[Trans] 110226 WGM Goguma ep46 (DDuk)

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Translated by DDuk @ soompi <3
Part 1

Y: it’s another mission card!
Y & S: together, together
Y: oh it’s thick. 
[the mission that is before them is…?]
Y&S: today’s mission… 
[the couple’s romantic must do course …]
MC: honeymoon?
Y: Honeymoon?
S: Ah~ seriously? What do you think it is?
Y: Wedding photos!
S: really?
[lips that are opened widely due to the shock]
[inside the mission letter contains another letter]
Y: what is this?
Y: Is this a proposal plan?
[other actress/actor’s wedding photos]
Y: this one is good
[jang dong gun and go so young’s couple wedding photo]
[Also a strong skinship photo!]
MC: you can’t forget that pose!
[just then!]
[the already worn wedding dress …]
[Trax’s album cover photos]
MC: ahh~! With Jungmo oppa
MC: oh Trax, trax
S: Oh it’s me!
Y: what? What is this?
S: oh it’s pretty! I wonder who this person is.
Y: well this will be your 2nd time wearing a wedding dress so you won’t be scared right?
S: well you’re probably right.
Y: I’ve worn a tux once too.
MC: he is jealous right now.
MC: He is jealous
S: So it’s wedding photos… 
S: I liked it then … then I don’t know. Oh wow, I’m going to take pictures… 
S: I did think about taking wedding photos before. 
S: Since the mood is so happy I was envious of that.
[the Grooms side of things]
MC: Oh it looks as if he rode a motorcycle.
Y: an unfamiliar mission.
[Unfamiliar! Mission]
Y: with the other missions I just thought, I can just do this, but since it’s my first time doing a wedding photoshoot…
PD: there isn’t one who does it twice.
Y: you’re right… I can’t do it twice… but since it’s my first time …
[extremely scary mission. Wedding photoshoot.]

MC: during your wedding photoshoot you have to wake up at dawn. 
[Yong & Hyun who are receiving makeup]
S: I’m tense.
Y: this gown…. Really…
[the groom and bride makeup gown….]
Y: there is no reason to wear this…
[Jung Yonghwa – Groom]
[the nametag that indicates groom and bride ]
MC: oh they really must be nervous.
S: What is the difference between a bride’s makeup?
Y: It’s laid on thick.
MC: to make her less nervous.
S: It’s not thick!
Y: during weddings do people usually wear their outfits here and go?
Makeup artist: Yes.
Y: oh~ what do they ride to the place?
S: Just a car.
Makeup artist: there was once where the bride wore her dress and drove off.
S: Oh really?
Makeup artist: the groom didn’t know how to drive.
S: Oh that is just like us.
[OH that is like us!]
[reminded Yong]
Makeup artist: big problem
[kidding, kidding]
Y: don’t worry I’m the type that is going to walk on my wedding day.
Y: I’m going to walk.
S: you do know that we are also going to be shooting in our casual wear also?
Y: really?
S: others have done it also…
Y: really?
S: I thought of many fun ones.
MC: oh, they have a concept.
MC: many people have a concept when shooting photos.
Y: Oh this is it!
Y: Seohyun used this once.
S: What is it?
[the curler that curls the eyelashes!]
S: Curler! I tried it on him.
[the wife who put make up ]
S: look down.
MC: did she pinch his eyelid?
MC: that is scary
Y: yes, this is different… 
S: what is?
Y: you pinched my skin.
Y: Because of that I got a double eyelid!
S: oh what are you saying!?
S: I pinched you on the other eyelid
Y: you did both.
S: No I didn’t!
MC: very childlike…
S: Oh! You’re going to put eyelashes?
Y: I have to see how you put on eyelashes.
S: Don’t look~
Y: I never see it before.
S: You don’t have to see it.
[the bride who is embarrassed to show her eyelashes getting glued]
Y: I want to see it once.
[the curious groom]
S: I don’t want to!
Y: I won’t look, I won’t look.
[Hyun who is getting her eyelashes put]
[even though he said he wouldn’t look, he still looks]
S: is it that amazing?
Y: Do you attach it with glue?
S: then what? You think I sew it on?
MC: For me, I sewed a lot in.
MC: you sewed it in?
[this time its…!]
MC: oh she is using fire.
MC: Oh men usually find that amazing.
Y: what is that?
Makeup artist: it helps with the curl
Y: you glued it on?
S: yes, I glued it, only the ends though.
MC: if you use fire it curls right up.
Y: Oh~ you are becoming elegant
[yong gave me a compliment]
Makeup artist: you are now done.
[the groom who is finished first]
Makeup artist: congratulations
Y: yes, thank you
[now, the groom who finished his makeup is in watch mode]
MC: oh she is pretty!
[hyun finished her bride makeup]
[Now to do their hair]
[they have to select what hairstyle they want]
S: Oppa, what style do you like?
Y: Do whatever style you like, to be honest, I don’t really know.
S: when you just look and say I like this…
Y: I like something like this…
[the long haired elegant wedding style]
MC: leaving it down is best
[Today’s style]
MC: men like hair that isn’t tied.
Stylist: do you like this?
Y: Yes I think I like this.
MC: I like it when the hair is all up and there is lace all down on her side.
MC: It’s my style
[the start of the wedding styling!]
[what kind of look will she change too?]
MC: oh, he keeps looking over.
MC: how pretty is she going to look?
MC: Close your mouth.
[Yong who can’t take his eyes off her]
[the gorgeously transformed hyun]
Y: Oh my goddess
MC: He called her my goddess
Y: my goddess
S: thank you.
S: Oh it’s cold.
[now going to the wedding shop]
[the two who keep getting more and more beautiful]
S: Oh it’s cold!
S: Cold Breath!
Y: try breathing from your nose
S: Oh it’s coming out
[the bride who is letting air from her nose]
Y: Is it coming out?
S: it’s not coming out.
MC: Since their walking it should be close.
[arriving in front of the wedding shop]
Y: Bride, Please enter
Y: I’ve never been in this place once
S: Me neither!
MC: Oh they are so lucky!
MC: you envious?
MC: yes!
[the envious 19yr girl]
S: hello!
Y: hello.
[the first time coming to a wedding shop!]
Y: You can watch tv from here.
S: oh really!
[wedding accessory]
Y: is it a wedding present?
[you get the wedding presents during the wedding day…]
S: It’s sort of awkward isn’t it?
manager: hello!
Y&S: Hello.
Manager: its nice to meet you.
[the manager who is going to help]
Manager: when looking through the album, select which style you like best.
Y: oh this style is really elegant.
Y: foreign… when watching a movie..
Y: a rich family… 
S: if there is something pretty tell me.
Y: everything is pretty.
MC: for me, I am not going to wear a white dress.
MC: Oh?! Then black?
[then a black dress?!]
MC: no! no!
MC: a slightly yellow dress
MC: wear a red clay colored dress
S: I think I’ll know when wearing the dress, I really can’t tell.
Manager: then we will put you in dresses
[will make a discussion after putting it ]
[finally wedding dresses]
S: wow it’s really pretty
Y: wow, this is the first time I actually see on up close.
S: this is the first time that I saw so many too.
MC: Close your mouth.
MC: they look all the same…
[from a males eyes]
MC: they are all different
S: which one is pretty?
Y: they are all really pretty
S: look carefully… which would look best.
S: please wait…
[going in to change into the dress…]
S: Please sit
[wonder how seohyun will look in a wedding dress]
MC: I’m really anticipating it.
[looking through the pictures]
[ thinking ]
[what will our bride hyun look like with the wedding dress?]
MC: when the curtain opens, I wonder how pretty seohyun will look.
MC: I bet you Seohyun will be anticipating
MC: During drama’s the men usually are captivated 
MC: yes, the men have to be like that.
Manager: open it please.
[the first look at what hyun looks like in a wedding dress]
MC: OMG she looks so pretty!
[the very gorgeous pure-white hyun]
MC: he is speechless
Y: WOW, you look really pretty
MC: she really looks pretty
MC: he has nothing t