[Trans] 110305 WGM Goguma ep47 (juhee)

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Day of Yongseo Couple Wedding Photo Shoot

SH: Is it alright? 
YH: I decided.
SH: Really?
[Picking out both their clothes]
SH: This one? Stand over there.
[Although it’s an awkward dress and tuxedo]
SH: why do you keep coming out?
YH: It’s embarrassing standing here!
SH: 1…2…
[Nervous and Fun First Wedding Photo Shoot]
SH: Pose!
[Waiting After He Put His Clothes First]
MC: Pretty~
NY: Hello!
[Seulong & NahYong Surprise Visit]
CNBlue: Hello.
NY: For a top star their quick with their pace to greet us.
[To Cheer for the Brdie and Groom?]
YH: Thank you.
SL: You look so cool Yonghwa!
NY: You look like a cool groom. You look so cool!
JH: Wow, Hyung is this pizza?
SL: Yeah~
[Having ]
SL: Is SeoHyun inside?
YH: Yes. She’s getting ready.
JH: Thank you for the food!
SL: You guess must look so cool together!
SL&NY: Oh Hello!
MC: His mouth is hanging wide open. So pretty!
MC: Really, isn’t SeoHyun pretty?
NY: Oh so pretty!
SH: Somehow you came.
NY: Wherever I go I’m usually a welcomed face. But here…
SL: You guys match each other well.
SH: Thank you.
[Really well match Couple]
SH: Seriously, I mean it.
NY: But when you guys are taking the pictures together the size of your height is important. I guess the groom has to take a step up.
[I Guess the Groom Has to Take a Step Up]
YH: Just hurry up and go!
Everyone: Thank you for the food!
NY: Where you guys not able to sleep last night? Friends have told me that it’s hard to sleep before the wedding shoot.
[Not Able to Sleep Before the Wedding Photo Shoot]
[Truthfully Hyun was in a Deep Sleep]
SL: For example, you don’t eat because you think you’ll gain weight.
YH: Something like that.
SL: YongHwa you really have a catch. 
NY: Right, how long has it been now?
SL: It should be more than 200days.
SH: Us?
YH: More than a year
[Already More Than 1 Year]
SH: It should be more than a year. 
NY: If it’s pass a year…
SL: They should be ready to kiss.
[Ready to Kiss]
SH: Huh?! Why always this…
[Eventually They Would Go to This Topic?!]
NY: And also it’s usually on the wedding shoot that they kiss.
SH: That’s what I meant!
NY: Kwon with Gain
[The Bride and Groom Have No Words]
NY: In Bali… or Guam…They did it on their wedding shoot. You did at least prepare yourselves right? Why are you so serious?!
MC: So I’m guessing he did think about it!
[Without Knowing He Overreacted]
MC: He’s turning red!
NY: But for SeoHyun, isn’t it your first kiss? (Really meant for first kiss in her lifetime)
SH: Yes??
YH: We can’t~
SH: It’s not!
NY: It’s not?
JS: It’s YongHwa’s first kiss as well (in his life)
SL: You too??
NY: It’s your first kiss? 
[Everyone With ]
YH: Drink your Cola.
SL: We’re not trying to pressure you guy but still if you can do it today, it’ll be great~
NY: Yeah, it would be great if you can do it today.
SL: We’re really not trying to pressure you! You don’t have to show us this side to us now.
[Is Does He Mean What He’s Saying or Not]
[Now It’s Time For the Couple to Take Their Photos]
SL: After you eat do you have to take your photos?
YH: Yes.
NY: Why won’t you use some mouthwash? (clean your breath)
SH: Huh?
SL: You should use mouthwash since you just ate. You’re not going to?
YH: What is your true goal?
[The People Who Need to See Their Kiss]
NY: I always use mouthwash after I eat.
SH: Really?
NY: I’m always prepared for it.
MC: Just if they do have a kiss scene it’ll be SeoHyun’s first kiss, ever.
MC: You’re saying her first kiss?
MC: Yes her lips are pure.
MC: Pure lips?!
[The People in the Back have a Strong Wish for These Two to Kiss]
[A Group Shot]
NY: It looks as if I’m the only one having fun~
[Real or Fake Laugh?]
MC: Friends are meant to do that
[A Harmonious Group Photo]
NY: They came out great~
SL: NahYoung unnie, are you pregnant?
[I want to get married too!]
Photographer will be P
P: From now on it’s only going to be the two.
[Explaining the next scene]
P: Having them back to back, Yonghwa will serenade her with his guitar while she goes “oh Yonghwa oppa you’re so cool”
[Next Motif is the Guitar!]
SL: How about, there are some shots where they can kiss.
MC: Right! Nice!
SL: Or something with a similar feel?
P: That’s what I was going to do right after. I’ll be on the ceiling shooting down
[Already Prepared Kiss Scene?!]
NY: We leave them in your care.
P: It’ll be right after~
SH: What?
YH: You can slow while taking the pictures.
[So Does This Is the Confirmation for a Kiss Scene?]
[Photo Shoot Starting Again]
YH: You look as if you’re riding on a cloud.
SH: Really?
YH: Yeah.
MC: NahYoung what are you doing?
SH: Return safety!
MC: What did she shout?
MC: That she’s pretty.
P: Now give YongHwa his guitar.
[First with the Guitar Scene]
MC: It’s already been a year
YH: Now C
[The Way for the Couple to Find a Connection Was the Guitar]
YH: G. If you keep going at it, you can be a guitar genius.
SH: Really?!
[The Reason for the YongSeo Couple’s Together is the Guitar]
P: Right toward Seohyun, you have to give me a smile~
MC: She was a girl, now she’s looks like a woman.
[Time to Take Pictures of the Ring]
[The Couple Ring they Share From Their KangWanDo Fishign Trip]
MC: Ah their memories from their fishing trip.
SH: I have something to give you. Push open the bottom. 
YH: Oh what is this?! Are you sure it’s the right size?
[To Have their Couple Ring Memory Now ]
SH: Please don’t do that~
[Following to Hyun’s Facial Expression]
SH: Ah ~ Seriously!
YH: Why?
MC: It’s so pretty~
MC: She really looks like a princess.
P: After a 5 minute break we’ll go right back in.
YH & SH: Yes!
[By Any Chance the Next Scene is…!]
YH: Seo Ju Hyun~
SH: Yeah~
YH: Is it hard?
SH: No!
YH: It’s fun, no?
SH: Yes.
P: Just sit there, because I’ll be going up there.
YH: How will you be going up there?
P: By a ladder! You guys are going to lay down next to each other. The scene is that the oppa is reading a book to her.
[While Laying Down the Groom will be Reading to the Bride]
P: After reading the book, we see that the bride has fallen asleep. That is your chance. 
MC: AH, is it finally the kiss scene?!
P: Slowly, slowly go to her and kiss her slightly on the forehead. 
[This is the Forehead Kiss?]
SH: Huh? Seriously?
YH: You really want this…
MC: AH, it’s been a while that I got a forehead kiss!
P: Now, staff please get ready!
[In Agony, Yong Husband?!]
MC: It’s him laughing.
[Already the Photographer is Going Up]
P: Alright, get ready~
YH: You have already arrived up there?
MC: YongHwa should have been nervous as well.
YH: We shouldn’t have brought Seulong.
MC: For us, we’re grateful for Seulong.
P: Naturally you can move your hand.
YH: Huh?
Staff: You can get closer.
P: Now we’re starting with you reading the book.
YH: Ah it’s in English.
MC: It looks like they gave him an original English book.
YH: I can’t do it. I …. And will have~ (in a heavy accent)
P: Ah it’s in English, sorry~ This time have the groom slightly lowered down next to her. 
[The Couple Comes a Little Bit Closer]
NY: So Pretty~
MC: The feel is great!
SH: How should be do this?
YH: Obviously… 
[Starting the Photo Shoot]
P: Since you keep reading in English, the bride falls asleep.
[Hearing This the Bride Falls Asleep]
P: Now, seeing that she’s fallen asleep. Slowly and slightly on the bride’s forehead… 
[Forehead Kiss]
SH: I have to be asleep?
P: Or you have your eyes open…
SH: No… No… that’s alright.
P: Naturally close your eyes.
SH: Yes.
P: With a feel of a smile.
[Finally the Bride Has Fallen Asleep.]
MC: This should be hard for Seohyun.
JS: It’s only the beginning that’s the hardest, then they should get used to it.
MC: Right the beginning should only be hard.
NY: Ah, that’s so old fashioned.
P: Alright now this time lower the book a little.
P: I can’t tell who you guys are from the pictures. The groom should have courage.
[Conflicted Yong Husband]
YH: Really, do it?
SH: Don’t you just have to get close.
YH: SeoHyun should I really do it?
YH: You decide.
[Scared Hyun is left to Decide]
YH: Should I or Not? Yeah~
SH: Yes…
YH: Should I or not? 
MC: She said to do it.
P: Alright~
[The Seriously Careful Yong Husband]
YH: You really have to do it in one shot!
P: Slowly just go ahead. Okay… now… the book… what is the book?
[Slowly… Slowly…]
[This Time…]
P: You’re not trying to smell her hair right?
YH: Why did you put so much hairspray?
SH: I don’t know!
P: This will be the final and only shot.
[This Time…]
P: More… a little bit more!
YH: Thank you for the hard work(?)
SH: Thank you for the hard work.
YH: Seohyun, I’m sorry.
P: From there I’ll take a shot of you looking up.
[And That is How They Completed Their First Kiss]
SH: Just… as it is… that… if he came slowly it would be fine.
YH: I just thought a lot if I should do it or not. Because It’s Seohyun’s first I thought I needed it to be respectful. Seeing her like that was cute. Always having her eyes shut… pretending like she’s sleeping. Even when I was close to her forehead it felt as if it was far away…
[After the Hard to Shoot Forehead Kiss…]
[Yong Waiting For Hyun]
MC: For him to see her from the side would be pretty~
[Just Seeing Her Makes Him Smile]
MC: Because of the kiss they should feel closer.
[The Guitar Making an Appearance with Yong Husband]
YH: Seo Ju Hyun… hurry up and come out.
SH: Please wait~
YH: The photographer is waiting as well~
[This Time Wearing a Mini Dress!]
YH: Oh~ Miss Seo Ju Hyun. Pink lady~
SH: The pink ribbon is cute!
YH: You thought it wouldn’t be?
SH: I have to think whether to compliment you or not. Ah sweet potatoes!
[This Concept Is…?]
[The Concept of Sweet Potatoes]
MC: Ah you can’t forget the sweet potatoes.
SH: If we grew sweet potatoes like how great would that have been. 
YH: Seriously…
[At Their First Meeting Together: Sweet Potatoes]
SH: Do you like sweet potatoes?
YH: What did you say?
SH: I really love sweet potatoes.
YH: From now on I’ll forever love sweet potatoes.
SH: Come~ OUT~
YH: The sweet potatoes won’t even come out~
SH: We messed it up!
P: We’ve completely filled it with sweet potatoes. So the feel is to pleasantly go back to the hostel. 
YH: Is this a repayment from last time?
MC: But the radish-like sweet potatoes were delicious.
[Beginning the Shoot with the Sweet Potatoes]
MC: We did receive and ate it well.
[A little bit of drastic skin ship(?)]
P: Now this is really like a wedding. Just lean everything onto the oppa. Don’t worry. Hold onto her waist…
MC: Like this~
YH: Like this?!
[Tough Yong!]
MC: Ah~ still the hand is awkward!
[Hand is awkward]
[But Their Facial Expression Seem Real!]
P: More softer.
MC: At this point the girl would be holding their breath.
MC: Do you even know how much strength we put into our stomach? Your internal organ feel as if they would come out.
SH: This is alright, right?
YH: Your bad posture is coming out~
P: This is the final pose by you lifting her up. 
[Lifting Up the Bride]
YH: You want me to life SeoHyun up?
SH: I don’t think he will be able to.
YH: I’ll lift her up and…
SH: Throw me?!
P: Ah you have to trust the groom. 
[Fully Determined]
SH: I understand!
[His Expression is Like a Stone!]
P: Right like that! Be happy! 
[Meanwhile the Next Concept Left for the YonSeon Couple]
[What kind of Image Would They Show Us…]
MC: Ah! So Cute! 
P: Oh you look totally cute!
SH: Really?
P: Yes!
SH: That’s a relief. I even have props.
P: When the groom comes out, I’ll explain what to do.
MC: Now it’s taking the groom longer
P: Why is the groom taking more time?
SH: Groom~ why are you taking so long?
MC: I guess they’re trying to make look cute.
[Finally Coming Out Yong Husband]
[Has Completely Changed to Child Yong!]
SH: Cute! Like a dog.
YH: You look like Sailor Moon.
SH: So~ funny!
YH: Why…
P: This whole idea came from the bride. 
SH: Ha Ha HA! It looks fun, right?
YH: Yeah… looks fun… You’re the best, the best… Did you play the recorder well? I always got an A.
SH: I can play the short bamboo flute well too!
P: Did you ever play together before?
SH: No~
P: I Can Stop Taking Pictures
[The Instinct to Not Stop] (not to sure about this one)
P: Pretend that you guys are fighting.
[The Competition Between Them Rising]
SH: It’s as if I’m seeing your usual image.
P: The main issue isn’t the instrument… It’s the spicy rice cakes!
MC: Spicy rice cakes!
[Ah! If It’s About Spicy Rice Cakes…]
NY: Ah when they went to eat spicy rice cakes.
[The Couple’s First Meal Together!]
YH: You eat spicy rice cakes late at night~
SH: Huh? Thank you for the food~
[Late at Night Spicy Rice Cakes]
SH: It looks spicy! Is it really spicy?
P: It’s really spicy.
P: Try and eat it.
SH: Eating it before taking the pictures!
MC: It seems to be spicy~
MC: It’s spicy, it’s spicy.
P: You’re slowly feeding it to her.
[Feeding Each Other the Spicy Rice Cakes]
P: Slow Motion~ Ah saying it’s tasty~
YH: Right into the next one!
P: Right! Feeding each other~
P: The Best! The Best!
MC: AH Cute!
MC: They really look like a young couple
[Immediately Bringing Out the String Bags]
NY: Ah I used to hit everyone with those bags!
MC: When you were hitting I was forgetting~
YH: My mom packed me lunch~
[A Little Bit Too Realistic Acting From Child Yong]
YH: What grade are you in? What room are you in?
SH: I’m 6th year
YH: You’re 6th year? I’m in my 1st year… 
[6th Year Hyun and 1st Year Yong Going to School Together…]
YH: Rock, Paper Scissor 
[After Playing With Each Other, They Become More Friendly]
YH: You want it to be real right?
SH: You can’t!
P: At this time, you can grant her a wish and get hit instead~
YH: I’ll grant you a wish and I’ll get hit instead
SH: So I just hit him?
P: Yeah! So it can hurt!
SH: Really?
P: Yes so that it would really, really hurt!
SH: I’ll really hit you!
P: 1…2…3!
[A Sound That Can Shake the Studio!!]
SH: AH! I’m sorry! 
MC: A clear wooden sound came out.
P: This is the final scene, where before he bought you spicy rice cakes, and even got hit for you. You’re so grateful so you give him a kiss on the cheek. 
[A Kiss ]
YH: I won’t grant that wish. 
SH: No… Huh?
YH: Don’t do that please~
[When You’re Saying No You’re Lips Are Going Up]
P: You were just going to go to the neighborhood.
YH: I understand…
[Their Ability to Say No Is Weaker Than Before]
YH: I’ll pretend I don’t know. Huh… What is this?!
[She got her pose ready…]
[Uselessly Playing Around Yong]
YH: AH what is this!
SH: Look forward.
P: You have to at least lean toward the bride…
SH: I can’t go to him.
[Trying it Again]
P: Ah~ There a gap by this much~ I’ll do this in one shot~
SH: I just have to be near him right?
[This Time Is a Little Bit Closer…]
SH: I did it~
P: When did you do it? I didn’t even get to shoot yet!
YH: You wanted to do it twice?
SH: You didn’t see it?
P: You have to touch so I can’t take it!
SH: I did touch… right…
YH: it was just air from her nose!
SH: Alright, I’ll do it again… You have to take it.
P: Alright. 1…2…3… Go!
[Will Hyun’s lips touch Yong’s Cheeks…?]
[Just In Time Hyun’s Lips Touched Yong’s Cheek]
MC: Ah Seohyun’s worked really hard. 
[Finally The Difficult Wedding Photo Shoot Ends]
MC: But now they have a lot of good memories together.
MC: They look cute
P: You’re final courage is amazing.
SH: Thank you.
P: A courage of love~
MC: I’m guessing when he came he felt good.
JS: Yes I think so!!
YH: Thank you for the hard work Seohyun…
SH: Thank you for the hard work~ It was fun!
YH: Now we have to go to school.
SH: Right. Slowly, slowly I went to him a little. I guess I really did ended up giving a kiss… It’s interesting… it was my first time…
YH: Daring little guy~ She has her charms 
MC: He said she has charms. If that is her charms her lips would faint… 
[After Finishing the Wedding Photo Shoot, the Two Walk Outside]
SH: Ah it’s cold!
MC: That looks as if it was a really cold day.
[Using his bare hands to cold the snow]
SH: What are you doing?! Don’t do it!
[Of Course Child Yong]
SH: Aren’t you cold? It looks like if it’s cold~
YH: Ah it’s tiring~
SH: Thank you for your hard work. 
YH: You did really well. I don’t think I’ll be able to see or pick a dress or tuxedo anymore.
SH: Really?
YH: Yes, it was really hard.
SH: This doesn’t seem like anything regular work.
YH: Starting from the morning to now.
SH: Right…
YH: I was hard but it was fun
SH: I never wore a proper dress 
MC: It must be cold since they can’t open their mouths.
YH: But you really fit the dress well.
SH: Really? Ah~ It’s Cold. 
MC: She keeps saying she’s cold.
MC: At this time you have to hug her.
SH: Why don’t you go around with a scarf?
YH: You should wear one too. 
SH: I wear my a lot
[Worrying About His Neck in the Cold Couple??]
SH: I usual wear one but today I couldn’t.
YH: I have a scarf! 
SH: Ah~ Besides that. 
YH: Ah~ It’s stuffy. When it’s colder I’ll wear one.
SH: If you want to keep safe your voice, you should keep it warm and…
YH: Miss Seo Ju Hyun
SH: Listen to me.
[Child Yong is Not Listening to Mom Hyun]
YH: Alright~
SH: You should always wear it.
YH: I do…
SH: Child! Child Yong~
YH: You’re like a webfoot octopus.
SH: What?
YH: I’ll make a shop selling webfoot octopus!
SH: Ah~ I’m really cold. 
YH: What…what… what is it that you want?
SH: No it’s not like…
YH: Do you Want me to Hug You or What?
[ Do you Want me to Hug You or What?]
YH: Why do you beat around the bush all the time?
MC: Of course she wants a hug!
SH: You will be moved…
YH: Why?
SH: I don’t know…
YH: You keep saying you’re cold, you’re cold. 
SH: That’s because I’m really cold…
YH: Don’t make me laugh~
SH: Ah seriously what is up with this person?
YH: What is it? What do you want?
SH: You webfoot octopus!
YH: I was waiting for a while, since you kept saying it’s cold, it’s cold. 
[Something that Caught Yong Husband’s Attention]
SH: Ah~ Seriously what are you thinking about?
YH: You’re wondering what I’m thinking?
[Certainly SkinShip from Yong~]
YH: Don’t pretend you didn’t like it. I can see everything from your eyes.
SH: I really because you I think I’ll catch asthma. 
MC: Why?
YH: Cough?
SH: Yes. 
YH: Why do from me would you catch a cough?
SH: Because I…
YH: Ah~ hurry up hurry up. Don’t turn it around and just tell me out straight. That you worked hard on the handmade scarf.
SH: Huh?
YH: You handmade a scarf. 
SH: Why suddenly a scarf?
YH: I’m right, right?
SH: No~
YH: Gloves? Mask?
SH: Forget it, let’s just go.
YH: Hurry up and tell me.
SH: It’s my punishment… Hold my bag…
YH: Ah there something in here then…
SH: No. Hold it on this side…
YH: I don’t want to~
[The Fun from Wife Hyun is Slowly Going Away~]
YH: Stop hiding it and tell me!
SH: AH! So child-like! 
YH: Why do you keep turning it around? You really think I wouldn’t know?
SH: It’s cold! 
YH: Who else in the world would know your suffering! Alright I’ll hold it here… See I put it here~
SH: Thank you. What are you doing?
YH: You really can be arrogant?
SH: Fine
YH: What is it? What if I’m not moved by it?
YH: I’ll first act if I’m moved. 
[The Last Jokes by Child-Like Yong]
YH: Alright, alright! 
SH: Forget it!
YH: I’m playing around.
SH: I really worked hard on making this…
YH: What is it?
SH: Tada!
[Surprise Present of a Scarf]
YH: It’s a scarf~
[Child-LikeYong Who Really Guessed Correctly]
SH: You have no idea how I knitted it! 
[Stitch by Stitch Knitted Scarf!]
MC: If it’s stitch by stitch of course you’ll be moved by it
MC: The Italian craftsman(?) knitted it stitch by stitch…
YH: Ah Yongseo~
[On the Scarf Initials Y.S by Wife]
MC: She even put their initials. 
YH: I’m really grateful.
SH: I’ll put it on for you.
MC: He seems happy about it but at the same time a bit sorry.
MC: You’re right, you’re right.
[Revenge ]
YH: I think I’ll die from the heat.
SH: I really made it from scratch
MC: It’s the only one in the world!
YH: Thank you~
SH: I don’t think I have any sense when it comes to this. I really wanted to pretend that I didn’t know. I was really thankful for him. He did a lot for me. I wanted to thank him for doing so much for me.
YH: I felt sorry. Maybe I should have pretended that I didn’t know. Because of the knitted scarf I really feel that… it’s warmer than any other cashmere. Yes I’ll wear it around every day. 
YH: What?
SH: It suits you well. 
YH: It suits me well? Because it’s covering my mouth?
SH: Yes!
YH: Seohyun~ again you worked so hard~ Aigoo~
SH: Ah seriously what am I going to do? 
YH: Aigoo our Seohyun worked so hard.
SH: Not I did not… Show it off a lot. 
YH: Alright.
SH: Remember to wear it.
[As Big As Wife Hyun’s Heart… He Makes a Promise to Wear the Scarf] 




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