[Trans] 110219 WGM Goguma ep45 (MountainMadman)

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Translated by MountainMadman @ soompi <3 
Starting from the 0:26 mark.

Subs: Leaning on Yong…the board slowly going down

Y: Okay. Like this.

H: Is this right?

Y: Like this, and then you slide down. Putting your weight down.

MC: Woahh…

Y: Okay, come down.

MC: When you’re like that, you’re scared that you’ll fall down.

H: It’s stuck!

H: Ahh, wait, wait!

Sub: the harder-than-expected going backwards

At the 1:08 mark.

H: It’s weird.

Y: What’s weird?

H: The ground keeps calling me…

Y: It calls you?

Y: Stop calling her!

H: Why do you keep calling me?

Sub: taking it out on the ground…

Y: Okay, we’re getting back up again!

H: Okay…

Y: Even that baby is riding on the intermediate slope.

H: He’s cute.

Y: Now’s not the time to say those things.

H: Can we rest for just a little bit?

Y: Huh?

Y: Rest, rest.

H: One minute.

Sub: the two legs wanting a break…

Y: One minute?

MC: Oh, look at that wind.

H: It was reeeaally hard. I felt like I had turned into a tumbling toy. I kept falling forward like a magnet. So it was really…I’ve learned a lot of things in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever done so bad like this.

Sub: The biggest hurdle of Hyun wife’s life

At the 2:00 mark.

Sub: others are having fun riding…

MC: She was having fun before, but her motivation took a dive.

Sub: Yong teacher, on the other hand…

Y: When I was watching Seohyun, and I turned to look at the boarders speeding by, I thought, “I could ride much better than them…I want  to go against them once.” But then when I looked at Seohyun again, my heart started bleeding.

MC: He wants to ride like that too.

Sub: one minute rest over!

H: Fighting!

At the 3:03 mark.

Sub: renewed attempt at riding backwards!!

Y: Put the weight on your right!

Y: Don’t ride off and on, you’re supposed to do it by feel.

MC: She still did all right.

Y: Don’t rest, don’t rest!

H: Again?

Sub: instead of compliments…

Y: You can’t rest until you get the feel down.

Y: Straight ahead, straight ahead.

H: Straight ahead…

Y: Pay attention to both arms!

Y: Get up!

MC: “Get up!”

Y: No smiling, let’s get back up!

Y: Getting back up, let’s try again!

Y: Okay! Now try going down naturally!

Y: Where are you going?

At the 3:57 mark.

Y: Okay! You’re doing well!

H: Ahhh…

Y: Get back up!

H: Aigoo!

Y: Don’t stop!! You don’t have time to rest!

Sub: glad he’s not our teacher

Sub: the ground keeps calling…

Y: Get back up!! Start!

MC: If that was me, I would’ve quite a long time ago.

Y: Who rides best in SNSD?

H: Uhh…Hyoyeon unnie?

Y: Really?

H: But no one can ride like that.

Y: You’re going to be in first place!

H: Wah…

Y: You’re going to be 1st place in SNSD, I’ll make you into one!

H: Yeah.

Y: I’ll make you into 1st place.

H: Fighting.

At the 5:08 mark.

Y: Okay. Let’s go!

Sub: towards 1st place(?) in SNSD!

Y: You’re going to fall down like that? Look, like that!

H: What?

Y: Like this, like this. Okay! Keep coming down like that.

Sub: showing some effects of the brutal training!?

Y: Okay, okay, okay! Straight down!

Y: Slightly to the left, move your gaze slightly to theleft.

Sub: happy instructor tone because of his wife followingwell

Sub: From the start…much improvement!

MC: Oh, she’s doing well!

Y: The edge, the edge!

Y: Just do it forcefully!

MC: It’s easy when you say it. 

Y: Okay, you’re doing fine!

Y: Good job!

At the 6:06 mark.

Sub: relaxed position!

Sub: heading towards a late lunch!

Menu (from top to bottom): coffee, kimbap, cheese ramen, mixed ramen, dduk dumpling ramen, seafood ramen, jajangmyun, dduk udon, odeng

MC: #$@%^@^

H: Dduk dumpling ramen.

Y: Husband ordering for the tired wife!

MC: At a ski resort, ramen really fits the bill.

H: I’ll eat it well.

Y: Eat this and get your strength back.

H: Omo.

Y: Are you being upset?

H: No.

Y: Are you taking it out on the pickled radish?

At the 7:19 mark.

Y: What are you doing, Seo Joohyun.

Y: I went too much Spartan on you, right?

H: I think you’re totally jjang. [NOTE: She’s agreeing withhim.]


Moving on to Part 2.

H: Who did you learn it from?

Y: From an instructor.

H: Really? How did he teach?

Y: This is how I learned it.

H: Really?

Y: I cried while learning it.

Sub: te