting down the call, they proceed to CN Blue dorm

Sub: on the road. autumn,clear sky, there is this couple strolling
Jake: Now they are so natural
SH: what
YH: so why you are saying what?

Reach outside CN Blue dorm, there is some handmade stuff hanging on the door
YH: Come in...why it is so clean?

CN Blue is putting some hip hop music to welcome sister in law
Even the toys are used as props to welcome sister in law

YH: Jungshin, that isn't hyung

They started dancing.
YH: Please switch off...It is too noisy
YH: Jungshin...you..tidied the place?
JS: coz I am a genius so I am able to tidy the place
YH: Yup. It has been tided. By the way, the bed in the living room is used by our manager
SH: I see

clean kitchen...hanger for hats and of course a shelf for Yonghwa shoes

SH: How come it is that clean?
YH: All along, it is that clean
JS: (not sure what he has said)
YH: Jung..Jungshin!
YH: Oh ya...our sweet potatoes
SH: yup...our sweet potatoes
YH: These are our sweet potatoes
JH: These are those sweet potatoes that you harvest
JS: How come they look strange?
SH & YH: no it is not strange
Misun and Jake: It looks strange but the taste is good

Subs: preparing things for the guest

Leaving the brother in law alone and they went in to Yonghwa room
SH: This is really like a recording studio...(pointing to a mchine) what is this?
YH: Come and I will demostrate for you. Let me connect it properly and use a song to show you the miracles of this machine

Yonghwa use 'I don't why' as demo

SH: wow
Misun: It is really very fun
SH: wow...this is a miracle, so this is what DJ use
YH: something like that
back in studio: Yonghwa is concentrating on his work and he looks cool here
Jake: last time, I used to play music and now I am eating sweet potato and looking at you playing with music
YH: Let me show you what I have recorded
SH: What is this?
YH: This is demo

Yonghwa started working

Jake: When a guy concentrate in producing music, you do not know how good looking he is.

Back in the studio: look at Seohyun eyes
YH: Let me check with the mic..testing mic

Yonghwa starts composing 
Back in the studio, Jinwoon starts to explain the technical terms
YH singer: YE~YONGSEO~I feel feel you like me 
YH: Miracle right?
back in studio: sounds good

Yonghwa started singing

I feeling feeling you like me. I feeling you like me.I say you love my mind

Yonghwa played back the music
SH: wow

....not going to write further those when Yonghwa sings
Then Yonghwa sings Kiss me
Nayong and Misun tells Seulong: You have taught a lot of bad stuff to Yonghwa
Seulong: yup..yup...It is my fault
Yonghwa continues singing :LOVE YOU GIRL .Yup something like this

SH: haha...Why are you putting this in?
YH: This is not that. The last part is good. let repeat this again
YH: I am going to do some editing

Playing what he has edited

SH: Why are you like this?
Seulong: Like that is also good
sub: it appears ctrl + v repeat Seohyun laughter
SH: What is this? ...hahaha...
YH: why?
YH: This rythm is good
SH: This is not rythm.
YH: At last, I have found the rythm...your laughter
SH: Is this happiness?
YH: me...This sounds good
SH: Bad person
Sub: Will the song be complete nicely?
Then Yonghwa starts the song and this time with Seohyun screams
Jake started laughing as well


Preview: Yongseo compose song together

YHL How do you feel when you saw me the first time?
SH: feel like it is a miracle
YH: Write down your real feeling
SH: hahaha

How will this mission goes when Yongseo writes down their own feeling?

At night at Han River
How will the couple fare in the basketball game?
What is in the 2nd mission card?
YH: does not feel good
SH: What is this???




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