[Trans] 110205 WGM Goguma ep43 (MountainMadman)

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Translated by MountainMadman @ soompi <3 

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Starting from the 0:28 mark.

Sub: heading towards the 2nd floor hospital

Y: Second floor.

Y: Hello.

H: Hello.

H: Uhh…he says that his stomach hurts, I don’t know if it’ss omething neurological, or…

Doctor: Then we’ll take a quick…

H: Yes.

Y: Yes, then…#$@%

Sub: Yong slightly ashamed of his stomach

MC: You generally do those kinds of things with your mom, but now that your wife’s doing it with you, there’s a different feeling.

Sub: having to wait in the waiting room…

MC: And the mother-in-law also told her to take good care of him.

MC: That’s right, the responsibility.

Y: Why is the couch so hard?

MC: When you’re in the waiting room, you get a little nervous.

MC: Nervous?

MC: Well, most guys are…is it just me?

Doctor: Jung Yonghwa, Seo Joohyun!

H: Yes!

Y: Yes!

At the 1:20 mark.

H: Hello.

Y: Hello.

Doctor: Hello.

Doctor: So you have any trouble anywhere?

H: Uh…

Y: Well, not trouble, but sometimes when I don’t get sleep,or something like that, I tend to get an upset stomach.

Doctor: So does your insides hurt, does it feel clogged?

Y: Clogged.

Doctor: It feels clogged. Do you…have a lot of diarrhea, or…

Y: No, nothing like that. Just a slight upset feeling, like when you’re not feeling hungry at all.

Sub: Intestines are stressed because of his irregular schedule

H: Because he can’t have a regular schedule, he doesn’t get enough sleep, so…

Sub: Hyun talking about her husband’s condition

H: and his stomach seems to be hurting a lot. So I was worried about his intestines, or his stomach.

Sub: It’s like going with your mother.

Doctor: Then…it would probably be good to have a basic checkup on your insides. 

Sub: Receiving a stomach checkup…!

At the 2:23 mark.

Doctor: This way, please.

Y: Do I have to lie down?

Doctor: Yes.

Y: Aigooo….

Sub: slightly shy at receiving treatment in front of his wife

MC: He must be worried.

H: I don’t have to pull up my shirt, right?

Doctor: Is this your first time at a hospital?

Doctor: Pull up your shirt, please.

Y: Really?

Doctor: take a deep breath, and let it out.

Sub: finished with the basic checkup…

Doctor: you can get up now.

Sub. Giving him the results immediately

Doctor: First of all, you’re still at a young age, your family history is fine, and your weight hasn’t changed, so there’s a very low possibility that you have a disease. Even so, considering the stuffy feelings, the digestion problems, and so on, we should take an x-ray to make sure.

Y: Oh.

Doctor: Yes. This way.

At the 3:28 mark.

Sub: In the end, getting an x-ray as well

Y: I don’t think it’s that bad…

H: Exactly, you should come here before it gets bad.

MC: That’s right.

Y: It doesn’t hurt!

H: In any case, it’s uncomfortable.

Doctor: Jung Yonghwa!

MC: It’s always best for the man to listen to the woman.

MC: I wish I had a wife like that.

Y: I have to change my clothes?

Sub: Protector Hyun waiting for her husband to finish changing

H: Um, is it possible to get a quick health checkup here?

Sub: Hyun wife browsing the brochure

H: Ha, you look handsome.

MC: He looks like a sage.

MC: He looks like one of those servers at a traditional restaurant.

Sub: entering to take the lower-body x-ray…

At the 4:41 mark.

MC: Those things can be a little scary too when you haven’t done it before.

Doctor: Take a deep breath and let it out.

Doctor: Okay, we’re done.

Y: Huh? We’re done?

Sub: the simpler-than-expected x-ray

Y: Your hairstyle is similar to mine.

Sub: anything is good news after the exam

MC: Is that hairstyle in fashion now?

H: Are you finished?

Y: Yeah.

Y: It’s similar, right?

H: Totally.

Sub: the laughter subsides…

Sub: what will the x-ray results show…

Doctor: As you know, below the ribcage, there’s the large and the small intestines. Here, we can see all of your large intestine, but we’re not actually supposed to.

Sub: the large intestine can be seen?!!

Doctor: And that’s usually because your intestines aren’t running at full efficiency, so we call that a stagnant intestine. So later on, when you have the time, make sure you get an endoscopy done on your intestines.

MC: That’s a big problem with idols. We probably all have that problem.

MC: Why don’t everyone go get theirs checked together?

At the 6:10 mark.

Doctor: Even though you’re still in your early 20s, the reason why your intestines are so weak can be because you have a naturally weak intestine to begin with. But the more important thing can be your dietary habits.

Sub: The most important thing is dietary habits…!

Doctor: So make sure you eat on a regular schedule, and avoid foods that could cause lack of sleep, like caffeine…

H: Coffee.

Doctor: Yes, coffee.

H: He drinks a lot of coffee.

Doctor: Well, if you love coffee more than your wife, you could keep drinking it, but…

Doctor: greasy foods, cold foods, those things can all be bad for your intestines.

H: They’re all things that you like.

Y: I don’t like cold stuff.

H: Of course you do. You drink iced coffee all the time.

At the 6:54 mark.

Sub: after their Han River date in winter

MC: Look at that, iced coffee in winter.

Moving on to Part 2.

H: You drink cold coffee a lot.

Y: But that’s coffee.

MC: The worst thing is iced coffee.

Doctor: Coffee’s bad for you, but iced coffee can be worse. Also, when you chew on raw ice, things like that, then that is also bad for your intestines.

Y: I like chewing on ice.

MC: He’s doing everything that’s bad for him.

Doctor: Yes, so that needs to be changed.

H: What are some foods that are good for you?

Doctor: Foods with a lot of fiber, like fresh vegetables.You need to avoid cold food, greasy food, and food with a lot of flour.

Y: So everything that’s tasty is bad for you.

Y: I don’t have any luck in life.