[Trans] 101225 WGM Goguma ep37 (txrk)

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Korean to Chinese 小雨 笨笨熊 JOJO 冻结 @ Baidu

Chinese to English txrk @ soompi

subs: CN Blue dorm. a quiet neighbour
subs:laughter. laughter, laughter
and it is still going on.

SH: ah..What it is?
YH: What?~I know already and I stop the act
YH: How? It is good?
SH: Immediately delete
YH: I will stop the act
YH: I am just joking
SH: Actually it is quite fun
YH: So how do you want the beginning melody to be like?
YH: Do not think too complicated
.......(The translator could not understand what they are singing)
YH: IF you just sing along, automatically lyrics will appear
SH: anyhow?
JH is peeping in
MH: How it is going?
YH: Come and demostrate
JH creep into the room
JH: Which melody? let listen
YH: Come and help out
JH: which edition? Japanese or ?
SH Japanese
JH singing
JH: So it is how you sing it happily
SH: Anyhow?
YH: No one will know. People will think that it is the content
MH pops by
JH: MH is here
SH: Hellp
MH: I left something here so I come to retrieve it
MH: WHare are you all up to?
YH: MH, that is SH's clothes
YH: Who give you the permission to hug it?
MH: ah? then?
YH: Just put behind nicely
SH: It is so funny
MH: cold. So what song?
YH: This one? Banmal
MH: Banmal?
YH: Banmal song,. ok, Seohyun, please try.
SH: ok
SH: Nice to meet you. (Japanese greeting)
JH: Yup, that is how you should sing
SH: Nice to meet you, I am Seohyun
SH: It is so embarrassed
YHL Seohyun~ I think you are a genius
YH:I write the lyrics behind and you shall write the front
SH: The Front lyrics?
MH: Hoot (SNSD's latest single) is very nice
SH: Thank you
MH: Daebak
YH: do it
MH: like this
SH: Well done
YH: I forbid you to dance
MH: You has quite a lot of screen time
SH: Really?
MH: I watched it
MH: What is the ranking?
subs: wonderful same age friendship
Subs: Yonghwa decides to break up the conversation
YH: We watched together
SH: ah...you recently filmed a drama right? congratulations
YH: It is so formal conversation
SH: What?
MH: We are really chatting
YH: You should practise your acting
SH: haha...What it is about using your feeling?
YH: yup...using your feelings
subs: The jealous leader is showing his authority
YH: lol
MH: ok, I know

subs: After a while, both of them go to the kitchen
SH:All are instant food
YH: This is CN Blue style
SH:cannot, got to do some dishes
SH: Let cook some soup
YH: Have you thought of your lyrics?
SH: ah...but
YH: tough?
SH: YUp, it is tough
YH: What so tough?
SH: I do not know what to write
YH: Just wirte what you want to say
SH: That is also possible
YH: the best lyrics...
SH: ah?
YH: It is to use your own feeling to express...it is how I learn it
SH: WHo did you learn it from?
YH: erh...internet?
SH: It is so delicious
YHL I am thinking, when I first wanted you to speak in banmal, what is your feeling
SH: That is tough
YH: tough
SH: tough- it is so weird
YH: This is the same feeling you will get 
YH: speaking, speaking is tough for me. You can write down like that
SH: That is good
YH: This is my thought, after that this is the best part
SH: What is that?
YH: It seems easy but actually it is the hardest
YH: tough?
SH: yes
YH: Think about the first time I send you home
SH: yes
YH: That is the first time a guy send you home. So what is your feeling?
SH: How to say?
YH: Just honestly speak up your feeling
SH: lol
Misun: that gives me goosebump
YH: So how do you feel at that time?When I send you home?
SH:when you send me home, it feels weird
Misun: how much does it cost you to send me home?
SH: At that time, thank you
YH: ah? Of course you will feel thank you
SH: I do not know
SH: So how is oppa feeling?
YH: What?
SH: The first time when you saw me
YH: The feeling when I first time saw you?
YH: saw you. ah! Seohyun!
YH: ah~ very pretty
YH: ah~very kind hearted
YH: very polite
YH: YOu think too complicated
SH: serious?
YH: So how about? What is your feeling when you first saw me?
YH: ah...very handsome
YH: The first time when we meet, it should be not bad right?
YH: So he likes to eat fried cake?
YH: what? a KRW 2000 ring?

subs: Does Yonghwa's guidance help Seohyun
SH: Please give me pen and paper
SH: ballpoint
SH: You are not allow to see
Yh: What there to see?

Subs: Seohyun's hair was smudged with cake
YH: Your hair also wants to eat some cake

subs: part 1 of waiting: harmonization
part 2 of waiting: playing guitar

After an hour~at last the song is completed?~

SH: I have completed
YH: Let me take a look
SH: I have put in a lot of efforts in writing...ah
YH: No worries...we do not have much time left
YH: Let me take a look
SH: ahhhh
Jake: Not laughing
Misun: looking so intense
YH: wow...You have written very well
SH: Really?
YH: Really.
SH: Lucky.lucky
YH: It is really very good
SH: you are lying. Really?
YH: really.
YH: You used the demo as a guide right?
SH: yup. in the beginning
YH: yup. you used in the beginning

YHL You have written very well. Let start recording
YH: What key?
SH: that is a bit low
YH: 1234
SH: Thank you. How are you? These sentence are tough for me to ask
SH: I am grateful. Thank you very much. I only know these sentence
SH: For me, these are new to me hence I am clumsy
SH: I am too embarrassed to say them out
SH: Today I am so hesitating

Back in the studio
Jake is getting goosebump

YH: That is good
SHL Really?
YH: yes. However this part is not good so we need to change. Ah...how do say it out, so how to say it out
SH: This is so much better
YH: ha...You are copying me?
SH: What, I am just borrowing
YH: You really shocked me
SH: liar
YH: Really I was shocked
SH: why?
YH: Here:" I know only how to say this sentence" YOu really how to say this sentence?
SH: ah...
YH: Here does not sounds like a lyrice,it is like a real couple story
SH: It is my own imagination
YH: YOu really get embarrassed easily
SH: haha...what?
YH: I am with an embarrassed lady...erh...what is that...So this is a love story

subs: An embarrassed Busan guy who just want to bluff the way through

YH: So this is our first colloboration
SH: yup

Sub: At last the song is completed
Seohyun starts to sing

Seohyun confession

confession and thank you greeting are tough
Really grateful, thank you
This is the only way I am able to express it
Everything is new to me
Hence I am clumsy
What to say, how to say
Even today, I am also hesitating
Hopefully we will be able to speak banmal to each other
Although it is not natural and weird
as compared to jonmal
Let talk comfortably
together let talk in banmal
step by step, we walk towards each other
Looking at each other eyes
Will you be able to talk to me
" I love you"

Jake: This is not bad

SH: I am satisfied
YHL satisfied? Seohyun: yup
YH: Let go out and relax
SH: okay

subs: Not long after,we are outside
SH: cold 
subs: unexpected: the hair wil freeze rogether in such a long weather
SH: this?
(MH recommends to rent water taxi to go to Han River Park to play basketball)
SH: WHy I want to wear skirt on such cold day
YH: You are crazy
SH: yup

Board the boat
SH: wa...it is so warm

sub: At last board a nice ambience water taxi
Seohyun looks pleased
SH: it is so warm
sub: Yong is like a heat warmer

Everyone is enjoying the scenery
YH: should buy a yacht
SH: really?
Jake: Yonghwa that is really expensive
YH: I will do it
SH: I am starting to feel warm, isn't it?
YH: yup...(demostrating his basketball skills)...where is the basketball?
YH: singing the song( I want to say out loudly that I love you)

Images of Yong choding appears who is running excitedly to the basketball court
YH: I shall complete with you in basketball

subs: to begin with the competition Hyun 4 and Yong 1
YH: Whoever lose will buy hot beverages
SH: ok
(The compettion begins)

After the basketballmatch
YH: You must hold tight *3
YH: Seohyun...my leg is wobbly
Black room: Yong: (is happy) and is pretending
Seohyun: I am heavy? the bag? It is beacause of gravity therefore everything is heavy

Back to scene:
SH: Are you alright?
YH: I am alright
SH: sure you can continue?
YH: You are really very high( however he is still happy)
SH: I am feeling unease

(reach the cafe, Seohyun ordered yuzu tea and yonghwa order ice coffee)
SH: Why are you drinking cold drinks
YH: because I like it
(Glups down the drink so soon Yong finish the drink)
YH: which faculty are you at?
SH: Acting class
subs: blind date: which faculty are you at?
YH: Which year?
SH: first year
YH: really?
YH: arh... I am a first year in the business faculty and I am class representative
SH: (in banmal) please to meet you
YH: I did not go for a gathering because of you
SH: You have done a great job
YH: copying SH( You have done a great job)
SH: you are eating ice?
YH: why, you can find which path to walk into my heart?
Back in the studio
Everyone went crazy
SH: This is sweet
YH: you are mine
SH: This is really funny
YH: why?
sub: the coupl started discussing
YH: We should give and take right?
SH: Yup
SH: IT has passed the time to reveal the next mission( time is 22.05)
sub: Will you the mission is a success?

Both of them are fighting to take a look at the mission card
When the both of them takes a look at it, they fainted immediately
content: Should let more people hear this banmal song
Jinwoon: ah...the most popular website for video viewing
YH: We need to shoot MV
SH: I have never done this done

sub: how will the video turns out?Let go and find out.