[Trans] 110101 WGM Goguma ep38 (WendyLoveSoshi)

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Translation Credits (From Chinese): WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews
Credits: Baidu
MC: They Should Be Tired by now

The Couple who's going home from work respectively

Hyun: It's Cold ~

Yong: Ahh ~ It's really warm

Hyun: Ahh~ IT's Really Cold!

Yong: Ahh... Banmal Song

Hyun: Lyrics

Yong: Don't Care ~

Hyun: Where?

Yong: A Little... Like Mom? Clothes ~

Hyun: I Know!

Yong: A Little Old...

Hyun: Thanks!

YOng: Look, this is the last part of the lyrics

Hyun: Woa~ The second part is also written..

MC: Woa, the second part also..

MC: After finishing writing the lyrcis, looking at it for the last time...

MC: How would you feel?

MC: Very Proud!

YOng: After finishing the first part, add a little of your feelings into it

Hyun: Feelings?

Yong: More Cuter

Hyun: How should I do it?

Yong: The whole world would see it...!

MC: Ahh.. The whole world would see it?

2 MCs: Yup, all would see

MC: Woa, Really?

Yong: How are you , Guys? This is the Ban Mel Song~!

MC: Ahahahahaha

Hyun: Thanks for your wods..

Yong: A little like (?) Sempai Style!!

Translation Note: Not sure who that person is so a (?) is replaced.

Yong: I really really appreciate it!

Hyun: Should we do it together?

Hyun: Then means saying out what you want to say to me ~ Let's try the beat

Yong: Seohyun~ Saying Banmal is hard?

Hyun: Really Hard

Yong: How Hard?

Hyun: I feel that It's very Very Hard.

MC: Did you see a little Chick?

MC: Saw it!

MC: What should we do to it?

Yong: Let's use ''Happy Ending'' as the ending.

Hyun: Neh!

Yong: From Here.. I would like to say to you.. To the second Part... I know Yong...

Hyun: What?

Yong: I know, Yong Oppa

Hyun: I Know~ ( Banmal)

Yong: Ahh~ Don't act cute

Hyun: I didn't!

Hyun: Here's the chorus, let me try the it.

Hyun: You should sing this part yourself, because you're saying it to me..~

Yong: Until Here!

Yong: I watch shows often

MC: Also, when the camera shakes, we must hear the sound!

Yong:  And when we start we should...We should start like this, put the rest  here, the camera here and walk it together at the same time.

Yong and Hyun: 1 2 3

Yong: Hello Guys, I'm Yonghwa

Hyun: I'm  Seohyun

Yong: (Chinese)

Hyun: (Chinese)

Yong: (Japanese)

Hyun: (Japanese)

Yong: (Thailand)

Hyun: It's hard...

Yong: Ahh~ I'm the Guitar player Jung Yonghwa

Hyun: Hi~ I am..

MC: (?) (Not Sure What He's Saying)

Hyun: I've ordered it.. Oppa's Clothes

Hyun: I'll choose Oppa's Clothes

(Picks Up TMYW Clothes)

Hyun: Wow! How Fit!

Sub: Creating The Lyrics

Sub: (?) On The Sofa~~

Hyun: Let's put our children on the Sofa. Then, Create the badges and start the recording.

Yong: OK!

Hyun: We should introduce ourselves first.. We are the YongSeo Couple~~

Take 1!

Yong: (All types of Languages) Hi

(Not Translating the introduction)

Yong: That would be subs for it.

Sub: Behind Hubby's Back, Hyun's Guitar

MC: Woa! Seohyun is not playing the Guitar!

Sub: Doesn't know anything

Sub: After this part finishes, time for the feelings.

Sub: Finally, it's time for the feelings!

Seohyun: Yoong, If I say Banmal would you be very Happy?

Yong: Yup, Happy~^^

Seohyun: To me, Banmal is a little hard, do you know?

Yong: (Embarrassed) Of Course I Know,Seohyun Ahh...

Seohyun: How much do you want to hear it?

Sub: When they were practicing, he replied ''A Lot'', Now..

Yong: Really want to hear Really Want to Hear Seohyun Ahh..\

Seohyun: Really? How much? My Banmal

Sub: Finally, They can't stand it

Hyun: Ahh~~ Faster

Yong: From the first time I see you..Ahh!!!!

Sub: Because of Forgetting the lyrics, they failed.

Hyun: It's not bad for the start, Right?

Yong: Not Bad Not Bad, Let's try it one try by another

Hyun: We keep seeing other places, Should we look at each other?

Hyun: And when we sing I Love you we must look at each other

Sub: Take 2

Sub: Followed by Yonghwa's Neck Dance (?)

Then, Seohyun sings the wrong lyrics

Hyun: Thank you.. Sorry.. Ahaha Let's try again

(Head on Yong!)

Yong: It's Okay

Yong: Because doing it again is tiring..

Hyun: That's Right

Sub: This time it's Take 3, Yong Hubby's Solo Part

Seohyun: Yong~~

Sub: Looking at Wife, it's more hard

Then they failed again..

Seohyun: It's really not bad

Yong: Why do I keep forgetting that part...

Take 4!

Sub: Do you understand? Understand?

Hyun: Yong.

Yong: Anything? Seohyun shi

Hyun: For me, It's hard to say Banmal..

Yong: Why is it hard?

Seohyun: Umm...It's really really hard for me to say.. How much to do you want to hear it? My Banmal

Yong: Yup, Rea!lly!

Sub: The singing is successful for the front part...

Yong: Ahh.. How irritating

Hyun: What's irritating? Just sing it like this.

Yong: When I look at you, I start to get anxious and can't say out this part

MC: Because after NG for the first time, it's hard again (?)

Hyun: Just sing it like this

Sub: Yong is enoying, in the same room with Seohyun

Hyun: But I feel that we getting better and better..

Yong: Yup

Hyun: Right?

Yong: Better and better... (?)

Hyun: We should get better..

Yong: Improving after each time

Take 5!

Yong: Now, we are going to present everyone

Sub; It's harder that expected

Yong: Say it more intimate to me~ 1234

Hyun: That~Yong

Yong: Yup?

Hyun: How Much?

Yong: A Lot

Yong: From the first day I saw you

MC: Success! Finally!

Yong: You are shy even when Smiling

Yong: Ahh..~Seriously Me..

Hyun: Ahh~ It's good, what happened?

Recording studio: It's wasted

Yong: This part doesn't look good, how did it happen?

MC: Because they get more anxious when they go closer to the NG Part.

Yong: First time with you..

MC: Nothing to say, Look at how happy he is

Yong: Say it MORE intimate to me~

Yong: Sorry, Really Sorry

Hyun: It's Okay ^^

Sub: What happened to You Yong?

Hyun: Get Focused

Yong: If this time, it's wrong again

Hyun: No, it's okay if it's wrong, just continue to sing it naturally

Yong: Then destroy the others..

Hyun: Aish.. Enough..

Hyun: It's okay if it goes wrong again, it's quite entertaining also

Both: Hello kKonnijiwa Hello Sawadika

MC: They look like a real couple Huh?

Both: We are the YongSeo Couple

Yong: I'm Yong

MC: Woa, It's different from his voice just now

Hyun: I'm Hyun

Yong: What did we prepare today Hyun?

Hyun: Today, we are going to Present/Sing our self created Couple song, the Banmal song

Yong: It's called the Banmal Song and it's really nice, Hope everyone like it

Sub: We are really worried about our Yong Choding

Yong: 12~1234

Yong: Saw it more intimate to me

Sub: A Little Mistake, this time, Pass

Hyun: That~Yong

Yong: Yup?

Hyun: How Much do you want to hear it?

Yong: A Lot

Yong: From the first time I saw you. You are even shy when you smile.

MC: Finally Passed

Yong: After Today, we would get more Close.

MC: Ahh.. I have a feeling that they would pass this time

Sub: Yong found his Self Trust 

In the end, Wrong lyrics again

MC: Ahh~ We sang until here already

Hyun: I Know

MC: Sang to the second part and it's wrong

Yong: It's really wasted..

Yong: Ahh.. We almost finished it.. Seriously

Hyun: We almost finished it... Doing it one last time should do the trick right?

Yong: The last time.. Really

Hyun: It's fun

Yong: It's because we didn't practice it enough before

Hyun: It's what we call practicing before the real thing starts

Yong: The battery would finish in another 4 minutes?

Hyun: Then we should be fast

Yong: Faster

The final challenge.

Take 10

Both: Hello Everyone Hello...

We are the YongSeo couple, I'm Yong, I'm Hyun

Yong: We song did we prepare today Hyun?

Hyun: Today we would be singing our self created song, The Banmal Song

Yong: It's a really nice song, So I hope everyone would like it.


Hyun: *Sings*

(Talking Part)

Hyun: That ~Yong

Yong: Yup?

Hyun: Do you really want to hear My Banmal?

Yong: If I hear it, it's really great

Hyun: But you know that Banmal is hard for me right?

Yong: Why is it hard?

Hyun: I've tried really hard. How much?

Yong: A Lot

MC: Success Success Finally

Hyun: I know, Yong

Yong: MNe too

MC : Great Work

MC: He would change back to Yong Choding Immediately 

Yong: I sang the front part wrongly

Hyun: I know, right?

Both: It's okay

Yong: I'll replace the lyrics with this and that (?)

MC: It feels like winning the World Cup, that success feeling.