[Trans] 110101 WGM Goguma ep38 (aisuo415)

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Translation by aisuo415 @ soompi 

December 26th 2010, 9PM/21:00h

Seohyun: It's cold.
Yonghwa: (My home/house as expected) Ah, it's warm.
Today is finally the day to upload the Couple Song!!
Seohyun: Oh, it's cold.
Yonghwa: Ah, Banmal Song.
Seohyun: The lyrics!
Yonghwa: I don't know~
Seohyun: Where is it?
Yonghwa: You look a bit like a granny? The clothes.
Seohyun: I know, right?
Yonghwa: The ages are showing/Your age is showing.
Seohyun: (So cool) Thank you~!

Yonghwa: Here, these are the finished lyrics. 
Jiwoon: I got the first verse sent when it was completed.
(Experiences) the first call after completion
MC Park: How was it?
Jinwoon: I was proud.
Yonghwa: 'Can you tell me~', after that line...
Seohyun: Yes.
Yonghwa: We'll put some naration.
Seohyun: Naration?
Yonghwa: Uh yeah~, uhuh, uh.
Seohyun: Uh...
Yonghwa: Cutely.
Seohyun: Ah, how?
Yonghwa: Everyone around the world will see it.
MC Park: So everyone will be able to see it? 
MCs: Yeah, everyone can see it. Everyone.
MC Park: Really?
Jinwoon: Yes.

Yonghwa: How are you, guys~? This is Behnmel Song.
Seohyun: Behnmel Song...
Yonghwa: One, two, three, four~!!
Jinwoon: Ahaha, ahaha, ahaha, ahaha.
MC Kim: Oh, good job.
Seohyun: Words of thanks, words of...
Yonghwa: This is sort of like Jang Ki Ha-sunbaenim's style!!
Seohyun: What?
Yonghwa: Words of thanks, words of greetings, to me they're really hard.
I'm really thankful and grateful.
Seohyun: (The narration) How do we do it together?
Yonghwa: How?
Seohyun: Let's say the things we want to say to each other. Can't we harmonize once?
Yonghwa: Seohyun-ah.
Seohyun: Yes.
Yonghwa: (Narration) Is it hard speaking banmal? 
Seohyun: It's really hard.
Like this...?
Yonghwa: How hard?
Seohyun: I think it's really hard.
Yonghwa: Really?
Seohyun: Yes.
Yonghwa: Then...
Seohyun: Yes.
Yonghwa: Listen.
Seohyun: It's good!

MC Park mentions something about the narrations. I'm not Korean so I have no idea what it's all about. Probably that it reminds MC Park of an old couple calling each other on some show. Not sure, just a guess.

Seohyun: Yo~o~ong.
Yonghwa: What? Why are you calling~
Seohyun: Ahyoo...
Yonghwa: Honey~~~ 
Seohyun & Yonghwa: Why are you calling~~
MC Park: See, they did it.
Na Young: Wow, that's seriously daebak!
Yonghwa: At the front of the house~
MC Park: (Receiving) I saw one chicken~
MC Kim: I've seen it~!

Yonghwa: Let's end it with a happy ending.
Seohyun: Yes.
Yonghwa: Here, when we've done this part, the second verse, at the very end...
(Ending moment) 'I understand, Yonghwa-ya.'
Seohyun: What? 
Yonghwa: 'I understand, Yonghwa oppa.'
('I understand, Yonghwa oppa') Banmal Song happy ending...!!
Seohyun: Ah... I understand. I understand~ (informal).
Yonghwa: (Blank) Ah, don't pretend to be cute...
Seohyun: Ah, I'm not.

This time comfirming the right key for the refrain...!
Seohyun: We need to find the right key for the refrain.
Yonghwa: Shall we? Okay. U, uri~ 
Seohyun & Yonghwa: U, u, u~u~u

Hopefully we can have a banmal relationship~
Although it's still unnatural
Rather than saying 'thank you' 
Can you speak more intimate words to me?

Now look me in the eyes~
Can you say to me, 'I love you' 

Yonghwa: Here, like this.
Seohyun: Ah, like this.
Yonghwa: When it ends.
Seohyun: Oh, right, right.
Yonghwa plays guitar.
Seohyun: Thank you.
Yonghwa: It's not like that. I've seriously seen a lot of it?
When the song ends...
Yonghwa: (Thoughtlessly) Ahum.
This is UCC Style~!!
MC Park: What's that?
MCs: That's turning the camera off.
MC Park: Ah!
Jinwoon: And you get that sound when the camera's shaken.
Seulong: Because you're touching near the mic.
Yonghwa: And also when it begins, always...
When the camera's there... we go at the same time.
Both: One, two, three.
Yonghwa: Hi, guys. Hi guys. I'm Yonghwa. (In English)
Seohyun: I'm.. I'm Seohyun. (In English)

After that in Korean, Japanese and Thai.

Yonghwa: (In Thai) I'm Yonghwa, @#$@#% guitar gab. 
Seohyun: That's difficult.
Yonghwa: I'm Yonghwa in charge of the guitar.
Seohyun: Ah.
Yonghwa: Yonghwa guitar !@!$##@% guitar gab.
Seohyun: Ni hao, wo shi @#$#%$^~!!(?) 

She was greeting in Chinese, but you couldn't hear her well.

Making the Banmal Song for UCC like this... In just 3 days over 1 million views...!

MC Park: Really?
MC Kim: Yes, yes, yes.

Seohyun: I've chosen already, oppa's clothes...!
(TMYW outfit) Oooh, just right!!

The lightning... Props... Badges, made by themselves, too...!

Yonghwa: Ok! Fix. Shall we do it?
Seohyun: Ah, hold on.
MC Kim: For UCC you need to get it done in one take. You can't have an NG.
Seohyun: 'We are...' Start with that. 'We are YongSeo Couple.'

First take
Na Young: Is Seohyun faking it? (Playing the guitar)
Seohyun: (Even so, you won't know right?)
Yonghwa: (The shoulder's that in the middle of the feel)
Seohyun: (Not changing chords)
Jinwoon: Oh, I'm anticipating the narration.
Finally the narration...!
Seohyun: You really like it if I speak banmal?
Yonghwa: Uh... Sure, I like it.
Seohyun: To me, speaking banmal is a bit difficult. Did you know?
Yonghwa: Ha ha. I know that, Seohyun-ah.
Seohyun: (Embarrassed) Um.. How much do you want to hear it?
Yonghwa: Very mu~ huch. I want to hear it very much, Seohyun-ah.
Seohyun: Is that so? How much??
Yonghwa: (Much) The fi~rst....
Seohyun: Ah, quickly.
Yonghwa: The first day I saw you~ ... Ah!
Seohyun: It's okay.
MC Park: Ah, Seohyun did well though.
Seohyun: Ah, but we did pretty well for our first try, right?
Yonghwa: You did well, ah~
Seohyun: Because we keep looking at different spots, shall we look at each other during the harmonizing? 
Yonghwa: Okay.
Seohyun: And at the end with 'I love you' we'll look again.

Take 2
Na Young: Doesn't the screen look a bit off on the side? 
Seulong: That's the beauty of UCC.
Na Young: Oh is it? 
Seulong: Yes.
Yonghwa: ( During wife's solo, Yong's neck dance(?)! )
Seohyun: Really... (wrong lyrics) Thank you. I'm sorry! Ah~ Again.
Yonghwa: It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay. It's so tiring to get it all right in one time.
Seohyun: I know, right? Ah, really.

Take 3
Yonghwa: We... Argh.
Seohyun: (It's the narration though...) Yo~ong~
Yonghwa: (When he looks at his wife, it's gets even more embarrassing)
Seohyun: You did well.
Yonghwa: Ah, why do I forget the narration?
Seohyun: Here's the narration.
Yonghwa: The timing's seriously... Let's do it again.
Seohyun: Okay.

Take 4
Yonghwa: Ah, I hate this.
Panda's: (We hate it, too.)
Seohyun: What do you hate~ It's fine if you just call me.

I skipped a little part.

Seohyun: But the more we do it, the better we get. 
Yonghwa: Yeah...
Seohyun: Right?

Take 5
(Now on to the second verse...!)
Seohyun: Ah, it was fine. Why is it like this.
Yonghwa: I really can't seem to do this. Why is that?
MC Park: Once you've got NG's, you'll get even more nervous about it.

After many takes.

Subsequently, Yong husband...
Lyrics error + narration pass + guitar chords etc.

Yonghwa-yah, why are you like this~?
A play on T-ara's song? :ph34r: 
Seohyun: Please stay awake.
Yonghwa: Really if this time it messes up...
Seohyun: Just do it comfortably, comfortably.
Yonghwa: I'm going to smash the guitar.
Seohyun: Oh, forget it. Though you're nervous... Do it with fun!!

Take 9
MC Park: He's like a choding. When he doesn't get the things he wants right, he'll cry.
Don't cry, Yo~ong.
Seohyun: (Have strength)
Yonghwa: (U~um... ^^)

Ack! It was almost done though...

Yonghwa: It was all done, really.
Seohyun: If we do it once more, we'll get it right?
Yonghwa: Really, the last one, I think we can do it.
Seohyun: Right, right.
Yonghwa: I think it's because I couldn't practise it enough.
Seohyun: Well, if we do it like this, it's practise already.
Practical practises.
Yonghwa: (But!) There's only 4 minutes left of the battery!
Seohyun: Only once more. This is really the last.

Take 10
Cap: YongSeo Couple Banmal Song UCC weaving(?) ending!

Yonghwa: I messed up again with the lyrics at the front part.
Seohyun: I know, ah~
Both: It's okay.
Jinwoon: But seriously.. It seemed like the World Cup or Golden Globe just now, that feeling.