[Trans] 110402 WGM Goguma ep51 (MountainMadman)

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Translated by MountainMadman @ soompi <3 
Y: Ah, this place…really…we were holding the umbrella.

H: That’s right.

MC: That looks like Sindang-dong.

MC: Ahh, where they first came together and ate ddukbokki.

H: “Even Your Wife Won’t Know”…right? [NOTE: This is probably a reference to the name of the restaurant, which in turn is a reference to a Korean idiom about when the food is so delicious that you wouldn’t even know if your wife died.]

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Yahhh…really…how long has it been?

H: I know.

Y: Give us the 2-person set.

Y: We’re not…we’re not comfortable with each other yet. Instead of being married right away, how about being a preparatory couple?

H: It’s a good idea.

Y: You think so?

H: Yes…

Y: Okay, we’ll do that then.

H: It’s like going back in time.

Y: It’s the same.

MC: We’re more confused right now than the actual couple.

Y: Why aren’t you using banmal?

H: Oh, right.

H: I’ll…I’ll eat it well.

Y: “I’ll eat it well.”

H: Eat well.

Y: Is it done? [NOTE: Referring to the food.]

H: I think…it’s done.

MC: She’s still not familiar with banmal.

Y: You’re eating well.

H: It’s good.

Y: Back then…you couldn’t even eat it in one bite.

MC: That’s right! We talked about that!

Y: You changed.

MC: How could the ddukbokki fit in that mouth…that’s how small it was.

At the 2:00 mark.

MC: It means she’s comfortable.

MC: It’s the difference between a miss and a missus, right?

Y: This is what it tasted like.

H: It’s the same taste.

MC: They’re just eating.

MC: They eat so well.

MC: That’s called eating with an appetite.

Y: It’s really good.

H: It’s good, really.

H: Isn’t it awkward to speak banmal for you?

Y: No, I’m fine.

Y: You speak banmal fine to Jinwoon and friends, but why can’t you do it to me?

H: Mmm…you were upset about that?

Y: Right.

MC: She also speaks banmal with Jungshin and Minhyuk.

H: But I’m much closer to you than them…you know that, right?

MC: “You know that, right?”

MC: He’s inhaling much too quickly.

H: We’re really a long-lived couple.

Y: We did everything that normal couples don’t get to do.

Y: We played badminton, and things like that.

H: And the duet stage. And composed a song.

At the 3:00 mark.

Y: Let’s do something like this. To figure out how much we know about each other…

Y: If you don’t know…

H: I might not know.

Y: …a hit to the forehead.

H: Ah, I don’t like it.

Y: Why not?

H: Because I don’t like hitting people.

MC: She’s not thinking about getting hit herself.

H: Should we write it on here? What should we write?

H: Number one. During our 200th day anniversary,Yong did something but Hyun didn’t figure it out. What is it?

MC: What is it?

Y: What can it be?

Y: What is it?

H: Ah, what…

Y: What, what?

H: You have to answer it.

Y: I don’t know, I don’t know.

H: This one was a little hard.

Y: What is it?

H: The 200th day badge…you put it on your guitar during the performance.

At the 4:00 mark.

MC: Ahhh, that’s right.

Y: That’s really hard.

MC: Didn’t she say she didn’t like hitting people?

Y: You’re scary.

H: Well…next question. Each of us should do one at a time.

Y: Mine’s too weak.

Y: What did you receive after the blood donation?

H: After the blood donation? 

H: Ah, the bookstore gift certificate.

MC: Correct. The question’s too easy.

H: Am I right?

Y: You’re right. 

H: What action does Hyun dislike the most?

Y: Ah! Mildang.

H: Ohh…correct.

Y: It’s right?

H: It’s right.

Y: The present that I was most touched by?

H: It’s one?

Y: One.

MC: The scarf, the scarf.

MC: Banmal song.

H: Mmm…when I sang to you?

Y: What song?

H: Love Light.

MC: It must’ve been right!

At the 5:00 mark.

Y: It’s right, but I want to change the answer.

H: Ah, what? Why, what do you want to change it to?

MC: At the fishing trip, she sang a song for him.

MC: Right.

Y: How did you know? Do you know everything I’m thinking about?

H: Come here. You have to get hit once.

Y: Why?

H: You missed a question.

Y: When did I do that?

H: Question number one.

Y: When did I miss the first question…

H: You gave up on it.

H: I’m going to hit really hard.Should I?

Y: Ah, I hate this so much. Wait.I really hate this feeling…

H: I don’t really like hitting theface…

Y: I’ll just take a blow cleanly. 

H: One, two, three!

Y: Ahh…why did you hit the eye?

Y: In the beginning, she couldn’teven play around like that. Now….ah…she keeps throwing me all over the place.

At the 6:00 mark.

H: Should we go?

Y: We need to waste all our money.

Y: Today, I’ll cover you with jewelry.

H: I’ll look forward to it.

MC: With 290,000 won?

H: Let’s go in.

MC: They’re crossing arms.

MC: This is where they first got their couple rings.

MC: That’s right.

MC: the 2,000 won rings.

Y: It’s 2,000 won?

Y: Go tell everyone about how expensive this ring is.

H: But it’s 2,000 won.

Y: We need to look at the jewelry, the jewelry.

MC: It must still be there.

H: 2,000 won! Look at that.

Y: Ours isn’t here.

H: The same thing isn’t here.

MC: They’re disappointed.

Y: Ah, what a pity.

Y: I don’t know what we should buy.

At the 7:00 mark.

H: Back then, we were starting so there were a lot of things to buy.

Y: We bought everything we thought we needed…

H: This is the end, so I don’t know what we should get.

MC: That’s right.

H: Oh, these…

MC: Oh, those things exist.

Y: Yours are all sold out.

Y: I’m the only one that’s left…

Y: We should buy some dolls.

H: Should we get one of each?

Y: Okay.

MC: That’s their idea of wasting money?

MC: Oh!

MC: Is that at the dorm right now?

MC: Yes, it’s there.

MC: I went in the house and it was sitting there. I was so surprised because I thought it was a real dog.

Cashier: 116,000 won.

MC: So they used up that much.

H: It’s cold, isn’t it.

Y: Yeah.

H: Ah, this is funny. What should we do?

At the 8:00 mark.

Y: Do you remember when we came here for the first time?

Y: I remember when we ate doenjjang jiggae here.

H: Really. And we made kimchi.

Y: And with the kimchi, we…

H: Plastered everything on the wall here.

Y: Did I do that?

H: Yes, you did!

Y: I think I’m going to become a kimchi-man now. [NOTE: The original Korean phrase is slightly more…artistic.]

H: Where is it?

Y: It should be here.

H: Mm…it’s almost gone.

H: We got the driver’s license.

Y: We did the composing.

H: Huh?

MC: Volunteer together.

MC: They didn’t do that.

Y: We didn’t do that.

H: But there’s still a lot of things we did do.

Y: That’s right.

Y: Reading…

MC: Self-improvement books.

H: What happened to that? Did you finish the books I gave you?

At the 9:00 mark.

Y: I only have three left.

H: You still haven’t finished them?

Y: Let’s just grind up some ma.

H: This this…this won’t do.

H: What good things did you do… [NOTE: This is part of a Korean phrase that Hyun didn’t quite finish. Basically, she’s saying “Why should I grind ma for you when you didn’t even finish my books??”]

MC: I think they got a lot more natural.

MC: Now.

MC: He’s staring so intensely.


Moving on to Part 2.

Y: Whenever I’m at home, I think I’m like this 80-90% of thetime.

MC: He’s right.

MC: It’s his style.

Y: My own pose.

MC: After they marry, husbands are almost like wall paintings.

H: Do that all you want. It’s going to be the last time.

Y: Okay.

MC: What is he thinking about right now? 

Y: Why aren’t you using banmal?

H: Right. Sorry…

Y: Ahh…Seo Joohyun.

H: Why?

Y: You’re so funny.

H: What’s funny?

H: I need to get the proportions right. It’s been a while.

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Out of the times when she’s in the house, I think she’s the prettiest when she’s like that. Now I can’t lie down on the couch and look at her back anymore…it’s the last time I’ll get to eat something that she’s made for me.

Y: It’s the last shake we’ll drink.

Y: Mmm…it’s good.

Y: Come to my house every morning to make some for us.

H: It’s too far. Move in.

Y: Ride your truck.

H: Should I?

Y: A couple should try this out.

H: What?

Y: Leaning while sleeping.

MC: Ah, lying down on someone’s lap.

At the 2:00 mark.

H: Sleep well, our baby~

Y: What? Baby? Am I your baby?

H: Our Yong husband~

H: Wake up.

Y: Did you make food?

MC: If only they had an extra day tomorrow…they could’ve made more memories.

Y: Polaroids, the polaroids.

MC: It must be the pictures they had taken.

Y: Isn’t this really too nostalgic?

H: This is the letter you wrote. For our first meeting!

Y: No, you can’t see this. 

H: Why not?

Y: It’s going to be completely embarrassing.

MC: There were a lot of happy moments between them.

H: To Hyun~ From Yooong~

H: I brought writing paper.

H: You can just write me a short response now.

Y: Now?

H: To Hyunnie. Maybe it’s because we got married when we were still strangers…

At the 3:00 mark.

H: …I think we’re still both awkward and don’t really know what to do. But seeing how we got so close in such a short time, I think it’sgoing to be a really fun relationship in the future. Even though we’re a preparatory couple…oh, preparatory couple!

MC: Preparatory couple.

Y: Preparatory couple, it says.

H: Let’s start learning more about each other. Hyuun~ From Yong.

Y: We had forgotten about this. Yong…

H: Hyun?

Y: A preparatory couple. We were a preparatory couple once.

H: We were.

H: When we read the mission card and the letter, I thought, wow, we really went through a lot of things…I could feel that again, and a part of my heart just…froze over.

At the 4:00 mark.

Y: Let’s go. Let’s go, Seohyun…we need to go home.

MC: They’re both packing their individual things.

MC: What will it be like when they’re leaving? That feeling…

H: Bye…

Y: Bye…

MC: For the last time.

H: Bye. Ahh…

Y: I can really feel it now.

H: Really.

H: Ah, I don’t want to go!

Y: We need to go.

H: Ah, what do I do…

H: Ahhhhh…I don’t think I can leave…

MC: She must feel sad.

At the 5:00 mark.

H: It’s like we’re getting kicked out.

Y: Let’s go home…it’s time to take Seohyun home.

H: Let’s go…

MC: Seohyun must’ve bonded with the house quite a lot.

MC: It was her first house.

H: We’ll leave now.

Y: Take care.

H: Thank you.

Y: Thank you for everything.

Y: Seohyun, get in.

H: Should I put this in the trunk?

Y: Eh, it’s all right, just take it with you.

H: This?

H: It takes up a lot of space.

H: Mmm…hold on.

Y: Right. Seohyun. Can you get my guitar from the trunk?

H: Guitar?

Y: Yeah, from the trunk.

H: The trunk?

At the 6:00 mark.

Y: Take out my guitar.

MC: What is it?

MC: Is something going to pop out?

MC: I remember when the members were all surprised.

MC: I nearly died then.

MC: Is someone in there?

H: What’s this?

H: Wow!

MC: Balloons!

Y: They’re pretty, right?

MC: That’s so thoughtful.

H: Wow, they’re pretty.

Y: Did you think I would send you off just like that?

H: Aw, what is this.

MC: They needed to come up like that, but they caught on the car trunk.

At the 7:00 mark.

MC: What a pity.

MC: She still likes it, though.

MC: I think there’s something else.

Y: Please accept my heart.

Y: I’ve never done something like this before.

H: Thank you.

Y: There’s also a letter.

H: I’m touched.

Y: I’ve always wanted to do this.

Y: There’s a present inside.

MC: Yonghwa’s so handsome!

H: Wow, it’s so pretty!

Y: How much is this?

Owner: 350,000 won.

At the 8:00 mark.

MC: It was too expensive back then.

Y: Out of the things I couldn’t do for her, it was the one that I remembered the most. So I thought about giving it to her for the last time. I think I prepared it really well.

H: Wow, it’s pretty!

MC: She must’ve really wanted it.

MC: She needs to give him a hug!

MC: That’s what I’ve been thinking all this time.

H: I really wanted it!

Y: This was nagging me at the back of my mind the whole time.

H: Thank you.

Y: You’re always pink.

MC: Ah, so pretty.

H: How is it?

Y: Ah, it’s so bright.

MC: Don’t they look really happy?

MC: Really.

At the 9:00 mark.

Y: I couldn’t buy it that time because I didn’t have the money.

H: It’s fine…

Y: Doesn’t it look like a car from a newlyweds’ honeymoon?

Y: I prepared all this.

H: I’m touched, really.

Y: You’re touched?

MC: I think their disappointment will be doubled, now that they’ve done that.

MC: How does she forget that kind of man…

MC: Nayoung, you can just forget about him.

Y: You’re thankful, right?

H: I’m really thankful! Really!

Moving on to Part 3.

H: This is so funny.

Y: Putting them back in is really hard.

Y: Aigoo. What do we do with…

H: Thank you.

Y: Now we need to take Seohyun back to Seohyun’s house.

H: Let’s go!

Y: It’s my first time giving someone a bouquet.

H: I’m getting one for the first time.

MC: I think for both of them, they shared a lot of “first” moments together.

Y: Now…should we go?

H: Wait…

Y: What’s it like?

H: Touched.

Y: Now I can even take you home.

At the 1:00 mark.

H: Wahh…really.

Y: On the last day.

H: I know.

Y: We should’ve taken the car to meet your parents.

MC: There’s still a lot of things that they would feel sad about.

H: My parents say that you’re like their son.

MC: Ah, such a natural nuance. [NOTE: For nearly the entire episode, Seohyun’s been talking in banmal.]

MC: Banmal’s been getting really comfortable for her.

H: It’s really cool that you’re driving me back to my house.

MC: It’s really improved a lot!

Y: How does it feel?

H: Weird. But it feels good.

Y: Me too.

Y: I’m sorry for showing my choding side.

H: No, it was good that you were so playful.

Y: You don’t know how handsome a serious guy can be.

MC: Being serious is handsome, he says.

H: Yong choding.

Y: I’m not a choding.

H: Then?

Y: Yong adult…

H: Eh…

Y: Call me Yong adult.

H: Yong adult sounds a little weird.

Y: Oh, right. Seohyun. I’m curious about something.

At the 2:00 mark.

H: What?

Y: How many sweet potatoes do I have?

H: Wow, really.

Y: Out of a possible 5 points, just say it.

H: Those stupid sweet potatoes! [NOTE: I’m sorry. But it gets the general gist of what she’s saying.]

MC: It’s important.

H: Out of 5 points?

H: Mmm…10.

MC: It’s full! It’s full!

H: It overflowed.

Y: There aren’t any hamburgers, right?

H: Well, some of the time.

Y: Not now, right?

H: Not now.

Y: Ah, your scarf really fits you.

H: Ah~ it’s warm.

Y: I wonder who made it?

MC: He’s proud of himself.

Y: What are you going to do, Seo Joohyun.

H: Why?

Y: Your life will get so boring without me.

At the 3:00 mark.

H: I know…what will you without someone to keep nagging you?

Y: Me?

MC: Really, if someone who used to nag you isn’t there it’ll feel like something’s missing.

Y: You can nag me on the phone if you call once in a while.

H: Okay, keep holding on to your phone.

MC: He must not want to take her home.

Y: We’re almost there.

MC: They’re already there.

Y: We’re here, Seohyun.

H: Thank you.

H: Let’s walk out here for a little bit.

Y: Should we?

H: Do you remember?

Y: Yeah.

H: When we first met you dropped me off there.

Y: That’s right, until you went in I kept…

H: I think we just exchanged bows like 10 times.

Y: Right. The awkwardness…

MC: They’ve really changed.

MC: They have. They’re even holding hands.

At the 4:00 mark.

Y: Seohyun…

H: Yong…

H: I have something!

H: YongSeo story…two!

Y: Wow!

H: It’s a cute…storybook.

H: It’s a real upgrade from last time.

Y: A long time ago, there was a boy named Yong and a girl named Hyun. Did you make the pictures and print them out?

H: Yeah.

Y: To celebrate their double birthday they left for a certain place.

H: This was when I gave you the YongSeo story. This one covers everything after that.

Y: There was a wave of awkwardness between Yong and Hyun who hadn’t met for a month, and they needed to have a conversation. So they started their first overseas trip together. Hyun’s favorite place, the birthplace of sweet potatoes. They made very happy memories together.

At the 5:00 mark.

Y: When did you make all this?

H: I spent the night.

Y: What’s this? Ah…

Y: Hyun started working on a scarf for Yong! But…where did you get these pictures?

H: I did a good job, right?

Y: And like this, Yong and Hyun spent a lot of time together. They kept all of their time together with them gratefully and with care, and they lived happily ever after.

H: The end!

Y: Wow, this is really…really…really impressive.

H: Really?

Y: It’s really amazing.

MC: Today was a very touching day for both of them.

Y: It’s really like reading a storybook.

Y: Look at it like this, we really did a lot.

H: I didn’t leave out a single episode.

Y: Exactly. Not even one.

H: Yeah.

At the 6:00 mark.

Y: It was a present that touched me the most. If I had gotten this the first thing in the day, I would’ve just thought “ah, we were like this”…but I got it at the end of the day, when it was all over, I was “Right…this really is my last meeting with Seohyun.”

H: It was cold, and…it was like our first meeting, and I felt that we could keep our beautiful memories safe like a painting.

At the 7:00 mark.

Y: Don’t you have anything more to say?

H: I have a lot to say, but I can’t think of any now.

Y: I don’t know what to say either.

H: Me too.

Y: Anyways, we must be feeling the same way.

MC: That’s right.

MC: They must be having the same thoughts.

Y: It’s the best.

H: Really?

Y: The best present ever.

Y: I can’t see you anymore…

H: What will we do…

MC: Ah, don’t go in, don’t go in!

Y: Take care of it. Think of it as Yong husband.

H: Is he my new husband now?

Y: We’re here!

H: We’re here.

Y: How are you going to hold all this?

H: Isn’t this like I’ve run away from home or something?

H: Thank you.

Y: I’ll see you in Sangdo-dong.See you tomorrow.

H: In the Sangdo-dong of our dreams!

Y: Go in now.

H: Really, thank you so much.

MC: He’s acting tough on purpose.

MC: The door’s closed.

MC: The automatic doors close pretty quickly.

H: Ah, what do I do?

MC: How is she going to leave?

H: I can’t leave!

Y: It’s okay, just go.

MC: She’s coming back out.

Y: Ah, again!

Y: Don’t do it like that.

Y: Take care.
ENDING .....