[Trans] 110312 WGM Goguma ep48 (DDuk)

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Translated by DDuk @ soompi <3

[something given to hyun?]

H: It really looks like a newspaper!

[CNBlue’s Japanese album]

H: wow thank you so much. Oh there is even a message! Shall I read it outloud? To HYUN! Hyun! The our Japanese album came out. I also heard that you are working in Japan earnestly. Until now fighting! Girls Generation!

[Hyun who feels good with her husband’s message]

H: ah! Do you wear your scarf around?

MC: ah! The ….

[sudden Yong doesn’t know what to do]

H: What now again?!

MC: he probably didn’t wear it.

H: I will listen to your excuse.

Y: what excuse?

H: what is it?

Y: It’s in Japan.


MC: oh he must have left it!

[the scarf that the wife made, he left it in Japan!?]

MC: this is upsetting

H: Why? Why? Please tell me. I’ll listen

Y: It’s not it…

H: What did you say?

Y: It will sound like an excuse

H: I’ll listen to it either way.

[even if it’s an excuse hyun-wife wants to listen]

MC: It’s like an excuse

Y: lastly when I was just packing the luggage

H: You call that just luggage!?

MC: WOW that is just too much!

H: give it back to me!

Y: No, I’m not calling it luggage

H: I knitted it really diligently!

MC: that’s right!

MC: wait a second, he said that he left it but why can’t he say that?

[is he going to say the reason?]

Y: the end fell off again.

MC: What?

H: what do you mean by that?

Y: the end of it fell off.

MC: omomo!

H: what? It was already loose.

Y: I had it on during a performance…until the rehearsal.

[so he did at least wear it.]

Y: you know when you are about to get interviewed you quickly change clothes. I asked them to put it in my bag…

[but then the story gets longer]

[somehow there is an intense feeling]

H: So, it’s not you lost it right?


Y: So I don’t think I lost it.

MC: thank god.


Y: I wore it until then everywhere!

[Yong became urgent]

[you really didn’t lose it right?]

Y: when I came back to Korea and unloaded my things is when I realized it. I asked if it was in my other luggage bag because I had three. I looked in the bags and… it wasn’t there.

MC: it’s not there!

MC: So he lost it?

MC: in this world, that only one scarf… the scarf that seohyun meticulously made.

MC: this is a once in a lifetime. This is the same scene if you put the kids away.

MC: really?

Y: it was in my last bag… my bag…not it’s not like that… I’ll look for it! Don’t worry!

MC: Jung –husband made a mistake.

[apologetic pats]

[suddenly, Yong asked to send a picture of the scarf ]

H: he texted me if I had a picture of the scarf on me. Ah, it’s because he must be thankful because I handmade the scarf for him, maybe he is preparing something for me… but the reason was because he lost the scarf… he wanted ME to send a picture.

[please find this scarf for me TT_TT]

[the picture to send to the Japanese staff]

H: So that’s the reason why he needed the picture.

MC: of course a heavy sigh would come out.

H: I am ready to eat all the gogumas.

[yongseo couple’s measuring stick = gogumas]

[anger fluttering out]

H: this is really too much!



Y: I really thought I was going to die yesterday.

[ so sorry he couldn’t sleep]

Y: It felt as if I was going to die, I’m really sorry!

[I want to cry…]

MC: because he is really that sorry, he can only do this much.

[Yong-husband who is lost for words because he is sorry]

MC: this is really bad.

[I’m sorry]

[automatically the hands come together]

Y: I’m really sorry.

[3stage cover]

[Laid it somewhere - picked it up- lost it.

H: I think I lost all will.

Y: I’m really sorry.

[fully sorry]

[even he doesn’t realize that he is begging forgiveness]

MC: ah~ this is upsetting. He should have packed that before his passport.

MC: but you know in the airplane you really can’t wear a scarf.

[wanting to help a fellow man out]

MC: no way, you have to wear it even if you sweat.

H: so you thought that it wasn’t precious then.

Y: no it’s not like that.

H: Liar.

Y: How can I not think that that was precious?

[Hyun, can’t believe it]

[fully upset]

H: then you should have put it in your bag.

Y: I’m sorry.

MC: He has to quickly make her feel better.

[something… decided?]

H: make me one!

Y: what?

H: I’ll give you the left over yarn and needles.

[leftover yarn and needles for the husband?]

MC: do you know how to knit?

Y: Is it hard? Isn’t it easy? Don’ you just do it just this way then that way? Isn’t that how you do it?

H: So you think it’s so easy that you only have to do it like this?!

Y: isn’t it like this?

[began to talk faster, hyun teacher]

H: you have to go in and out so whenever you go out it’s always different! It is really hard!


[knit stitch?]

Y: what is knit?

H: Kn~it. The needle is called knitting

Y: Needles means knitting?

[explaining what knitting means]

H: there is a saying that when you knit you knit one at a time.

[no idea what you’re saying but I’m nodding]

MC: I know because I also knitted a scarf before

[I also knitted a scarf]

MC: whenever you knit you’re knitting with that person in mind.

MC: who were you thinking of?

[what man did hyomin make a scarf for?]

MC: oh you gave a present to a man.

MC: I gave it to my father.

MC: right~…

MC: It was school homework! During… during… home economics

Y: I’ll look for it.

H: you have to look for it.

[touching the innocent elephant’s tail]

H: How many songs are there?

[lets forget about the scarf!]

[the wife that changes the subject]

Y: three




[but just then!]


H: Did you catch a cold?

Y: Yeah, I think I might have.

H: that’s because you didn’t wear a scarf!

MC: even though the conversation changed, it still comes back.

[coming back to the subject of the scarf!]

Y: It’s not like I threw it out.

H: it is throwing it out!

[loss of words]

[just scratching my head]

H: I don’t know. Do you know how I knitted that? When my unnies went to japan, there was a day when we had nothing on our schedules. When all of them went out I was by myself knitting for 10hours!

[dorms, airplane, even at the performance site, she was knitting]

[Just thinking about it makes ]

MC: to all the people who are watching this right now, please find it. There must be a lot of Japanese fans who watch this.

[Japanese fans must be watching this…]

MC: we are looking for a scarf.

MC: this broadcasts in japan?

MC: yes.

MC: Hello…

MC: I’ll eat this well.

MC: welcome???

MC: Scarf.. please

[today generally speaking Japanese]

[Yong-husband who doesn’t know what to do]

H: tell me something that will make my mood go up.

[feeling up?]

[getting something from his bag…]

[the banmal song single album!!]

H: so it comes out looking like this.

MC: ah! The banmal song.

H: You sang it well.

MC: so she already heard it.

Y: I owe my success to you.

[does she feel a little better?]

H: I might lose this.

MC: the scarf topic comes out again.

Y: It’s ok, I’ll just bring another one.

[the sadness that won’t go away easily]

H: I’ll listen to this well.

[just then]

H: it’s the landlady.

[what does the landlady have?]

H: Yes, we’re coming out.

MC: oh is it to pay the monthly rent?

Landlady: this is a package that came for you.

Y: what is it?

[a package for the yongseo couple?]

Y: Seohyun I’ll go get it. Don’t come out.

H: alright.

Y:quickly go back in.

H: Bring it back.

[Yong who is taking the initiative this time]

Y: I think its pictures.

H: I think I know what it is.

[what is this?]






[wedding photos album and a frame]

Y: Oh it’s cold.

MC: Ah! The wedding photos.

MC: the timing is bad.

MC: what are they going to do.

[for now, look through the album]

[the wedding photos that have their couple story]

MC: it’s like an angel.

MC: oh it’s cute

H: oh, you know how to pose well.

Y: I don’t.

H: it came out well.

[hyun, I miss you.]

[looking through the albums made her feel a bit better?]

Y: Oh~ acting pretty. No. you’re pretty.

H: no I’m acting pretty.

Y: NO you’re pretty! You’re the prettiest

H: no I’m acting pretty.


H: It’s fine.

[what can I do?]